Features To Develop Storytelling App For The Travel Industry

Features To Develop Storytelling App For The Travel Industry

The sphere of tourism has become refreshing and one of the highest revenue-generating business sectors including the basic components of Travel application development like insurance companies, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and so on.

There were the days when people used to rely on the localities or other mediums to access the routes while they are traveling but at present, no one can compromise when it comes to High-quality Services while traveling.

Smartphones have become the most required thing for people globally and we cannot imagine a single hour of our day without the device. The importance of having mobile applications entirely depends upon the requirement of its user. Storytelling is an integral part of the strategy in the tour and travel industry for the promotion of destination branding online. For example, imagine we are planning for a trip, what is the first thing we will do? We will Google Search everything that comes to our mind. While searching through some options we might have often seen a situation where few platforms do not have adequate designing or features. Around 58% of users said that they will never recommend a particular website having poor design and structure to other travelers. The travelers of the present era believe a lot in mobile applications that can ease the journey and give them absolute experience.

On-demand app development in the traveling industry

Every now and then smartphones are giving a tough challenge to replace the laptops. Be it shopping online or having your favorite meal at the restaurant, the involvement of mobile phones is appealing. You might be thinking that mobile applications are overestimated but actually they truly shine when you are traveling.

Let us follow the statistics more:

  • In the year 2009, the global downloads crossed 2.5 billion
  • In the year 2011, it significantly crosses 3.2 billion
  • With the same growth rate, we can expect it to cross 10 billion by the year 2021

If your business platform is somehow connected to the segment and for any reason, you still do not have a reliable mobile application then now is the time to think about such and to bring any Travel app development company in the picture. Such companies cover a large number of benefits for retailers as well as travel companies by serving the boost in sales along with improving the quality of services. You can trust for sure to attract a large number of potential clients to your platform by offering them brand value and loyalty in return. Some of the essential features which are included in mobile applications for traveling are:

  • Google maps or Apple maps
  • Traveling planners
  • Applications to show you the nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Applications to easily book The desired restaurants, hotels or tickets to the places you are going
  • To find special services during the time of need

The golden rule to get ahead of the competition and meeting all of your competitors is to launch a perfectly suitable traveling application. You can even give preferences to Custom mobile application development so that no compromise is being made from your end. We cannot simply talk about the fact that everyone at present on a smartphone and half of the travelers insists on pre-planning their trip with them.

Features that make Travel application development successful

The involvement of the digital world and technology is evident in every corner of the world and the travel and tourism sector has also not been left behind. Such applications have easily replaced the old order with the latest amenities and travel companies at present are monetizing on this boom to hire the best Travel app development company in order to grow their business.

It is obsolete to say that manual bookings and travel agencies do not work together as they used to do earlier. Following the statistics, it can be believed that travel mobile applications rank 5 in the most downloaded application category. Below mention some of the features which play an incredible role in travel Cross-platform app development. These pictures also guarantee the success rate of apps.

Intelligent booking

The system allows travelers from all places to perform plenty of functions including the price comparison, timely alerts, setting up reminders, latest updates, save further bookings, categorization of the services and so on. Any travel mobile application must definitely have an intelligent booking system. It is an all-in-one solution that can easily fit into the routine of anyone. It's intelligent algorithms make sure to deliver a top-notch experience to the users.

Search engine optimization

An efficient SEO is capable to direct the users in an accurate direction every time they ask for the inputs. This guide is adequate to help the travel agencies on behalf of the users to acknowledge every strategic movement. Moreover, applications that are optimized for SEO also accelerate the User experience by providing multiple local suggestions and it is also served to the best travel preferences and locations. We can understand this with reference travelers looking for adventure might willingly visit certain locations that can deliver thrilling experiences to them. If they are looking for some exotic destinations to visit then they can just type and get almost everything related to the place on the app.

It might seem straightforward to you but actually the presence of a stable social media presence and seamless designing allows the coverage application. It also makes sure that everything which is required by the user is available conveniently to them and so is the utility of SEO.

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Personal account for social media sharing

Providing this option in your application you can convert the benefits for you as well as the traveler. The tourist can easily sign in to the account and can share their reviews and some pictures as their memorable experience while traveling. On the other hand just like a traditional promoting medium, it will allow other users to gain insight and build personalized deals.

Emergency services

It is mostly seen with travelers that any emergency situation may arise when they are in different locations of the time frame. Hence an application must provide some emergency contact numbers and services based upon the requirements to the user so that they can easily deal with the situation without any loss.

In-app language translator

This is again one of the most incredible features which are traveling app must definitely possess. Although it might be tricky to implement if it is done properly then there are hired chances that the application will become everyone's favorite within no time. In its absence, users might have used Google translator because what if someone is traveling to a distant location and not familiar with the regional languages. Hence it is absolutely essential for the travel app development companies to consider this feature to enhance the User experience.

Currency converter

We all know how different currencies could be and without any preparation, the trip can go down easily. in order to understand the fluctuations of currency, it is extremely important to have an application so that you can predict for the charges and track all the transactions made by you.

In-app booking capabilities for a cab

In the last few years, On demand app development has also leveraged the overall efficiencies of travel mobile applications. They assist the users to easily book the flight, train, nearest reliable transport, hotels, cabs and so on with just a few simple clicks. You do not have to move a lot on the application and booking can be done using the exact location along with displaying the estimated price and arrival time of the cab. By giving additional information like registration number, contact details for the driver, model and color of the car, etc it also expands the overall scope of travel Custom mobile application development in the big picture. Adding more to its efficiencies the feature of security will give it a perfect touch of safe travel.

Geolocation features

Whenever travelers visit new places or new countries the first thing that appears in their mind is to know everything about their surroundings so that they can better understand the place. This includes everything from the clubs and resorts to shopping and staying. In order to fulfill all such requirements, the feature of geological locations is helpful. This feature also helps the user get around comfortably without getting stressed about missing or getting lost in the new place. Geolocation features are extremely important for travelers who are visiting a place they have never really visited before.

Weather forecasting

The feature of real-time climate forecasting helps the travelers to reply and their schedules and make timely bookings for the flights or hotels. It can also help them pack the necessary stuff like food, clothes, medicines, electronics and so on. There are a large number of applications that are suitable for different locations, regions, countries or vacation types. Some applications even go beyond the futuristic approach like they also help the users with temperature, humidity rate, hurricane forecaster and a lot more.

Streamlining transactions

Providing better transaction assistance includes everything from providing detailed information to the clients to the confirmation and its utility is beyond going entirely paperless. Most of the Cross platform app development providers streamlined the transaction modes to offer straightforward assistance to travelers. This feature not only reduces the requirement of companies to provide hard copies of every document but it also reduces the unnecessary requirement of the resources to complete the transactions. by including this feature in the application users will get a more comfortable and refreshing end from the application owner.

Why there is a need to use such applications

In the last few years, the travel industry has grown exponentially where mobile applications have given a new direction to the same. It gives enriched user experience along with a large number of facilities in the travel industry. You will be amazed to know that in the year 2017 the contribution of travel and tourism to the GDP was around 2,580 USD and it is expected to grow by 4% in the coming few years. There are several other facts and figures which go beyond the doubt quotient to direct that the travel industry has been prospering. Travel applications have become the most economical and optimal way to profits.

Ease with payment

A large number of mobile applications make it easy for users to finish the transactions very easily with just a few clicks. For this purpose, they even offer a one-stop facility through which they can manage, pay or book any transactions at the platform without worrying about the paperwork.

Explore the destination

It is exciting for every traveler to pre-plan their trip or to have a glimpse of the places which are on their schedule to visit before they get there. Most of the applications provide real-life images of the destination with reviews and ratings for the users. It enables them to get true insights into the place and customize their trip accordingly.

Attractive discounts

This is one of the most advantageous features of mobile applications because there are thousands of applications competing with each other to have a larger audience. Hence there are always some discounts or incentives available on every platform whenever you use such applications. The range of these discounts may include airfare, hotel bookings, additional trips, complimentary food services and so on.

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As the travel mobile applications provide instant information regarding the services it is easy for travelers to plan for any day without asking for frequent consultations. Add more to it automation also includes multiple operations like booking, billing, advising and a limited amount of time and resources.

Nobody forgets a smartphone

Imagine if you are traveling and you just get a thought that you forgot to keep your favorite footwear, tickets, essential medicines, eatables, maps and so on but it is hardly possible that you might have forgotten your smartphone at home. Hence it is the only guarantee during traveling that you won't meet any difficulty because you have a soft copy of almost everything. And as everyone has enough knowledge with the application store it is possible to download plenty of traveling applications so that you are journey can get much better.

How will I win over?

The travelers are always in a search of an ideal application which is extremely easy to understand for every age group and convenient to use. it is also expected from such applications to be more comfortable and also allow the people to join or communicate with each other with third parties or other companies. This enables the application to be extremely helpful in reducing the nervousness of travelers. There are some additional tips which as an application owner you can consider to make your application more attractive for the tourist and eventually counting on more profits:

  • Always make sure that you know properly about your targeted audience. You can also build an image of the users and can work accordingly to provide them a personalized experience. For example, if you are dealing with executives or entrepreneurs you can launch an application that supports business trips. You can also include some favorable tickets, hotel booking options, airport check-ins and so on.

  • You can make the application extremely easy and user-friendly where the most significant feature is to search for the best offers which are available and to book them instantly. The process for registration must not be extremely long and make sure that the user can sum it up in a few clicks.
  • You can enable the travelers to share their feedback or reviews with you and for this, you can provide an embedded button into the application to bring them directly on the interface to leave their comments and ratings. Through this function, you will understand the audience better and specifically considering their requirements.
  • You can be in touch with travelers and make sure to treat them occasionally.
  • It is extremely important to make your application perform extremely well without an internet connection or make it offline friendly. Because not every destination has a faster internet connection and whatever the user is trapped to any such location where your application is of no use to him. It will be the biggest advantage for the traveler if the application we can work absolutely well even if the mobile network is off.
  • You can try to integrate some social media platforms to your application so that it can attract a large number of audiences towards it.

The bottom line

Popularity for travel mobile applications is rising at the moment and if your goal is to launch one such application for your platform then you can easily get your idea for a large number of travelers. At the first stage of your project build up all you need is absolute business expertise so that you can easily analyze the market, your competitors and the potential scope. Once it is done you have to give huge concern to the positioning and brand value of your application so that it can attract most users. This type of application opens a new variety in the travel industry where the business platforms are growing and getting better every day.