Why you need to develop Custom CRM from scratch instead of using turnkey solutions.

Why you need to develop Custom CRM from scratch instead of using turnkey solutions.

Most of us have heard of different popular CRM solutions such as Salesforce CRM and much more.

There are numerous other CRM systems that are present in the market. Even though they cover most of the business requirements, there are few pitfalls for their usage. It can easily turn out what is actually an advantage in one particular case can be a disadvantage in another one. In case you are a medium-sized business, you already have a mobile app and adopted beacons to alert customers about the discounts and shares whenever they are near your shops. In this way, your main aim is to boost sales as well as increase customer loyalty. 

However, if you want to improve the overall marketing operations which include the launch of different advertising campaigns, targeting, user segmentation and much more, then you won’t need another functionality offered by market-ready CRM solutions developed by CRM development services. Also, custom CRM development will certainly be a great choice in this particular case.

Choosing between custom CRM and turnkey solutions

  • Goals and Tasks

You need to clearly define all of your needs as well as requirements and ensure that a market-ready CRM actually covers them all. In case you are satisfied by their cost, you need to apply it in your different processes. But if you want a CRM system to naturally and perfectly fit the various business-specific requirements, it is quite better to build it right from scratch. While the different turnkey solutions provide multiple features for various departments, but in case of custom CRM development, you can easily define processes that are needed to be improved and essentially tailor it to them.

The CRM software developers will actually include only those particular features which are actually needed for reaching those goals. Else, you will at risk of paying too much for various unnecessary functionalities.

  • Budget

Of course, custom CRM development costs substantial money. The more complex it actually is, the higher its price is. The advantage is that you pay once, and that’s it. However, in future, you need to maintain the CRM system and even scale it. But in case of a market-ready solution, you can easily choose a suitable subscription plan and then start utilizing it after making the vital payment.

But the more functionality the CRM offers, the more expensive it actually is. Along with this, sometimes you need to pay a fixed amount of money per month per user which essentially means the cost dependency on the total number of employees who will be needing the access.

Hence you need to calculate the budget and also analyse whether it is better to spend a large sum of money on time or spend less but after make regular payments. SaaS development services can be contacted to inform you about their products and regular payment options.

  • Business strategy

When it comes to choosing custom CRM development and a given turnkey solution, you need to take into account all of your business plans for the future. Essentially, are you going to scale the business? Are you actually going to hire new employees and extend the CRM system by simply adding new features and much more? In case the answer is yes, the creation of a custom CRM is generally more likely to suit your requirements.

You can see that the choice depends on different important factors. Also, there are cases when it is quite better to create your own CRM by hiring a CRM development company

When to build custom CRM from scratch

There are many reasonable scenarios to build a custom CRM from scratch, especially when:

  • You require a higher level of customization- basically, a CRM system has to fit your business goals and needs perfectly.
  • You wish to develop a CRM and then utilize it as the core of different other enterprise web apps. Hence, there is a need for a particular CRM system which can easily be modified and scaled.
  • You have actually analysed the market and gain an understanding that there are no turnkey solutions that will actually meet your requirements.
  • You actually have found a turnkey solution which seems to solve all of your tasks but is quite expensive. It is easier to pay once and build a custom CRM from scratch.

  • You have a rather large enterprise and a lot of internal business processes to be actually controlled as well as optimized. Now, you wish to integrate a CRM application with other software and make sure their smooth interaction.

Developing the functionalities of a CRM system

Before you build a custom CRM from scratch, the essential thing to do is to think about its different functionalities. You should define the key tasks that the CRM application will actually perform. It will assist you in clarifying the possible ways as well as features which will allow to solve them readily.

Talk to your employees. Ask them what actually interrupts their work, which particular operations need a lot of time, what are the manual tasks they actually do. 

By means of taking a deeper look at all of their challenges, you will actually observe what things can be readily improved as well as automated. Whenever business-specific requirements are determined, it is quite easier to create a proper CRM system.

Basic features of a custom CRM

Even though there are different cool and useful features of the custom CRM software, there are some basic functionalities which make up the core of such a system.

  • User or Contact Base

Irrespective of the main goal, such as marketing and sales automation, incoming request processing or the lead generation, the CRM system requires user/contact base. Such feature serves for keeping all the records, managing contacts as well as storing customer data. SaaS software development should inculcate this feature.

By having all this information at hand, the managers will be quite able to instantly access whenever they are responding to different inquiries or even communicating with their customers. You don’t need to spend additional time for data search, and there is no risk of losing precious data.

  • Calendar

CRM is all about planning. From different communications to various email marketing campaigns. Hence, a calendar is an essential feature for developing a custom CRM application.

  • Custom Reminders

In order to keep everything in mind is quite impossible and not necessary at all. By means of setting reminders, your employees can easily know when they should contact their customers, check if the goods are duly delivered and much more.

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  • Permissions of Access

In most cases, CRM software systems have the managers responsible for various tasks, leads as well as clients. Along with this, sometimes a CRM solution is basically shared between different departments, for instance, sales and marketing. Hence, a corporate hierarchy needs to be considered. It means your CRM system should offer data access permissions.

  • Generation of Report

Essentially the generation of custom reports is a great way to easily monitor the employees’ work and even track as well as manage different activities within a company. The kind of reports depends on the different business-specific requirements which can easily include marketing spending reports, analytics reports, reports on task status, reports on lead generation and much more.

  • File Sharing

Basically, the ability to share files, data and reports will simplify the entire work of the specialists, majorly when they are required to cooperate in order to complete few tasks.

  • Task Management

It is another essential feature that you should inculcate whenever making a custom CRM application. The managers will essentially create tasks on the incoming requests’ processing, contacting the existing and potential clients and much more. The reminders will assist them in remembering doing these activities like to call, answer questions, email etc.

Advanced features of a custom CRM system

Along with a few simple features which make up the entire basis of CRM applications developed by custom software development services, there are few features which are aimed to solve certain business-specific goals and tasks.

  • Email marketing

Basically, the CRM integration with a given email marketing service will allow your managers to launch personalized email marketing and advertising campaigns and even analyse the results. This feature enables you to speed up the different campaigns as you will be quite able to send one email to a given group of users. Hence, you will certainly have increased sales and improved customer engagement.

  • Interaction tracking and recording

Through this feature in the custom CRM solution, all of the communications between the company and the clients can easily be tracked as well as recorded. The advantage is that you will have the entire history of the interactions with given customer-from the moment they actually referred to you initially to the end of the services. In this way, you will easily be able to store all the information about the customer right at one place and also view the communication history to ensure that your employees perform well.

  • Pipeline view

This particular feature serves for the entire visualization of the sales processes as a single and simple scheme place on the dashboard. Also, in the context of lead generation, every lead will have a different status. You can even add another status for identifying qualified leads and for detecting lost customers along with indicating the rejection reasons. Whenever the potential customer is duly convinced to utilize your services, the status will change. The integration of this entire pipeline view is quite irreplaceable for tracking the leads and their corresponding status. It is quite important whenever your sales are quite low, and you are unaware of the exact reasons.

  • Mobile access

In case you have to build a custom CRM right from scratch essentially for sales managers, then consider inculcating a mobile access feature to your system. Due to the inherent ability to work on-the-move through a smartphone will certainly assist you in increasing their productivity and even boost sales too. 

Essentially, it is quite useful whenever you work with the customers in different time zones. They will readily appreciate instant answers, and you will certainly have a competitive advantage. There are two ways to offer mobile access. One is the native app development on Android or iOS. Other is creating an adaptive web application. In there isn’t any requirement to put a lot of different functionalities into mobile then adapt a part of the CRM web application to different mobile devices. It will certainly allow you to avoid additional costs.

  • Invoicing

In case your business is sales-oriented, then it requires sales-oriented CRM software. So, whenever creating a custom CRM solution, you should implement different invoicing options like invoice shipping, history, status tracking and much more. 

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The critical advantage is that you don’t have to actually build this CRM features right from scratch. Rather, you can easily integrate the CRM web application with particular financial accounting software which is already in utilization in the company.

  • Integration with different software

The inherent ability to share files, reports as well as other data will simplify the work of the managers, especially whenever they have to cooperate to complete few tasks. The unity between different internal solutions will easily allow you automate as well as optimize workflow, increase sales, and increase the productivity of employees.

  • Chatbot

Widely adopted in the market, the chatbots can essentially replace humans when it comes to answering FAQs, replying different incoming requests, and resolving certain simple customer issues. Basically, they can be utilized for organizing internal meetings, setting up different reminders and more. A chatbot put into a custom CRM system can help you in releasing the employees from a certain section of manual work. Simultaneously, the customer service will get vastly improved thanks to the instant response offered by the chatbot.

  • Lead scoring

In case you are developing a sales-oriented CRM software, think about duly implementing a lead scoring system. Owing to this feature, the sales manager can easily focus on qualified leads, such as loyal customers who are quite ready to purchase. It will assist you in boosting sales and increasing income. 

  • Social media integration

In order to improve customer loyalty as well as increase sales, a business requires to know its customers, along with the target audience as well as their attitude towards its brand. For this particular purpose, you can easily add a feature of tracking all the social media mentions of the company or the product. The utilization of this method will allow you to measure the overall level of interest as well as customer engagement, along with defining what people don’t actually like about the brand.


There are several CRM systems available in the market from which a business can choose from. However, considering the business-specific requirements, it needs to look into custom CRM software instead of opting for turnkey solutions. The above-mentioned reasons, as well as features of custom CRM software developed by a custom software development firm readily, proves the vitality of custom CRM development.