Examples of popular food ordering apps

Examples of popular food ordering apps

Food is something which everyone wishes for. Not everyone can cook good food but they may wish to eat.

However, for eating good food he or she may not have to cook as there are many food ordering apps from where anyone can order their favourite food. Receiving food at your doorstep in today's world is easier than ever. Special thanks must be given to on-demand food delivery app development companies as they play a major role in delivering your favourite food at your doorstep.

To get your favourite food, you just need to download your preferable food delivery app, select your food and you're done. There may be two ways of paying for your food, one you can pay online or the other one is that you have to pay on delivery. These apps provide various benefits not only to the consumers but also to the sellers.

Reasons for the food delivering the app to become famous

Sellers get various advantages from this best food ordering app. The advantages include online presence, cost-cutting and also customer satisfaction. So this food ordering apps take a great step for the profit in the field of the food industry. People nowadays are choosing a mobile app development company for ordering food as it is the easiest way one can order their favourite food. 

There are many reasons for food delivering the app to become popular

  • Visible menu and can be accessed easily from the app.
  • Tracking your food can be done.
  • Food can be ordered for delivery or for take-away.
  • Good customer experience with good apps depending on the android application development
  • Geolocation based notifications are available for connecting with the customer.

Some of the examples of great food ordering apps are given below-


Zomato is known to be the online searching platform for restaurants. The company was founded in the year 2008 and was founded by the name Foodiebay. The features of this company started to increase by including food delivering and ordering in every city of the world. In the present day, almost around 25 countries are having the availability of this Zomato app. Among 25 countries mention may be made of the United States, Australia, India etc.

This food delivery app not only delivers your favourite food at your doorstep but it also provides the user with the list of restaurants. There has been a new update on Zomato app which includes features like

  • New profile.
  • One of the best and fastest way of reviewing the food you receive.
  • All answers under a single umbrella.

This app is available in both Android and iOS.

Uber Eats

People may confuse Uber with Uber Eats but you must be aware of the fact that both the apps are different. However, the features of these apps are the same as both the apps allow cashless transactions. If you believe that Uber is the best company which will drive you home safely, then you can also trust Uber Eats to deliver good quality food for yourself. There are many mobile app development companies who plays a role in creating apps like this. This app may also be regarded as one of the best apps being available in countries like Japan, United States, Mexico, India, Brazil etc. Both the users of Android, as well as iOS, can enjoy this app.


Foodpanda is one such app which is available in almost around 41 countries. The headquarter of this company is in Berlin, Germany. The service of Foodpanda started in the year of 2012. This firm started banding with around 40,000 local restaurants in various cities in order to provide the user with on-time delivery.

 Foodpanda foodservice offers various rebates and is famous for this reason. However, mention may be made of the huge database of the restaurant for various cities which makes this app a standalone one. This app is present in both the iOS and Android operating system.


The source of the Swiggy app is in Bangalore, India. Swiggy is known to be India’s number 1 food delivering app with a total of 1,500,000 downloads. Every city are having the availability of this Swiggy app across the whole of India. Swiggy basically plays a major role in detecting the location of the user and it allows the customer to order their favourite dish from their favourite nearby restaurants. This allows the user to receive his or her food as soon as possible. You cannot wait for too long when you are hungry so you can use this smart app to get your favourite dish within no time.

 A new update came on Swiggy which is known as the wallet function. This wallet function of Swiggy allows the user to store money and pay the transactions on Swiggy. This is also available for both Android and iOS.


This startup is basically London-based. Point to be noted that this Deliveroo app works in around 200 cities. Across the whole of Europe, this app is said to be the most popular one. There are many restaurants outlet which is not having their own setup and so this app plays a role in enabling the customer to order food from them. So for this service, Deliveroo charges a fee from both the customer a well as the restaurant. Restaurants play a role in paying the commission only whereas the customer has to pay the charge depending on the order.

The best possible facility can be chosen depending on the engaging coupon deals of this app. There are many benefits of this app which includes higher choices for restaurants. Because of the increase in the number of customers the use of this app also increased.


This is an app which delivers the food from Dominos only. Everyone is aware of the name dominos whether he or she is a pizza lover or not. There are many outlets of this dominos restaurant and the app picks up the order from a customer and delivers their food within just 30 minutes.

There are a number of coupon deals and offers for various customers. There are three ways of paying, one is via online wallet, another one is cash after delivery and you can also wish to pay via debit or credit card. Both the Android as well as iOS supports this Dominos app.


This app is having around 30,000 restaurants in their list and delivers in more than 800 urban communities in the United States. The main office for the Grubhub app is in Chicago, London and New York.

The app was launched in the year 2004. A 24/7 customer service team is there which allows the management of orders. You can search for your favourite food through your local restaurant list. There are many filters which you can apply and such filters include discounts, coupon, working hour, customer feedback etc. Enjoying the app is possible in both Android as well as iOS.

Just Eat

This is a Europe based app and was found in the year 2001. It is basically a search tool for different local restaurants that deliver food. There are more than 82,000 companies in the list of this app. The app earns a profit by charging a commission fee from the restaurant. 

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There was a record in the year of 2017 where Just Eat was having a total of 21.5 million customers and among them 11 million users were active. Around the whole world, a total of 170 million takeaways were ordered. The app is having its feature similar to that of the Foodpanda app. Customer can pay either by card or by cash and the menu can also be filtered. The app is available only in Android smartphones.


This app is also a food delivery app which supports a total of 300 cities. These 300 cities are in 32 markets. The services of this app are offered in Canadian cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Chicago, New York.

The app not only checks the quality of food but also goes through the working of restaurants so that the customers are satisfied by their service. A scoring system is there for this app which is known as DoorDash Delight. The score is given depending on the quality of food or popularity of a restaurant. Available in both Android and iOS.

Desired features in a food ordering app

There are many on-demand app development company which plays an enormous role in the field of developing a food ordering app. However, a food ordering app must have some essential features which make it best among the other food ordering apps. People must feel free to use the app and the app must be user-friendly so that everyone can use the app. There are some of the important features which must be there is a food delivery app and those are-

Tracking behaviour

 This special feature of the food ordering app helps in tracking the behaviour of the user that is it helps in providing his or her related food items from their favourite or nearby restaurants.

Too many orders

 The app must be given permission to the user to order multiple foods at a single time. However, the permission does not depend on the owner but it depends on the quality of the app whether it is programmed in that way or not.

Floating window

A floating window must appear after completing the order which helps the customer to track their order via mobile app.

Signing up via various social media

 The app must allow the user to sign in to the app by the use of various social media. For example, people can log in to the food ordering app by his Facebook account or Google account etc.

Treating others

 This is a special facility which the app must have in order to satisfy the customers. This feature allows the customer to order food for their near ones by paying for them. The food will be delivered to a different address but the account from where the food is ordered can be yours.

Customizing packages

 Customers will be able to place an order which is customized on special permissions or requests.


 This special feature saves a lot of time. It enables the user to order the same order which you have once placed before. So you can order just by a single click and sit on your sofa and relax.

Text ordering

Ordering with the help of text is another method of ordering food and for this method, you can order the food offline. You can simply order the food with the help of a single text message from the mobile number which you have already registered.

Push notification

This feature of the food ordering app is a special one. Any android app development company works hard to enable this feature. This allows the app to send the customers notification regarding special discounts, happy hours etc.

In-app navigation system

There must be a GPS location system in any food ordering app as it will allow you to track your food in real-time. You can see the tracking screen and estimate the time of your food’s arrival and be ready at that time.

Multiple payments

Not everyone is having every gateway payment option. So it is the job of the food ordering app to provide the user with a quick and hassle-free payment option.

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This is the most simple feature that allows the customer to give reviews about the food, quality, service and other such stuff. Many new users find these reviews very useful as the reviews help them to understand about the quality of food offered by various restaurants. By seeing reviews they can choose their restaurant.

Dashboard based on roles

This feature enables in tracking the growth of business in a particular area. This feature helps in improving performance depending on the actions taken.

CRM and CMS Integration

CRM plays the role in maintain the relationship between mobile app user and food delivery whereas CMS plays a role in maintaining food delivery app’s quality.

In-app calling and chat feature

If a person is using the food ordering app then he or she must have this in-app chat or calling feature so that they can overcome any doubts by sampling calling or texting.


So these are some of the basic features which must be there in every food delivery app. All these apps for food can make your life a better one. You can just sit back at home, relax, and have your favorite food.