Android Q betas have already brought over 50 features and improvements.

Android Q betas have already brought over 50 features and improvements.

Android Q is the 10th and the lasted version of Android. 

It is not yet released and is set to release in the middle of 2019, with new interesting features and a huge demand from the customers already using Android. As per custom software Development Company Google has helped create and improve the quality of the Operating system by adding different tools and helping the uses with a user-friendly interface. Google released the first version of Android Q, on March 13, 2019. It has a total of 6 beta versions that are yet to be released and have been dated to release in the third quarter of 2019.

As it is the 10th version of Android's operating system, the previous 9 operating systems were unique in their way. All the versions were different from each other and improved. According to the custom mobile app development services very version had an improved quality of operation and had new features included with different tools and in-built applications. These versions never had a leakage or malpractices as they were preceded under skilled and experienced technicians.

Google is the main search engine in today's life. One is dependent on Google for every information. So, people look upon Google and any lack of work or negligence towards work might lead to a lot of different issues. With the growth of Android products, the company changes its policies to cope up with the advanced Android application Development of different platforms.

Improvements brought over by Android Q betas

Android Q has introduced a lot of features for the betterment of all the best android app development company. It has improved the quality of using this operating system as a whole. There are a lot of improvements made in this new version of the operating system and have been proved to be beneficial for all the users.

Some of the features included in the new version of Android, i.e, Android Q are:

  • Domestic support or help for foldable devices. (Phones, tabloids, etc.)
  • Access to background pictures, audio files, and images
  • Helps access apps running in the back without following one’s current location
  • In-built screen recorder
  • Apps running in the background can no longer emerge in the foreground
  • The privacy policy has improved: limited privacy for all the unidentified devices connected to the system
  • Shortcuts can be shared now making it easy for the contact directory
  • The setting panels for all apps will be floating making it easier to make changes if necessary. Then and there and not open the setting panel, then search for the app and then make a change
  • New camera and photo format feature allowing to blur the background of photos after clicking it
  • AV1 video codec will be followed alongside HDR10+ video format and Opus audio codec
  • MIDI API allows interaction with the music controllers
  • Biometric authentication in apps gets better support in the new version of the Android Operating System.

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These features are highly improvised in the new version of Android and will have different implementations in different devices it will be installed in.

How has the new version of Android helped improve the quality of performing on a Smartphone or a tabloid?

Android, is the leading mobile operating system globally. It was designed and developed by Google. It is based on the modified or modern version of Linux Kennel and open creator software and is created mainly for touchscreen devices such as mobile phones or smartphones and tabloids. An Android application Development company as it designs blueprints for platforms associated with Android.

According to the custom software Development Company the new version, that is, the 10th version of Android has helped create a friendly user interface and improve the interface as well as the working of one's device more properly and handier. It has a high working Artificial Intelligence specially designed for this version of Android, with inbuilt features and with new different mediums to protect the system for malpractices and malicious software.

The basic mechanism of a smartphone is with the help of AI, which is inbuilt. Artificial Intelligence programming is a very hard process done by special software mechanics that are highly skilled. This includes different features and extreme external data that help the AI work smoothly and efficiently.

As per the custom mobile app development services almost every app has its own separate AI. Artificial Intelligence programming software helps create a better AI platform for users which is mainly user-friendly and easy to use. Artificial Intelligence programming software is made with external data gathered from different fields. It is used to input mechanism and which helps the flexible adaptation of Artificial Intelligence programming in different apps. This data is very necessary for the AI, to perform different functions.

AI helps gather information from different data inputted in them. They make the working of an application as well as an operating system unique. It works efficiently and helps with processing.


Android Q, although has not released completely in the market, yet has been recognized as one of the finest versions of the system as it has many promising features. With just one beta release, it has topped the charts of the most modernized or advanced version of Android and with its unique and improved features will be beneficial for the users. According to the android app development company, the users of Android are eagerly waiting for its release and are excited for the new features installed with the latest version if it.