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5 Notable Industry Findings in 2019 Regarding Enterprise Mobility

06 Feb

Today, enterprise mobility is a term that most of us are familiar with. It’s a technology trend that is quickly bringing about a noticeable change in how businesses work.

The change is exciting for employers as well as employees. It would be interesting to see how this trend holds up in 2019. This leads us to asking some basic questions about enterprise mobility.

How does the year 2019 look for enterprise mobility solutions? What is the technology industry’s outlook for enterprise mobility in 2019? We’ll find answers to these questions in this article, by going through some important industry findings that have come to light regarding enterprise mobility in the year 2019.

1. BYOD Approach Will Witness Significantly More Acceptance

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD approach is where employees use their personal devices for working. Enterprise mobility solutions is going to give a big push to this approach in 2019. For businesses that are rapidly growing in size, accepting BYOD will become even more essential. Bigger organizations have bigger expenses, one of which is hardware acquisition and maintenance costs.

Adopting BYOD will help the organizations bring down their hardware related costs to a good extent. But it’s more than just about reducing costs. BYOD and enterprise mobility allow employees to enjoy a greater deal of flexibility, since employees are able to work remotely using devices that they personally love to use.

2. Effort Towards Better Enterprise App Development

Enterprise applications built with efficient mobility in mind are essential to realizing the goal of a truly mobile business. Hence, in 2019 efforts will be heavily focused towards attaining more enhanced enterprise app development. This is the time to discover and imagine creative possibilities which exist in the types of enterprise applications that can be built targeting the wide range of mobile devices being used today. Location-based enterprise mobile applications are also a good idea and can be used for the specific business processes where they apply the best.

Also the enterprise applications will need to provide a better overall interaction experience to their users. This can be done in many ways like, finding the scope for including innovative and exciting features and improving the responsiveness and performance of the application.

3. Artificial Intelligence Meets Enterprise Mobility

2019 is an important year where two of the most popular technologies at the moment, artificial intelligence and enterprise mobility, are likely to join hands for delivering excellent benefits. It has been seen lately that artificial intelligence solutions are quickly being integrated into mobile devices for improving the user experience. What if these mobile devices were to make their way into enterprise mobility solutions?

That’s exactly what 2019 is going to be about. AI-powered mobile devices would find immense use in an enterprise environment with the expectation that they’ll help in achieving better productivity and user experience. AI will also have an important role to play in the security aspect of enterprise mobility. So, for instance, features like visual gesture and speech recognition in the user interfaces of the devices can help in improving the security of the data transmission happening between these devices. Now is the time to rethink what can be achieved with enterprise mobility while taking into consideration the vast scope of artificial intelligence solutions.

4. Popularity of Desktop Computers May Decline

The widespread acceptance of enterprise mobility solutions will have a major impact on the use and popularity of physical computers at workplaces, causing their use and popularity to decrease quite a bit. With mobile devices increasingly coming into play, this effect does not seem so surprising. Employees moving to mobile devices for working would naturally reduce the need of having on-premise desktop computers in organizations. The more employees rely on mobile devices for getting their work done, the lesser will be the dependence on the desktop computers.

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5. Enterprise Mobility Will Extend to All Devices

We mostly tend to think of enterprise mobility in terms of the usual mobile devices like smartphones and laptops. But enterprise mobility can be extended to apply on other types of mobile devices as well. A mobile device like smart watch may also become a part of mobility goals for an enterprise. As the scope of enterprise mobility grows bigger, all options are on the table to explore.


Amidst the tough competition that businesses face today, adapting as per the latest change has become the key to staying relevant and purposeful. The above industry findings for enterprise mobility for the year 2019 depict the significant impact that enterprise mobility will be having on businesses.

As the big changes happen one thing can be said for sure, adoption of enterprise mobility solutions is the way to the future for businesses. It becomes more and more important every day for businesses to integrate the solutions that help them achieve the objective of enterprise mobility.

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