Android Q Beta 1: List of features and improvement

18 Apr

Android Q Beta 1 is already making a way in the market and people are eagerly looking forward to going through its new features and improvements.

There are many mobile app development company who have given their best to make this a successful one. People are eager because of various reasons.

This Android Q Beta 1 is having the capability of adding the various feature into the software as well as to the hardware. These features can bring new experiences as well as capabilities for the users. This is the fourth year where Google has been introducing the preview of Android Pie, Android Oreo, and Android Nougut.

There were no updates on the Beta program for the last few years. However, with the arrival of Android Q, it has changed. Google has introduced the first preview of the Android Q Beta. The best part which all will agree is that it is not for the preview of developers only but for all. Early developers, as well as adopters, can try this Android Q as it is all set. For the preview version, a new name may emerge but however, Android Q is the name which has been selected by Google.

Top features and improvements of Android Q

Making certain updates for the runtime permissions and Google Play Protect, it can be said that Google’s Android Q is ready to bring a good number of features for the users with additional security as well as privacy. Faster app startup, new media codes capabilities of the camera, support of Vulkan 1.1, etc are some of the other features which people are going to come across. If one enrolls with the pixel devices then the user can come across such features. Google announced some of the features which are mentioned below-

  • Protection and privacy

The topmost priority of Android is to keep a user’s privacy as well as to maintain security. With the advancement of time, there were many features added and upgrading took place with a huge number of features to protect the users. The advanced features include locking of camera or mic as background access, mode of locking down, encryption depending on the file, Google Play Protect, etc. Users can now control number as well as varieties of apps and also accessing their files which have been shared. This can be noted as one of the major improvement of Android. Android app development services have been working on the improvement for a long time and have been successful at last.

  • Screen with support for foldable devices

The users using Android Q will now be able to select and manage the way of their apps that are going to be displayed on their foldable and large screens. So this is a good improvement for those who have been using foldable devices. Android Q has changed a number of things which includes resizableActivity which will be able to manifest work with different attributes. There were also updates that have been done on the emulator to support the switching of multiple-display type.

  • Controlling of locations

The improvement of this Android Q has been done by hire android apps developer which makes the Android system an advanced one. This improvement is to find the desired location of a person. For example, if the app is searching for the location of the user who has ordered something, then it can do that. With these kinds of improvements and added features, users will have a good experience over Android Q.

  • Shortcuts sharing

With the Android Q’s sharing shortcuts, sharing will become easy and better than before. This feature will help the user to change instantly to another app so that they can share content. The developers will now have the power in publishing the targets that have been shared which have been launching a particular activity. Moreover, the most important thing is that one can display this in the share UI. The sharing of shortcuts will be working similar to that of the shortcuts of the app.

  • Graphics, Media, and Camera

With the Android Q Beta, one can have the images with Dynamic depth. Google the android application development company has made this Android Q Beta in such a way that the image consists of JPEG or XMP metadata to capture the depth elements. In one word the picture quality will improve and will be better than before with the same device.

  • Vulkan

Contribution of Vulkan towards android will also be increased by this Android Q Beta 1. It will give high performance for the 3D graphics. These working with the Vulkan are being done so that the Vulkan can be a requirement in all 64-bit devices which runs on Android Q Beta 1. This will help in providing the user with high-quality graphics and also API for games which can be used.

  • Other features

Other features include the improvement of the ART performance. With the help of optimization of the zygote process, Android Q will be able to bring the process of the app and also moving it to a security container. This will increase the launching of apps faster than before. It will also keep a low latency as well as high performance for the various wireless connections. A good network connection is also expected with this Android Q Beta 1.

It is expected that Google is coming with the good improvement which will satisfy the needs of their user. This innovation is stronger than ever before. Android will now be serving the needs of the users with these broad innovative ideas and pushing the boundaries of software as well as hardware.