Python Once Again Aces Its Competitive Languages

Python Once Again Aces Its Competitive Languages

The interpreted, general purpose programming language, Python has repeatedly topped the IEEE Spectrum's 5th annual interactive ranking of the highest programming language. The speech continues to gain programmers' mind share.

Even in 2017, Python had managed to secure the very first place in the list. This time it has managed to strengthen its position. This past year the language has ensured that the first position with a thin margin with 100 into C's 99.7. Python is emerging because of the exceptionally preferred terminology for computing.

Composing for embedded software was heavily dependent on languages that are compiled before. Since the contemporary micro-controllers don't have a problem of assessing overhead on the machine using a limited processing power and memory, developers are choosing to use Python for writing for computing.

The second reason behind Python's rising popularity is the decline in the positions of R. The language which manages big data and statistics. On the other hand, the attention of developers is shifting towards machine learning. Python includes a provision for high-quality libraries for both data and machine learning, making it a more attractive choice than the technical R.

Google's GO speech has made decent progress. This season, it has risen from the 7th rank to 5th. The biggest mover in IEEE Spectrum's standing is Scala, that has now secured the 8th place. The speech was created as an advancement over Java. The fall in Java's default position could have something related to the up tendency for Scala.

C++ has jumped to the 2nd position from last year's 4th. While X# continues to hold its continuous position of 5th ranking. The meeting speech has knocked off Apple's Swift in the list of top 10. If it comes to job positions, JavaScript, Java, and C are the absolute most favored choices of employers.

IEEE Spectrum ranks each speech by weighting and mixing 11 metrics out of 9 sources. The most important feature of the ranking is it is interactive and offers a 5 ranking for 4 unique platforms including internet, mobile, embedded and enterprise.