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Google Has Now Launched the Latest Version of Flutter that Supports iOS 14 and Android 11

According to certain data and research, it can be said that there is an increase in the use of Google Flutter SDK. Because of this number of people are also increasing who want to know the use of Flutter and also the advantages of using this over other tools.

Recently there was a release of the new Google Flutter which is a 1.22 stable version. This Flutter UI framework is now coming with various bugs fixes and also supporting new features for both the iOS 14 and Android 11.

This Flutter of Google is the new version and is known to be the 1.22 version. This Google Flutter is basically an Open-source cross-platform UI framework that is helpful for building various apps for Android as well as iOS operating systems. This is for both the web as well as desktops. However, before knowing further about the new Google Flutter it is better to have some knowledge about what this Flutter is and also about the advantages of Google Flutter. There are many Android application development companies that are hiring the developers that are using this Google Flutter to serve their clients.

What is Flutter?

Google is responsible for making the toolkit known as Flutter and this is a UI toolkit. This was created for creating natively compiled and aesthetic applications from any single code base. However, it must be kept in mind that this is for multiple devices including web devices, mobile devices,s and also desktops. So in simple words, it can be said that Google developed Flutter which is a single programming language that is used for creating good interfaces for a variety of devices.

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter can be known to be a worthy tool that is being used by the developers for creating beautifully designed and native-looking apps. The list of advantages of Google Flutter is given below-

Same UI as well as Business logic in case of all platforms

The main reason or it can be said that this is the first reason for which both the business owner as well as the developers choose Google Flutter over other tools. Any cross-platform is responsible for providing a way for sharing the same codebase between the platforms that have been targeted. Now the main point is that there is no other cross-platform that is responsible for sharing both the UI as well as UI code other than this Google Flutter.

 The rendering process makes it useful for building apps that are having a display of native apps in every single platform. If a developer is relying on the components that are platform-specific is playing a major role in provoking requirement for the layer of property mapping for the widget of the platform and also for the data synchronization of the framework widgets.

To be more precise it can also be said that there is no need for the Platform-specific UI components for rendering its UI. The rendering process of the Flutter is so good that it becomes the best among other tools and it also reduces or eliminates the worry regarding the consistency of UI in various platforms.

Reduced code and development time

In order to build a small application for android and shipping it to the testing, the device takes a time of 40 seconds. However, it can also be said that in order to adjust any small visual aspect in the layout it can take forever. Android studio is having a layout for this kind of problem but still, there is a limitation in the features, and sometimes does not work as expected. This is special with the custom views.

There is an important feature for Flutter which helps the developers in seeing the changes that have been applied and that can be seen instantly without losing the state of the current application. This is the main reason why this Flutter SDK is much faster than other tools and hence the speed of development is also increased.

There are a number of ready-to-use widgets that have been provided by the team of Flutter. It can be said that many of the widgets are customizable to a great extent and this will also play an important role in saving your time and this makes it better than any other framework. Other than these widgets which are having core layout, Flutter is having Cupertino and Material widgets. These widgets play a good role in mimicking the type of behavior of any design language. It is because of these widgets that various steps that are time-consuming can be skipped while the developers are developing their app by using Flutter. So this makes the whole process simpler, faster, and is also without any kind of worries.

Increased the speed for time-to-market

This point is very easy to understand whether you are a technology freak or not. The functioning can be done quicker with the Flutter development framework when they are compared with their alternatives. It can be seen from many data that around two times fewer man-hours are required when the developer is using the Flutter framework other than its alternatives. The reason is very simple as the developers are not bound to write platform-specific code for achieving the desired vision for the end product. Implementation of 2D based UI can be done very easily by the developer by using Flutter without establishing any kind of interaction with the counterpart of the native application.
Flutter is also responsible for providing the user API that is used for building UI. This API is basically declarative in nature and it plays a major role in boosting up the performance. This is therefore preferred by maximum developers as they can easily produce an end product that is meeting the requirement of their clients. This kind of thing is pretty obvious when it is related to the adjustments that have been made on visual aspects. There are many Android app development services that choose their developers wisely as they are able to understand all these features and are responsible to keep the reputation of the company.

Similar to the performance of the native app

In the case of good UX performance of the application is very important. It can never be measure by numbers but in simpler words, it can be said that the performance of the Flutter is different from the native app. Moreover, in the case of complex scenarios of UI animation Flutter has been proven to be better. There are reasons behind it and the most valuable reason is that like other native apps Flutter does not depend on the intermediate code interpretation or representation. The application of Flutter is generally built into the machine code directly. This is the reason for the elimination of the performance bugs in the process of interpretation.

Finally, people will be receiving the app that is fully compiled before the time when the developers are using Google Flutter. There are many custom mobile app development services who are becoming famous as they are delivering their work before time and their clients are also satisfied with their service.

Availability of Animated and Custom UI that is having any complexity

One of the biggest advantages that the developers find while they are using Flutter is that they are having the power for customizing anything that is seen on the screen. This can be customized no matter how complex the thing maybe. The same thing can be also done in native platforms but it is important to keep in mind that the effort that is given by the developers in the case of Flutter is very less when compared to other native platforms.

Flutter here plays a very important role in making the process more versatile as well as flexible instead of adding any extra amount of workload.

Flutter is having its own rendering engine

No matter which native platform you are choosing Flutter will always surpass that as many things can be done here which cannot be done on other platforms. The framework does this kind of works as they are very much powerful in nature. However, it must be kept in mind that the above-mentioned work would never be possible if Flutter was not having any cross-platform rendering engine that is having very high-performance.

Skia is basically used by flutter so that Flutter can be rendered on the canvas that has been provided by the platform. UI that have been built in Flutter can be launched in any platform virtually and all of this is possible because of the rendering engine of Flutter. Now in simpler words, it can be said that there is no need for the developers in adjusting the UI for transferring it to any platform that will be simplifying the process of development at a huge amount.

Implementation of logic that is simple platform-specific

Not only the UI but there are many advanced features of OS or Operating System on which the mobile application of real-life depends. The advanced features of OS include fetching the coordinates of GPS, gathering the data of the sensors, working with credentials, Bluetooth communication, permission handling, etc. A ready-to-use plugin is there which is normally supported by Google and all of these features are easily available when a Flutter application is being developed by a developer.

Some things must be kept in mind like there may be certain OS features that are not present as a plugin on which the application relies. But a good team of developers will cover their clients here also. Flutter is responsible for providing an easy-to-use way of creating communication between both Dart and Platform-native code with the help of channels of platforms. So it is possible for implementing anything that can be implemented by using the native app.

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The ability of the platform in going beyond mobile

Now if a developer is using the Flutter app then he or she can easily go beyond the process of developing the Flutter app on mobile. Flutters for the web as well as Flutter for desktop embeddings are also available now that make the job of any developer easy. Recently Google was able to present the Flutter web’s technical preview that will be playing an important role in running the pure application of Flutter in a browser and that is also without doing any kind of modification to the source code.

If a Flutter app developer is having a good experience then he or she is able to run a pure Flutter app on any of the platforms very easily. The platform may be Windows, web browser, Linux, iOS, embedded devices, and also Android. Now the main thing is that whether it will perform correctly or not. No need for worries as they are able to perform quite correctly without doing any changes to the Dart code.

These were some of the important things which every person must have knowledge while they are wishing to know about the new Flutter 1.22 that is released this year. However, one more thing must also be looked at whether it is lowering the business risks or not. All of the above features make Flutter the best among other platforms. Mobile application development services use this platform to meet all the requirements of the client and provide them with the perfect app that will help them in growing their business.

Google Flutter 1.22

Recently there were the release of both iOS 14 and Android 11 and they are reaching the smartphones at a very great speed. So here also Flutter is not lagging behind as Google Flutter is giving support for the latest updates on UI for both Google and Apple to their own platforms of mobile.

There are many features like for the new iOS 14 it is providing the new XCode 12, support of preview for new app clip features on iOS 14, and new icons. Whereas for Android Flutter is providing with new display types cutouts and smoother animation when mention is made while bringing the soft keyboard. The new release has been made very soon after the release of the 1.20 version and that is within 2 months. Now for iOS 14 and Android 11, the new features are given below-

iOS 14

  • Xcode 12 will be requiring the iOS 9 or more than that and so the default template has been increased from 8 to 9.
  • There were specific crashes as well as front rendering issues which have been fixed in the new version of Google Flutter that is 1.22 version.
  • The problems that were related to the deploying to the physical devices have been fixed.
  • A new policy has been introduced which plays a role in showing the use notification whenever the app is accessing their clipboard causing spurious notification in the Flutter app. This was also fixed in this new Flutter 1.22.
  • A restriction that has been disabled running the apps of debugs on iOS 14 devices other than apart of the debugging process.
  • Another new policy has been introduced regarding the network security for the Flutter apps that have been debugged locally. This policy enables in showing a dialogue that is of one-time confirmation nature. However, it must be kept in mind that this is possible only during the time of development and not for the Flutter apps that have already been released.

Flutter app is also taking advantage of iOS 14 features and helping the developers in many ways to deliver a perfect app for the client. One such feature is the App clips that will be supporting quick and no-install app execution and this will be the lightweight version that is the version of the apps that will be under 10MB. The preview is available in the case of Flutter 1.22. There are many iPhone app development services that will have benefits from this kind of feature.

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Android 11

  • The first and foremost thing that must be mentioned is the new design of phones that are having waterfall notches and other types of notches. Here Flutter app is supporting all these notches by exposing safe insets.
  • Expanding the Universe button- The Flutter buttons that are already existing is very good in nature but can be very hard to use in the case of custom themes. A new button and new styles have been introduced. Previously there were evolving of an existing button but now because of the introduction of the PR, there are new, replacement button themes and widgets.
  • Support of new internationalization and localization- The core functionality has been provided by Flutter for localization(I10n) as well as internationalization(i18n) and this from the inception.
  • WebView and Google Maps plugins are ready for production- In the case of the Flutter developers, they are always eager in giving the name production-ready before they are tested properly. In the case of WebView Flutter and Google Maps Flutter plugins, the factors of gathering have been underlying the implementation of platform views. This plays a major role in allowing the components of native UI from both iOS and Android for hosting in a Flutter app. The framework plumbing has been hardened enough for declaring both the plugins as production-ready. In this new version of Flutter, all the accessibility issues and known keyboard issues have been fixed. The WebView Flutter will be supporting new view modes for the Android platform but for time being manual enabling is needed.
  • New Dart developer tool- Now with every release of the new version of the Flutter tool is also updated along with the framework and engine. A new version of Dart is there in the new Flutter 1.22.
  • App size analysis tool- The new Flutter comes with a new size of output analysis utility. This tool will be helping in diagnosing the Flutter whether there is a breakdown of the change in app size with respect t time.
  • Updated network page
  • In Intellij the DevTools inspector tab has been hosted.
  • Improvements in the output linking have been made in the Visual Studio Code.
  • Navigator 2- previously there was a hidden stack of pages and core data structure while using the Flutter apps. There were problems arising regarding the nested routing between different arrangements. These different arrangements were on the same page. Now with this new Flutter, the stack of the page is visible and hence the problems have been solved.

Why choose Flutter for app development?

There are many advantages of using Flutter for app development and there are also reasons for which developers prefer this platform and they are given below-

  • UI kit is present for every need- Google introduces a widget catalog that is robust in nature for the development of UI. This is very useful when developing custom themes. The UI is also very much adaptive in nature to the version updates. Any element of UI can be changed very easily anytime.
  • Pixel match- the features that will be developed will look exactly the same as that in the simulator. The Skia rendering engine is used by Flutter which supports all operating systems like Android, iOS, etc and so it will look the same on all devices.
  • DartPub- Dart programming language is used by Flutter and there are many reusable libraries as well as packages.
  • Code architecture- the final performance is never influenced by nested objects that are present in Flutter. Multithreading is supported by Flutter and so it has become a preferred choice for almost all the developers. So the developers can run the application very smoothly.
  • Business Logic Components- The Business Logic Components are the best fit for those apps that are having complex architecture. This will help the screen to scroll smoothly while there is a loading of data from the server.


iOS application development company as well as the development company for Android both will get extra benefits from this new version of Flutter 1.22. So when you are choosing a developer who is using this new Flutter you must be wise enough to spend your money.