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How Mobility Management (EMM) Used For Healthcare Data Security

Healthcare has always been an industry which requires to be technologically advanced and meet the challenges of changing the world and to improve the outcome of patients.

In such a critical and evolving industry, it is the need of the hour to provide data access at a particular point of care, especially when it becomes crucial for both the doctors and the patients.

Here, enterprise mobile management (EMM) comes into operation. EMM solutions have become mandatory for modern healthcare solutions. On one hand, EMM solutions offer the correct data at the right time, while simultaneously, these solutions also provide other powerful features to improve healthcare conditions all over the world. There are few components of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions which are as follows :

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) :

It is one of the most important pillars of enterprise mobility management strategies. The main function of Mobile Device Management is to manage those devices which carry the EMM solutions. Also, the configuration of OS, device scheduling, as well as remote troubleshooting, are some of the other functionalities of MDM. This component of EMM is also widely used to track and manage device activities and protection against theft. Devices can be reset remotely and network settings can also be managed using MDM. One of the major advantages of MDM is that it runs on popular operating systems such as Android and iOS, making OS management easier.

  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) :

Mobile Application Management helps to control and manage user access to the applications involved in a particular healthcare setting. Other features of MAM include controlling applicable policies related to applications, facilitating the BYOD trend and giving the control of managing apps without a device-particular MDM strategy to the healthcare IT solutions team. MAM also plays a great role in protecting data by granting access to healthcare apps enabled with encrypted VPN or virtual private so that sensitive healthcare information about patients is not accessed by users who are not authorized to do so.

  • Mobile Content Management (MCM) :

Mobile content management comprises of content management, delivering content and services to mobile devices. It also works in collaboration as it enables file sharing and file storage management on mobile devices. MCM has also the features of file transfer from devices to the cloud and vice versa.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) :

IAM enables EMM solutions to control the access of data. Its other functions include verifying user identity and protecting the network through several authentication measures. IAM is the reason behind the process of the right users getting access to the right data at the right time. IAM gives numerous permissions to each unique user.

How is EMM creating an impact on the Healthcare Industry?

There are so many benefits that EMM has given to the Healthcare industry. In other words, it can be said that Enterprise mobility management has played a vital role in revolutionizing the healthcare industry all over the globe. Some of the benefits are :

  • Fast and Improved Decision making :

Enterprise mobility management in healthcare gives the benefit and power to decision-makers to take timely decisions with the right data. It enables physicians to access patient medical records as well as medical history to make suitable decisions for patients so that they could get better treatment and service. EMM in healthcare also makes the process comparatively faster because of its smooth management and basic components which act as a pillar of the foundation of EMM (mentioned above).

  • Increase in productivity :

Enterprise mobility solutions contribute to increasing productivity at multiple levels. EMM solutions save time and effort of all the staff who are related to healthcare services, which in return, contributes to the more involved treatment and fast improvement of the patient. EMM enables remote consultation so that doctors can treat more and more patients more effectively in less time. Using mobile health apps, response times can also be improved so that communication with doctors could be made accessible and transparent. Using EMM solutions reduce the number of documents carried by patients for medical records and history of treatment. Right access to data eases the process of treatment to an exponential level.

  • Improve inaccuracy :

Healthcare is a critical and sensitive issue. A small issue, delay or mistake can lead to huge circumstances and serious consequences for patients. Enterprise mobility management solutions give the power to the healthcare staff to improve accuracy and efficiency. EMM has given tremendous examples of accuracy in medication, patient information, mHealth applications and many more fields related to healthcare. It also helps to reduce manual errors, be it of entering data or saving information, and also gives the right information about the right patient. Researchers are working towards achieving the goal of full accuracy in this field for the betterment of healthcare services. Improve inaccuracy will automatically result in a great improvement in Cyber Security services in the field of healthcare.

  • Time as well as cost-efficient :

EMM solutions support various latest features such as automation, e-collaboration, video calling, remote consulting and many more. These technical features play a great role in saving time and investment in healthcare for both the healthcare staff as well as the patients. Information can be updated in real-time with the help of enterprise mobility solutions which also helps to save the time and cost for manual data entry for records and treatments. Having all the information about the patient in a crisp manner helps the doctors to diagnose in less time and prevents the investments made in unnecessary treatments or tests.

  • Improve in treatment and reduction of readmissions :

According to research, more than 90% of the total doctors of the world feel that mobile health solutions can greatly contribute to improving a patient’s mental and physical health. Getting things online will automatically improve the procedure of treatment in a positive way. In addition to it, the number of readmissions can be cut down to a great extent by providing home-based self-care treatment and remedies through mHealth applications.


In this way, EMM has made a significant change in the healthcare industry. Though there are many changes yet to be made but it has started affecting people’s lives in a positive way. Healthcare IT solutions can result in advanced healthcare in very little time.