A Step-By-Step Method Of Creating A Telemedicine Healthcare App

A Step-By-Step Method Of Creating A Telemedicine Healthcare App

The beginning of this year is certainly not what most of the world has pictured it to be.

The world today is going through a number of medical shifts and there have been plenty of revelations being made based on the gross inadequacy in the healthcare industry. But healthcare IT solutions providers bring forth new solutions to overcome the hardships or uncertainties in the healthcare sector. One of the best measures at present to relieve the industry is by offering viable and consistent solutions. In the year 2018, the US telemedicine healthcare market witnessed revenue worth $11.8 billion. So, developing a telemedicine healthcare application is extremely close to any of this facilitation.

What Is A Telemedicine Healthcare Application And What Problems Can It Solve?

In the modern world, it is possible for everyone to order anything on demand right from food to taxi, and personal trainers to even doctors. While many on-demand application services have been popular for quite some time, not so long ago telemedicine became a new thing. It has also attracted lots of attention from doctors, patients, and medical establishments all across the world. A telemedicine healthcare application supports remote access between patients and doctors. This application functions 24/7 and along with the patients to choose medical professionals as per their convenience and talk to them over phone calls or video calls. It also enables doctors to pass their prescriptions to customers and either of them can channel it to a pharmacy.

A telemedicine healthcare application that is developed by a mobile app development company has the potential to fill the gaps in the healthcare industry. You might be willing to know why any solution is so important. Let us go through the important aspects of a telemedicine healthcare application:

  • It Eliminates The Barriers In Healthcare Services- The people residing in rural or remote areas experience the worst access to medical Services or its variants. According to a report, most of the hurdles are seen from the patients and while visiting the doctor or specialist who is not nearby. With the help of telemedicine solutions, rural patients can have access to the best healthcare solutions through virtual visits and without having a requirement to physically cover long distances.

  • Regulated Access To Medical Care For Specially-Abled Or Elderly Patients- Older or specially-abled patients might have difficulties to frequently visit hospitals or their doctors personally. With the help of telemedicine healthcare applications, anyone can access the best medical facilities right from the comfort of their own house. All they have to do is select a healthcare professional and book a direct appointment with them in their preferred time slot.

  • Issues With Patient Monitoring- By integrating an electronic medical record system within the healthcare establishment, a telemedicine healthcare app provides a multitude of real-time patient access to healthcare data. All thanks to the facility as it allows doctors to monitor their patient’s progress and provide quick advice to them in case of any red flags. This is equally important for the patient as well, especially the ones having critical health conditions.

Why Is There A Need To Build A Telemedicine Healthcare Application?

The ultimate objective of having a telemedicine healthcare application is to support and help the professionals or individuals of the healthcare systems across multiple establishments. This type of telemedicine service is inclusive of various aspects such as offering remote doctor visits, monitoring the health conditions and records of patients from afar, increasing medical efficiency, and many more. As mobile app development company services enable excellent engagement and improve user access, it helps to develop a personal two-way interaction between doctors and patients.

Especially in telehealth, many 'Patient Care Anywhere' health models have been introduced to enable fast and convenient healthcare services. This service helps to provide excellent medical facilitation even to the secluded corners of the geography. The goal of having any telemedicine healthcare application is to facilitate patients, doctors, medical staff, healthcare establishments, and many more that are involved in the same industry. Having such an application enables the patients to directly interact with their doctors in a short span of time and it also enables healthcare establishments to keep a check on their patient’s records or data.

The Benefits Of Telemedicine Healthcare Software Development Solutions For Patients And Doctors

First and foremost, human beings all across the world would risk everything to maintain their good physical and mental health. Having a sound state of health is among the topmost priorities and there is a great deal of health-related services and products that are dictated by the world health standards. Telemedicine healthcare software development solution supports doctors, patients, medical staff, and other components of a healthcare establishment’s efficiency. The main objective of any such assignment is to facilitate remote doctor visits as well as to increase the efficiency of medical services to a greater extent. In this segment, we will walk you through the major benefits of the telemedicine healthcare software for doctors and patients:

Benefits For Patients

Telemedicine healthcare applications help patients to access their medical records anytime anywhere along with transmitting them to their doctors to get precise prescriptions. The advantages of a telemedicine healthcare application for patients are-

  • Convenient- One of the most significant benefits of a telemedicine healthcare application is that it is extremely convenient to use for patients as it saves them trips to hospitals. It also allows easy access to expert doctors anytime, anywhere and patients can get instant medical attention in case of emergencies. On the plus side, it has also become more vital while dealing with the parents of small kids or adults because in many cases scheduling a healthcare visit is a complicated task in itself.

  • Time-Savvy- Almost everyone has experienced the long and tedious waiting hours, especially during the non-medical emergencies that they have to endure while paying a visit to the hospital. Even if the appointment has already been set, there can be a considerable amount of delay. The involvement of custom software development services in the healthcare industry has conveniently eradicated all such errors. This is because the medical condition of patients can change dramatically during the waiting hours. But with the ability of convenience and instant scheduling, an online medical wizard can save lots of time for patients.

  • Money-Savvy- It is typically expensive to visit a medical center or appear for a doctor's appointment as compared to scheduling a visit on a telemedicine app. As per statistics, patients can conveniently save more money with any telemedicine app in contrast to personal visits.

  • Enhanced Consultation- For most of the residents under any particular geographical area their only healthcare option or access is those that are available at the nearest medical centers and establishments. This arrangement is outdated and mundane. But a telemedicine healthcare application has no such barrier and it enables quick access to patients where they can opt for desired specialists within or outside of their region.

Benefits For Doctors

Telemedicine app development services help doctors with medical consultations, disease monitoring, upgrading prescriptions, and many more. Healthcare organizations can also manage and organize their workload productively and without any errors. The advantages of telemedicine Healthcare application for doctors are-

  • Flexibility- it is known to everyone that time is a crucial component for practicing as well as an experienced doctor. Being able to give attention to patients under the specified availability of time is much needed in the healthcare industry. The SaaS development company solutions have been entering in the medical practices where the doctors are allowed to function as per the available time slots. This helps to improve the work-life balance along with decreasing stress and strain.

  • Improve Medical Workflow- The medical workflow efficiency can be increased exponentially with the help of a telemedicine healthcare application. It is because this solution works as the conduit for instant assistants or prioritization of every medical case along with improving patient-doctor communications. This can be streamlined through capturing, storing, managing, or using the patient's records for better decision making.

  • Increase Patient Engagement- One of the best measures for doctors to expand their knowledge and practice without overwhelming any component of them is telemedicine. This enables them to offer their help to more patients, even across the secluded corners of any region. Telemedicine being convenient can incentivize users or patients to seek medical help instantly in special cases. It also cuts down the inconvenience and results in enhanced time management.

  • Eliminating Overheads- Having patient medical care access over a healthcare application saves medical centers from overhead costs as it significantly reduces the cost while dealing with patients in non-emergency cases or in-house ones. It also frees up the resources that might be required for tackling other healthcare sectors.

The Stages Of Telemedicine Healthcare App Development

A telemedicine healthcare application allows patients to communicate with their doctors about anything related to their health issues. To facilitate the same, patients can use communication interfaces within the same application for taking remote health consultation or for understanding the treatment plan and emergencies. But only a well-versed telemedicine application can fulfill a patient’s expectations without causing them any trouble. It is also expected from the companies to undertake the relevant requirements in order to accomplish a satisfactory telemedicine healthcare app. Not only does the telemedicine application have to be effective but it must also have the potential to satisfy its end-users (doctors, medical staff) along with keeping them well-informed about the patient's medical records. The process of developing any such solution involves a number of preplanned strategies, some of which have been mentioned below:

  • Business Analysis- Before developing telemedicine healthcare IT solutions it is extremely important to assess the industry/market for the solution. Conducting the analysis at this stage of app development will help you determine the requirement and characteristics of your potential users and buyers. It also means that you must identify your target customer base at first. If your target customers or users have any potential issue then you can consider highlighting its resolution with your telemedicine healthcare application. It is often said that the better the perception of what customers require, the better you will be able to market your product.

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  • Market Research- At this stage of your application development, you can identify the industry leaders in your field. Once you have got the database ready you can start studying their patterns, strengths, weaknesses, user ratings, and reviews as all of these components are extremely important. This will help you to gauge the ability of telemedicine healthcare software development solutions, and by doing so, you will be able to sideline your contemporaries in the long run. You also have to pay close attention to the services that are provided or facilitated by your contemporaries along with their price models and tools. Conducting extensive market research will help you to have an edge over your contemporaries and you will be able to better facilitate your customers in the long run.

  • A Road To Market- A road to market is a crucial stage but it is only worth considering once you have finished the app development process. At this stage of your project development, you are required to identify which social networking channels will work best for your target audience and will help you to promote the platform-specific application. It will also help you to scale up your profits.

How To Conduct Telemedicine Healthcare App Development

The process of developing a telemedicine healthcare application relies on two factors- the app’s business and its development phase. It is often said that the more effective the app’s business phase is, the better the final results will be. If you are thinking about developing a telemedicine healthcare application it is extremely important that you identify the potential users of the same. By users, we mean patients, doctors, admins, lab technicians, and other involved individuals. All of these users will use applications at different interfaces and levels, requesting and offering different services all at the same time. Hence, if you can figure out their prerequisites beforehand, it will help you to understand the whole telemedicine healthcare app development process.

Come Up With An Idea

To start the development of a telemedicine healthcare app solution, it is extremely important to have a precise understanding of your project. It is advised that you have a clear idea of what your application will look like in the future. Once you have the initial idea of your application you can conduct extensive market research.

Conduct App Market Analysis

We have got it covered in the app development stages and it is certainly one of the most important processes in telemedicine healthcare development. It helps application owners to define their target audience, preferred platform, location, and many more.

Find The Developers

Now you have the application concept and you have conducted a market analysis in terms of its regulations and competitors. Now you can find a reliable team of application developers who can offer emerging custom software development services to you. Also, make sure to get an application estimate prior to initiating the development process.

Plan Your Budget

You can plan your application budget or get a rough estimate for developing your telemedicine healthcare application including the application development as well as marketing components. As soon as you get the budget agreed upon you can start the development of your medical application.

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Develop The First Version

Many business owners have admitted that it is convenient to outsource application development to a team or a company that is experienced in developing such solutions. Not only does it save time for carrying out business functions but it also saves precious resources and energy. Telemedicine app development typically involves the below-mentioned stages-

  • Defining The Requirements

    • Business analysis

    • Technical specifications

    • Patient stories

    • Wireframes

  • Testing

    • Here the application is tested across multiple devices

    • It is tested on various parameters such as performance, functioning, multi-platform compatibility, etc

  • Deployment

    • Google Play Store

    • Application store

  • Roadmapping

    • Backlog

    • Step-by-step implementation of the processes

  • Development

  • Front-end development

  • Backend development

  • User interface/User experience

Hiring a professional app development or SaaS development company will help you across all the stages of the application development project. Additionally, it will also help you to define the most reliable telehealth solutions that can fulfill your requirements and help you to develop an industry-compliant application.

Adjust The Changes

The major pitfalls while developing a telemedicine healthcare application may usually arrive in two prime areas-

  • User Interface/User Experience- It is extremely important to match up to the level of application design with the target audience because some of the users who you are willing to reach might have severe medical conditions.

  • Backend Development - You have to make sure that your telemedicine healthcare application is capable enough to store confidential patient records and information. You also have to make sure that the application grants access to authorized users and in case of any breach or attempt of unauthorized access, it alerts users.

Launch Your Application

While developing telemedicine healthcare IT solutions you have to make yourself ready for a long roll to cover. On average, it takes from 5 to 220 months to develop a highly professional telemedicine healthcare application. Also, it may take around two years of time to market the same. You have to be specific with every stage of your application development so that you can get enough time to market and launch your application within the timeline.

Maximize Your Profit

If you have thoroughly followed the aforementioned steps and hired the best mobile app development company or professionals then you can easily convert profits from your application relatively sooner. Depending upon the feature integration and the budget of your project you can streamline the profits that you have earned from the solution.

The Cost Required To Develop Custom Telemedicine Healthcare Software

How much does on-demand healthcare app development cost? This is a complicated question to answer because there are various factors that can influence the cost of telemedicine healthcare app development. But we are not here to keep you in the dark about it. In this segment, we will go through the aspects of telemedicine app development and how long it takes to develop a solution. The cost of developing a telemedicine application depends on its features, definition, development strategy, and the chosen vendor. It is extremely important to assess the total cost of telemedicine at the development stage and streamline the budget for promoting or distributing the app across various platforms. There are a few deciding factors that can help while estimating the cost-

  • The app development partner who you are hiring for designing and developing the app

  • App development tools, platform, and technology stack

  • Whether you need an MVP or a fully developed application

You can expect the cost to develop a working version of the application to be around $50000 to $100,000.

If you are looking to hire a SaaS development company for adding advanced features to the application or to develop more complicated apps then be prepared to spend more money on it. This advance integration may cost you around $240000 for every platform that you are willing to work with. At its heart, developing a telemedicine application requires a sought-after creative process. App development also demands high hardware and software assistance.

There are a number of ways through which telemedicine healthcare applications can make money such as transaction fees, monthly fees, annual subscription, per-minute charge, franchising, etc.

The Bottom Line

Telemedicine healthcare application development requires lots of care in order to offer functions, security, and convenience with the solution. Other than following security protocols it is important to make sure that the healthcare application compiles with the accuracy of the healthcare app standards. Telemedicine is entirely about facilitating communication between patients and doctors through a number of features that can facilitate a convenient diagnosis from every end. To make the application credible for everyone it is important to add every minute detail to it and allow the application to blend in with the healthcare establishments.