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Check out our research on Zoho Creator Vs. Sharepoint

One of the most daunting questions comes when Sharepoint and Zoho Creator are placed opposite to each other.

It might not be an issue for the Sharepoint app development but the point is that there are many people that are unaware of different benefits that this has for us. From their performance to quality, they both are different than each other. So, let us get a deep idea on both the technologies.


It is one of the most collaboration that is done on the based on the web. In addition to this, it is a Microsoft product that is mainly for the storage system and document management. However, the organization uses it for a number of reasons with high configuration. As per the analyzed data of Microsoft, there are 20,000 organization and 190 million users in whole. There are different functions that are counted in this system for various editions such as:

1. Sharepoint Server

The asp .net development services seek help from Sharepoint Server for the design and behavior. On the IT infrastructure, the product is installed that helps in getting a number of updates that gives customized capabilities and a wide range of features. In addition to this, the system has a different edition that is used by companies such as Enterprise, Standard and Foundation. They are also used as hosted services and cloud or virtual services.

2. Sharepoint online

The dot net development company is widely dependent on it with the involvement of subscription of Microsoft Office 365. This can be purchased by an individual for more benefits that don’t require a single server. However, it doesn’t have the customization option in the system that is used in the self-hosted installation.

Zoho Creator

Zoho is one of the most famous tools in the software design company that is used by developers. To get a brief on this tool, Zoho is a database builder that is used in online mode. In addition to this, the overall interface is of a great interface that allows drag and drop. The custom application can easily be developed due to this addition as per the data collection, configuration of business rules and workflow definition. This offer uniqueness to a business in terms of database applications.

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Even the Sharepoint app development is famous along with Zoho due to its additional features. Let us follow it one by one to get a better insight into data and development.

1. Form elements

It is easy to add on form elements that are used to build the databases and even a table that can be used for form. There are different fields that can be created for the form as per the description that makes it easy to work with. It can also collect data from Spreadsheet and file. This import is done as per the requirement listed by the asp .net development services.

2. Field

The fieldwork can also be done by the developers on different aspects such as data validation, rules, and action of field, configuring field action, selecting the field, etc. The customer code can be added with these types of fields that can easily manipulate data based on their input. There is also a Workflow tab that can be used for the editing purpose for notification, messages, setting links for the destination, etc.

Difference between Zoho Creator and Sharepoint

Now, since with knowing about Sharepoint and Zoho Creator, it will be easy to understand their differences. The dot net development company has listed up the most accurate and to-the-point difference for both the platforms.

Zoho Creator


The Zoho creator has features of drag and drops elements that makes it favorite for developers.

It gives access to a number of services that can be availed by users.

The forms that are created with the help of Zoho Creator are responsive.

They help in easily customizing the parts of the web along with compliance workflow.

It can be used for recording summaries and also to work on email campaigns.

It uses so many libraries that makes it extremely useful and even have encrypted connections.

The analysis of these files can be done easily with the help of sheet format.

The data can be saved with proper management flow that can support large files.

The overall integration is easy with the software and websites can be done accurately.

The support to the mobile application is remarkable that makes it ideal to work with.

The integration of Zoho Creator can be done on a number of platforms such as Zoho CRM, Campaigns, books, docs, etc.

The integration can be done on the business intelligence platforms, ERP, CRM, enterprise applications, etc.

It supports Android, Window, Mac, iPad, iPhone web, etc.

It can easily support iPad, iPhone, web-based and Mac.


The software design company works on these types of platform on the basis of these difference. Both of the platforms offer something good and adds value to the system. However, it depends on the requirement of developers that made them opt for the one.