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Apple financing is a bold move to enter the mobile payment market

Apple has been leading the electronic world with its new innovative ideas.

The price of the products may be high but still, there are many people who wish to buy an apple product. The products are also having good quality. Apple recently aimed at entering the financial market. This proves that Apple wants to expand its market rapidly.

They planned to enter the financing industry by introducing the Apple credit card. The Apple credit card has now become one of the biggest news in the market. This brand is holding the first place which is entering the market of mobile payment. This will be offering them an unprecedented edge over android application development company. Users will have an exceptional experience. This Apple credit card will help the user in paying online as well as in stores. They can also pay for goods using these credit cards.

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple. There was an event that took place which gave an introduction about the Apple credit card. The introduction to the Apple credit card makes sense why Apple entered the financing business. He is also confident that in the year 2019. Apple is all set and will reach a transaction of 10 billion. Around 40 countries will be having this apple pay. The U.S is having a large number of users who are using the Apple Pay App. Almost 70 percent of retailers are there who are accepting the Apple Pay method to accept payment in the U.S. Here, Australia is beating the U.S. by a high percent that is almost 99 percent are using the Apple Pay.

What do you mean by Apple credit card and why you be wishing for it?

There are many Android Application Development Company which hire android app developers. Apple is different from those companies. Apple is said to be one of the best Mobile App Development Company which make good apps apart from giving good quality products. The Apple credit will be available on Amazon at a price of around $1000. This is for Apple users only. However, Apple pay does not work in all countries. The company is planning to change this thing this year. This means that anyone who is signing up with Apple credit card application will now be using the card in physical or digital form.

One of the main reason why Apple has stepped into the business of card payment is that there is no other giant company which has entered. However, this is not the only reason. This card will be helping the users to track their finances. With the help of visuals, Apple will be showing how the users have used their money in a very simple step. They will also be able to know the place where they had spent money and this takes place by Apple’s Map functionality. This process takes place by means of machine learning which will be connecting the dots in recording the information.

For the users who are using the Apple credit card will have many rewards for them. Every company has a point as a rewarding system. Here Apple plays a good program. The program is known as Daily Cash. This method of Daily Cash will be giving back the users every dollar in the form of cash. Some list has been provided by Apple which says about the percentage what users will be receiving after making a purchase.

  • With the use of physical Titanium, Apple card user will be receiving 1 percent.
  • If the user uses Apple card digitally then he will be getting 2 percentage of it.
  • The user will be receiving 3 percent if he buys directly from Apple by means of Apple credit card in digital form.

There is a custom mobile application developmentΒ which has developed a mobile wallet app. This mobile wallet app will be keeping all the track records that have been made through the card. So the main point is that to earn enough you will have to spend enough. If you are spending within the limit of your credit then you will have to forget about the reward. Now if the user is spending less than $3000 then he or she will not be able to earn anything.

The process of applying for Apple credit card

A signing up option is there for the Apple credit card in the wallet app. You will have to start by tapping that option. After starting the process, Apple will be guiding you through the whole way. Another thing which you may have as a user is regarding credibility. There is no mention about the checking of credibility of applicant by Apple. But according to Apple, if the user is having the eligibility for using the credit card then he or she will be able to use it within a few minutes.

Apple has been reengineering everything for introducing its credit card and for making way into the market of finance. It is not about technology only but about the whole experience of the user. Everyone is looking forward to the Apple credit card especially the Apple users that can help by Mobile App Development Company.

Some basic things which one must know about the Apple credit card are-

  • Apple credit card will be having the eligibility to work for Apple devices only.
  • The setting up of the card is done in an iPhone and will take just a few minutes to function.
  • Customer service is available for 24/7 hours via texting.
  • No fees are there with the account of the card, especially over-limit fees, late fees or any kind of international fees.
  • There will be interest rates which will be ranging from 13.24 percent to 24.24 percent depending on the worthiness of credits.