Apple seeded the sixth beta of an upcoming iOS 12.4 update to developers

Apple seeded the sixth beta of an upcoming iOS 12.4 update to developers

Apple is a brand that every individual knows.

It has created a big brand of itself in the past following years, coming up with new innovations each year, surprising its users and introducing top-notch technology in our daily lives. It is also a Mobile Application development company. Despite high costs in the Third world countries, it has consistently managed to keep a hold on its ground as the world’s most favorite brand that users swear by and has picked up massive responses from the masses.

In terms of revenue, it is ranked as the top technological establishment in the world and is considered a royal brand with exceptional loyalty by its users and critics. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976, establishing the company as Apple Computer, Inc., it has created a legacy of its own, coming into public limelight in 1980 and grabbed the ultimate success and popularity introducing the new Macintosh in the developing era of personal computers which had new innovative Graphical User Interface. Later after much tough competition from other brands, using their Think different campaigns’ and introducing iMac, renaming the company Apple Inc, and in 2007 introducing the iPhone to the world turned their ground into a solid foothold.

Apple has always invested its efforts in developing its own operating systems for their devices like iOS for its range of iPhones etc and also aims at developing its own software such a document pages or spreadsheets for storing information as well as provides the icloud services for data storage across multiple devices and platforms. iTunes has developed a vast fan base and is the most used digital music platform by the company.

Barely after two weeks of seeding has the fifth beta had a version of iOS 12.4 come the news of Apple seeding the sixth beta version of iOS 12.4 to the iPhone app developers on Tuesday which can be downloaded easily by the registered iPhone app developers from the company’s developer portal. Ones those who have the previous beta version already can also download the version from an over-the-air update or can request for the application to download the beta version in their respective Apple devices.

However, it is being recommended not to download the beta version in primary devices as it can cause the loss of data and other complications. Apple Beta software program participants can download the non-developer version later which will later be specifically issued. They can go to the website to get the profile once they’ve signed up and registered. Along with it, Apple has also launched beta versions of fourth macOS 10.14.6 and fifth watchOS 5.3.

Apple did not release any statements regarding any major updates or fixes in this new beta version to the public but as the speculation goes, apple may be focusing on this up-gradation to support its new project – Apple card which is a new pay credit card being introduced by Apple along with Goldman Sachs in mutual partnership which is all set to release this summer.

Thought the sixth beta version of 12.4 does not come with any new updates. There were some major updates in the 3rd beta version of iOS 12.4 and also major changes in 12.3 which supported a TV app along with variable no. of channels which were further updated to version 12.3.1 which supported VoLTE features, thus focusing on various iPhone app developments. Apple serves as its own mobile app development company nut no development has been tracked in the latest version till now, only some minor bug fixes and performance. And the custom mobile app development of Apple products has been steady from the beginning. Further speculations are going around user about developments that can be released later.

The company is also focusing and looking forward to launching another one of its valuable project- iOS 13 which is speculated to be released after fall, most probably in September. It has hordes of new updates such as dark mode, battery conditioning, Apple sign-in, various emoji stickers, centre controlled Wi-Fi connection selectivity, sound media sharing, renewed photo apps and many more.

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Upgrades on camera apps, performance fixes, introducing new keyboard system known as Quick path, more realistic Siri voice over, voice memos and many other updates have been improved too. After looking into these long hauls of update launches, it is speculated that maybe the operating system is transitioning from iOS 12 to iOS 13 which will user new digitally improved or updated tech gadgets from Apple.


It is recommended not update apple gadgets with iOS 13 beta version as it can lead to several dysfunctioning of gadgets like not responding to any links, loss of valuable data and photos, improper displays of wallpaper leading to black screen, PDFs may not open, etc, which cannot be fixed immediately and there has been no information regarding the fixation of reported bugs in this beta version.

It can completely hinder in daily life activities so the users are being asked to refrain from using it in their gadgets and to wait for the release of the actual iOS 13 that users can actually use without any disruptions and can get benefitted from the newly added features in the upgradations or else it’s a deep trouble. Let’s hold tight and look forward to what else will Apple surprise its user within the upcoming years to unfold.