Best way to implement a ticketing system with SharePoint

Best way to implement a ticketing system with SharePoint

In the year 2001, the Microsoft app Development Company developed a web-based platform.

It was basically storage management and document arrangement system. The Microsoft integrated product has high configuration and usually varies among different organizations. The sole purpose of introducing a ticketing system is to solve the problems of the users and not creating new ones. This is one of the major factors that many enterprise companies do not introduce new software systems to improvise the ticketing system.

According to the SharePoint app development companies, the fear that the new software will not be compatible to work prevents them from doing so. However, with the advancement of technology, the companies can develop their own software system and do not have to worry about the compatibility anymore. Therefore, there is no sign of buying a system from another party and then implementing it to the company system. The process of building the very own software system is easy and affordable. The best platform for such a system in SharePoint. More than 500 successful companies use SharePoint the management purposes of the company like the document management, project management, and employee team works, etc. it is one of the main reason that SharePoint is famous for content management and is the best collaboration platform for managing ticketing system. SharePoint helps the enterprise companies to build the exact needs of the company in one software system for the requirements of the different departments of the company.

Ways to implement a ticketing system with SharePoint

Usually, when a SharePoint app development company develops a ticketing system from SharePoint, the customized version provides vigorous ticketing to the business. There are two types of ticketing implementation of SharePoint in a company which is entirely based on the time and effort one needs to implement in it. The two types of SharePoint ticketing and its benefits are as follows.

1. Slight customization

As per the Microsoft app Development companies, this type of customization is usually used in the HR or IT sectors. It is usually an easy customization process and can be done within very less time with no effort. However, technical skills are required to control the functions of the software system. It takes more than an admin to handle the complex and new features of SharePoint.

The benefits of slight customization SharePoint ticketing system are simple. The system offers request forms that contain the name of the requestor, contact number, location, department, etc. along with request title, type, category, and due date. It also attaches any kind of files or a signature. The requestor is automatically tagged while receiving a request approval. It prioritizes and creates anonymous tickets. It helps o organize the groups into new, old and resolved. It also changes and chooses the theme and color for branding. The system can also change logos and store data to analyze common issues.

2. Deep customization

As per the wallet app development the highly regulated domains like law, finance, etc use deep customization for their software ticketing system. A deep customization ticketing system helps to gather tickets through emails. The screenshots are allowed to be incorporated in the forms as it can generate duplicate and modified tickets for creating new ones. It also assigns issues related to ticketing automatically and directly to the operators and keeps a track of the ticket execution, and tagging watchers.

It helps to reassign, merge and print the tickets in PDF form with such a system. Deep customization is great with the notification system and templates like creating tickets, assigning them and replying. It also generates automated replies about the tickets, changes and user replies. The deep customization allows the software to integrate information from other intranet sources. Software like Zoho, Hubspot, and others helps to extract the customer information and notify them of the ticketing and the other information related to it. The integration of SharePoint ticketing system with asset management system helps to print tickets, check the cost of them and provides a description from the catalog.

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Benefits of SharePoint Ticketing system

Other than the customized software development services system, SharePoint also provides the customers with ready-made tools. There are various advantages and limitations for both kinds of systems that a company chooses. Some of the benefits of integrating SharePoint ticketing system in the enterprise company are listed below.

  • There are many people that already use SharePoint or Office 365 and are familiar with the ticketing system.
  • The SharePoint software system has amazing customization qualities and is highly integrating that allows the customers and the company to adapt the process of ticketing as per the needs of the customer.
  • Since it is an integrated product of Microsoft, SharePoint is easy to use.
  • As per the wallet app development software, the system can be available in any kind of device which helps the company to be available 24/7.
  • Data encryption, multi-layered authentication, user permission, and other factors provide high security to the system.
  • Approval, notifications, request, and email alerts are all a result of automated workflow.
  • The subscription plans are very low which makes it affordable.


As per the software development services, SharePoint ticketing system can become a huge benefit to many enterprises that already use Office 365. Since it is affordable and is available both in a ready-made version and a customized one. The companies can afford the system and upgrade their ticketing system. SharePoint not only helps them to develop their software system and security but also helps the companies to avoid third parties in their business. With the help desk ticketing system, a company can largely benefit with automated workflow and customer friendly environment.