Are There Any Benefits To Using React Native Over Android?

Are There Any Benefits To Using React Native Over Android?

The latest statistics predict that the mobile application Development industry is soaring high and it is also expected to generate around $190 billion, global revenues this year.

As the Number of frequent phone users is increasing, so is the requirement for useful applications to make life a lot easier and convenient. However, with the significant demand in these applications, the developer communities all around the world are looking for potential solutions to make their task easier. Huge Custom Android application development platforms understand that it is essential to build a product or service which is welcomed by everyone. They also required to build their applications that can stand for iOS as well as Android and it generates and issue because for fulfilling this requirement they will have to create the same utilities for two different platforms. Hence here comes the utility of react-native to assist in such cases.

React-native is a cross-platform framework that was actually designed by Facebook in the year 2013 to provide an opportunity for the developer community to build similar instances for Android as well as iOS platforms without hassle. In a nutshell, it is the core aspect that sets it apart from real native applications which are rather than having to create a brand new UI for every platform you can do it all with the same framework. The future possibilities of the cross-platform platform are expected to grow exponentially making a mark of $80.55 billion by the end of 2020. It also means that you can predict a lot of excellent stuff of this framework hitting the industry and marketplaces in the upcoming years. But holding on before we choose if or not the react native application development framework should be considered prior to other native structure it is essential to discuss the possibilities of both frameworks.

Major advantages of react-native development

The existence of react-native is in the clear picture and React native app development services are significant in today's world. Let us have a look over some of the major advantages of using this framework.

1. It is community-driven

The development of this framework initially started in 2003 as a hackathon effort which in itself was a response to the requirement felt by the developer community. Earlier the platform was looking for a better mobile alternative solution having the potential to combine the benefits of mobile app development along with the ability, power, and stability of the react native framework. Ultimately it resulted in the react-native and it was created by Facebook, since then it is bent supported and pushed forward by the developers.

There are various other advantages of using its community-driven environment as it offers the availability of a vast team of developers who are willing to pass their knowledge and expertise with the segment. It also promotes the sharing of catalogs and other available components to the React Native app development company.

2. It offers maximum code reusability and it is cost-saving

Using the react-native framework all you have to think about is to hire react native developer because in the bigger picture you have all covered. You can easily use the same code should an earlier for the deployment on Android as well as iOS platform and it also means that you can save significant time and resources.

Other than the cost and time saving it will also reduce the development efforts and cut them by half. The cost savings will be comparatively lesser but still, it is better to make the overall investment suitable. As per the latest calculations, almost 90% of the already used codes can be used again between IOS or Android (it is advised to calculate additional time for practical improvisations).

3. Assistance in Live reload

Right after react, react-native can be said as the next step in mobile development as it is built upon the real react ideology and allows a developer to create some powerful mobile applications. React native framework also features some incredible characteristics (Live reload feature) which you will not find in any other native frameworks.

This feature allows users to immediately visualize the result of the recent modifications which they may have made with the code. In case you have two different Windows opened where one has the code and the other has mobile screen resultant due to the code than under the circumstances can easily see the effect of the modifications you have made on the former screen, in the later screen.

4. It delivers strong performance for mobile applications

The react-native framework is making strong marks in the Android app development company too due to the huge requirement of the cross-platform application and it has truly changed the overall architecture of mobile devices. It uses the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on the other hand alternative platforms are more intensive towards the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Even after comparing to the hybrid technologies which was considered as the only option for facilitating in cross-platform development earlier it is found that react-native is superfast.

5. It has a modular architecture

React Native framework is said to have an intuitive and modular architecture or interface which makes it easy for the developer community to delve into the project of someone else and built their ideas upon it. This feature increases the overall flexibility of the developer team and enables them to easily create the necessary updates for upgrades for web applications. In addition to it, the testing community will also require less time to understand the programming and logics and then built the essential testing scenarios. It will contribute to saving time and resources and this benefit can be extended for mobile application solutions or web application solutions.

6. It offers stable applications

This is one of the most significant features offered by the react-native platform which states that it simplifies the overall process of data binding. This occurs due to expecting that the applications become comparatively more stable and the reliability of the applications also increases eventually. Moving on the child element does not remain in the position to have any influence over parent data and the react-native framework partially allows the adaptation of permitted components. If the user has made any changes then it is essential to apply the necessary updates. Because of this functionality react native applications are more stable in the long run.

7. Easily support third-party plugins

Other than code reusability react native is also known to render ultimate support for any third-party plugins and offers plenty of options including the native models or JavaScript models. Due to this reason, it might not have a few components in the actual framework. For instance, if a user is applying any map in the application then react native framework will allow them to do so by connecting the third party plugins with the native framework or any other third party module. In this manner, it is extremely helpful for supporting third party plugins or React Native app development services.

8. It has a simple user interface

We have already seen the modular structure and stability of the react-native framework but other than this, it offers a simple user interface to the developers. This enables it to be known as an open-source JavaScript library rather than just being an application development framework. If you have to build an ideal application then it is important to get the overall sequence in the right manner and considering this, react native framework is an optimal choice for the above matches. It also provides a better and responsive UI design reducing the loading time for the user.

Drawbacks of using react native framework

In a few of the cases React native app development companies find it difficult to work with the platform because in order to create the applications this framework does not allow using the native elements to the developers. It also increases the development efforts because it is not capable to use the third party libraries or other resources the project asks for incorporation at the final stages. This framework may introduce the updates for iOS but still, it does not provide the freedom to use APIs.

1. The actual native framework

With the advent of technology, a lot of frameworks are available at present for web app development or mobile app development but some of the most common among them are Android and IOS platforms. In order to develop an Android platform, you will have to use kotlin or java languages. Native application frameworks refer to architecture required to build any specific platform and it majorly includes Android or iOS as two of its incredible instances. It offers plenty of benefits like-

2. Support APIs

Not all the developers under all circumstances prefer the react-native framework for application will the brother some of them choose to build on native because it supports all the functionalities and APIs. Using this framework the developer remains independent on the external factors or any other third parties because everything which they may require for the process is accessible through the Android framework itself. Moreover, developers also free from the updates because no additional layer is provided for mapping the functionings.

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3. It has the largest community

Another benefit of the Android framework over react native is that it has support from a vast community because it is more stable. So if any issue may arise then you can take help from the third-party libraries or any other reliable resources. This framework surfaced since the beginning or app Development industry which makes it easy to understand. Developers in their whole journey had really not faced any shortcomings or difficulties with their features or architecture. There is another reason that some of the latest frameworks are not capable to support all the functions or types hence it becomes essential to have the knowledge of the native framework.

4. It is easy to check for errors

Being the simplest and reliable platform Android frameworks make it easier for the developer community to check or detect any hidden segments or errors which they might have missed earlier. Strict languages are those native languages that developers used for application store on Play store and as all of these languages including Kotlin and Swift are strict, it is rare to face any problems with it. As compared to other codes and languages you will even find it easier to learn.

Drawbacks of using the Android platform

The most acknowledged disadvantage of using the Android platform is that it can be used for only a specific platform and has no functioning of reusability. This means that if you choose to build an application in an active platform then you will also have to build it for separate applications so that you can work for Android as well as iOS if required. Here it is important to understand that both of these platforms are different from each other and no quotes all programs can be shared between them. Even a backend which is a large segment of applications offers the same for Android as well as iOS.

How should I make a decision?

React Native framework has some significant advantages to offer to the developers especially when the application is expected to work on both platforms, you are running out of time or you have a tight budget. It is an optimal choice if the developers have adequate experience in web application development or if a simple application is required. Android framework is another preferred choice for a large developer community also an understanding with native language and APIs are required even when working with react native platform. This directs the developers as a beginner to learn the native application framework first.

Let us have a glimpse of their utilities,

  • React native asks to write code once and can be used everywhere on the other hand Android does not provide such fancy
  • react-native has a great influence over web development on the other hand Android platform has none
  • The react-native platform has the largest community and offers reusable components and functions on the other hand native or Android framework has a comparatively smaller community
  • React-native is capable of strong acceptance and offers maximum support on the other hand Android platform has the minimum support
  • Considering the long term perspectives react native is better than Android

When to choose Android app development

It may be a good choice to prefer native application development or Custom Android application development for your projects when you are about to build a complex application and you have planned to launch frequent updates. It is also suggested to the developers if there are more focused on the native experience or building an IoT based mobile application. If you are creating the application for any specific platform then you can go with native app development.

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When to select react native app development

It is a good choice to build an application react native application development framework when you have planned to build a single and uniform application and you want to launch it on cross platforms. It is also suggested when you are running out of budget and you want to hit the industry at the earliest. If you are planning to build an E-Commerce application for social media applications then you can look forward to this platform.

Even after comparing every dimension the decision to choose any one of them still resists with the developer.

Why react native application is perfect for startups

To give you a deep understanding and clarity with this framework let's look into multiple challenges which startups or developer community might face. Hiring react native developer is a prudent strategy forward because it is the future. Let's know how technology can be a perfect solution,

  • As it is a newbie most industries fail to understand the target audience for the market to target for securing the highest ROI.
  • This platform is a perfect solution for the companies not capable to hire multiple development teams for their project development. Fewer individuals can get the project right by investing limited efforts
  • The best advantage of react-native famous is that it is inexpensive as compared to Android.

The bottom line

According to the statistics, there are around 85% of real business industries getting benefit from react native framework because it helps to increase project development time by up to 40%. We have carefully seen the advantages and disadvantages of both the frameworks where the react-native framework is most suitable it is beneficial for plenty of reasons targeting to build the application for any specific or individual platform.

If you are concerned with developing a general or simple application for an individual platform advised to use the Android platform for such projects. As development with the Android platform will take too much time hence if you have tight time schedules then you can prefer a react-native platform for building the application. If you have a better understanding of both the real native framework and react native framework then you can accept that both of them are two shores building an application and until you are sure to proceed with anyone it may create a lot of confusion with the framework.