Google Maps Get New Updates To Help You Better In Transit Ride.

Google Maps Get New Updates To Help You Better In Transit Ride.

Google Maps is a web mapping service that was developed by Google in the year 2004 and launched with further modifications in the year 2005.

It began as a desktop program at Where 2 technologies with the help of C++ and launched by Google and Google converted it into a web application later. Its front end is programmed with JavaScript, XML, and Ajax. It is the most widely used mapping service in the whole world as it offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, 360-degree view of streets, street photography, route planning and real traffic conditions of all possible ways for roadways like by foot, car, bicycle, motorbikes, and other four-wheelers.

Google Maps are more efficient and more used by people than other mapping applications because they provide API, abbreviated as application programming interface with the help of which it can be embedded into third-party websites. Thus it also widely used by business and commercial websites.

Google Maps Satellite view

Google Maps satellite view is a “bird’s eye” view which absorbs all the details of a particular area and extracts all the possible information from it. It provides high-resolution images of areas making it easier to detect and locate. Unlike the past, google maps are now possible to show the three-dimensional view of things and areas successfully, The web application for Google Maps was launched in September 2008 in the form of both Android and iOS applications and it proved to be a great success in mobile application development company.

In 2013, Google Maps became the most widely used application program in the whole world with almost 54% of the global mobile phone users downloading and using it at least once. It introduced GPS (Global Positioning System) which gave the maps great accuracy and thus became the reason for the boom of this application program in the landscape of web and technology development. Since then, it has been updating itself to meet user requirements and covering all the loopholes by gaining accuracy with the help of the latest technologies, especially artificial intelligence.

There are several areas on which google maps on currently focussed which may help in gaining a 100% accuracy rate of the application. Some of them are :

  • Giving less confusing and exact directions.
  • Easy transit
  • Better street view
  • Improvement in detecting real-time traffic conditions
  • Imagery improvement by introducing 45-degree imagery
  • Accuracy while business listings
  • Indoor maps
  • Hassle-free custom maps

Some features which did not meet the requirements of the users were discontinued in the past years too. Some of them were Google latitude, Google Map Maker, etc.

Recent Updates

In the recent updates, Google Maps introduced some of the exciting and amazing features which will ease the application program in every way providing a joyful as well as informative experience to the user. The updates are totally user-friendly and compatible with both iPhone application development as well as android app development company. Google Maps were last updated in May 2019 which got many positive responses from the users all over the world.

The updates are available for download at different times in different regions.

Some of the features of the update are :

1. Use of artificial intelligence for street view

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the imitation of the human brain and intelligence processed by machines and to learn and work accordingly by past experience of algorithms and processes.

Google is all focussed on using artificial intelligence for a street view to provide real-time experience and to lessen the confusion caused while using the application. It is planning to use VPS (Visual Positioning System) instead of GPS which will use augmented reality to produce images and provide desired results. Augmented reality is being used by many of the companies like snapchat and Google is planning to use the same.

2. Customized map usage

Google focuses on removing the garbage results and to provide what the user needs. Thus in google maps, ‘For You’ facility has been added which customizes the results according to the user and provides the result of all prominent things that are around the place which is searched like petrol pumps, shopping malls, eateries, and all the other fundamental human utility areas.

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3. Virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence

Google Maps has also an ‘Explore’ tab which guides the user as a virtual assistant and gives all the necessary information regarding the area or the particular place which is searched including all the cafes, restaurants listed under the ‘foodie’ section, all the trending and happening places under the ‘trending’ section and much more.

4. Personalized Matches

Google Maps detects the things that are liked to be done or the places that the user goes frequently. The matches the user gets are personalized according to that. It also pops up when an event of the user’s interest in going to happen in that area. Basically, it holds the records of all the past records and shows results according to it.

5. Planning of group activities with contacts

It is easier to plan group activities with friends, families or loved ones as now, with the help of Google Maps, one can produce a shareable list of places, areas or particular geographical locations and then share it on any social media platform or by messaging service too with contacts.

Thus, Google Maps has brought many interesting updates solely based on the application areas of artificial intelligence. The upcoming update is about to come in August 2019, available on Android as well as ios app development store and the users are already eyeing upon what next is going to happen!