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Xamarin Vs React Native: Comparing The Best Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks

Two of the most popular Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks we pick today are React Native and Xamarin.

The year of 2018 was starring concerning apps where most of these applications were developed with the help of these two influential cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. First keeping the motive of React Native Development Company aside, the iOS applications have always been using Objective-C and Swift whereas, Android uses Java programming language. And, if we talk about the trend in modern app development, it is shifting greatly with the debut of new and forward-looking tools. For the efficient understanding of Xamarin and React Native, we have roll up fair enough comparison titled ‘Xamarin Vs React Native’ which will highlight the significant and substantial differences between the two frameworks.

Third, not so popular is Microsoft app development, which we are skipping in this article.


Xamarin is a Cross-Platform Mobile Framework which guides for the implementations of the Common Language Infrastructures. It arrived into the market in 2011 and was acquired by Microsoft app development in 2016. Xamarin has an armory and assemblage of tools that can be very handy for developers to build cross-platform mobile apps. Xamarin app development framework assist the developer to create Android and iOS apps with the help of Xamarin tools which can be downloaded with Visual Studio. Due to its excellent and accomplished functionalities, Xamarin is deployed by more than 15,000 prestigious companies.

Xamarin is 6 years old Cross-Platform Mobile Framework. Apart from developing cross-platform apps, it permits the developers to reuse code, support the testing ecosystem and also, debug products. Some of the notable and famous apps made with the platform are Novarum (medical app), CA Mobile (mobile banking), Story (movie maker) and Foundbite (audio sharing).

React Native

React Native app development services offers a JavaScript mobile framework for developing cross-platform apps. React native is totally based on powerful and credible React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for crafting of UIs. But it mainly targets mobile platforms, not browsers. To put it simply, the developers can develop mobile apps with a full look and feel of “native.” The best part of taking React Native app development services is the code-sharing ease, where an app can be simultaneously developed for both Android and iOS.

Thousands of websites use React Native tool, right from Fortune 500 companies to new startups such as Lazada, Guardian, ScienceDirect and the Frontline Recruitment Group. The huge giants like - Facebook, and Skype, are also using it.

Xamarin Vs React Native: Comparison

Below are some crucial factors making the ground of comparison for Xamarin and React native app development services:

1. React Native vs Xamarin: Usage

a. Use of React Native

Let’s talk about the uses of React Native mobile framework, it works on the modern one-way data flow. This react native app development services are productive and generative in a marginal way. Recently, some changes have been brought to the framework of React Native, particularly in the JS development ecosystem.

b. Use of Xamarin

Xamarin also provides great offerings for the application developers and programmers who prefer to work on ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, or other MVC platforms. This language works exceptionally well on the prescribed platforms and thus a number of developers like to work with this particular framework the most with ease. Another offering for the developers is that the Xamarin framework offers functionality to organize and accommodate well within the MVVM a.k.a. ‘Model–View–ViewModel’ framework style.

Verdict: Owing to the functionality factor provided by both of the frameworks, this has to be a tie between the two.

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2. React Native vs Xamarin: Development platforms

a. React Native Development Environment

The best thing about the components used by React Native development company is that they offer an Integrated Development Environment to the developers. The developers can then also use Expo to debug and develop a React Native application. Hot loading is another great feature that can be used by developers while working with this development framework.

b. Xamarin Development Environment

Xamarin is powerful in this context because here the developers can write their code for an iPhone app even on Windows and then compile the same for Mac. However, programmers/developers would need a platform that they would employ for the built. And actually, this process is quite powerful for that. Forget about separate Wnidow app development/iphone/android app development.

Verdict: Depending upon the functionality and operability, we declare Xamarin as the winner here.

How To Choose Right Mechanism For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

The race of comparison between Xamarin and React Native development company cannot end her but looking at the above-mentioned comparison, Xamarin does take a lead though React Native is equally competitive. Both of these frameworks i.e. Xamarin Vs React Native are exceptionally well and when we talk about the features and the functionality they have. The choice of cross-platform mobile app development framework depends upon the requirements, functionalities, and features of the app. Every framework contains its different pros and cons, therefore, as per the need and different usability, the framework should be picked accordingly.