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Top web frameworks for development in Golang

Google’s Go programming language is famously known as Go lang.

It is a popular and powerful language that is used by custom web development services for web services and APIs. Golang is extremely famous and is the highest rank in terms of programming language for websites. The native code is usually run on this platform that makes it highly popular in terms of the segments.

The overall aspect of developers can be placed strategically that makes the work easy. Golang is a compiled language with an open-source feature that makes to dependable, proficient and simple. In addition to this, it is a modified and much-innovated form of C++ and C language that is famous as moderate language.

To understands the language in a better way, let us go through the framework that makes it highly essential to work with.

1. Gin Gonic–This type of framework is famous with the API that makes it similar to Martini. It also works amazingly well especially if someone has worked their way around Martini then it will be a cakewalk. Even if someone is not familiar with it then it will take approximately 10 minutes to understand it.

The custom website development company uses this framework due to its ease of use. This framework contributes to the best libraries and features for one to use. In addition to this, REST APIs works amazingly well with high-performance to it. The framework is much faster than Martini. There is no limitation to the framework such as JSON validation, rendering, middleware, and nested group. It can easily cover up these aspects that makes it easy to work with. Even the HTTP router is the quickest way to work with.

2. Revel –Another of the fully-featured framework that is used by the software development services is Revel that is top of the list. It helps with the pre-configured and feature-set that makes it easy to install the functionality and work on the setup. The best thing about this framework is that it doesn’t require any setup to work for that makes it appealing as compared to others.

There are also no middleware implementation or interference from the third party that is required to work with it. The whole framework is much like self-contained that makes it easy to work with complex tasks. There is the default installation that takes care of the other features in an efficient manner positioning the shop solutions.

3. Net/HTTP – The software design company also depends on the framework when it comes to Go mailing list. This makes it easy to read the content without any error in an efficient manner. Also, the developers can use the XMPP server when it comes to net or HTTP that makes it work in a proper flow. However, the middleware is required with complicated web applications. This makes it essential to mix and match the attractive projects from Golang web frameworks.

Also, the overall and standard net or HTTP can easily implement the overall structure. There is also the benefit of a large community that makes it easy to solve problems and work on the framework with bit help. However, the interface is restricted to maximizing middleware to work with. In addition to this, the framework is not that powerful when it comes to routing and hence another framework is usually used with it.

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4. Martini – As mentioned above, Martini is one of the most famous frameworks that is used by the custom web development services. It is lean in nature and helps in boosting impressive support. Also, the third-party can easily be integrated into the framework that makes the overall workflow easily as compared to the overall system.

The libraries are also available in the system that makes it even more impressive with its code base and the functional benefit that gives an advantage to the system. It magnifies the overall system in a better way. One can consider it as an ecosystem instead of framework due to its additional benefit to the system work. This makes it similar to Revel and highly dependent on the design part for the website. The scalability is another thing that is offered by this framework that makes it popular.

5. Mango – The custom website development company also depends on the famous framework Mango. It was developed by Paul Bellamy but is not able to maintain it that makes it lag updates. However, there are a number of developers that work and operate it due to its extensive feature. Its modularity is one of the main features that makes developers depend on it.

Also, the libraries are incorporated in it with the libraries and workflow. This framework also helps in giving out the reusable modules that are mainly functional with HTTP. This makes it fast and easy to use. There is a list of the middleware and applications that help in the HTTP server with autonomous code.

6. Goji – The flexibility and minimalistic are well appreciated by the software development services. This makes them depend on Goji with Golang. The best thing about this framework is the layer that works in abstraction working routine. Also, the implementation is easy to work on and its lightweight nature works with lean APIs. The whole framework is integrated with the agnostic language Einhorn that helps in automation. This framework is small and is extremely beneficial that makes it easy for the developers to work with.


The software design company works on these frameworks with Golang. The best thing about these frameworks is the support that they provide to the platform making it easy for the developers to work upon. However, the best is that makes it easy to work with web development with maximum features.