How A Political Party To Utilize Blockchain Technology To Conduct An Election?

How A Political Party To Utilize Blockchain Technology To Conduct An Election?

In the last few years, democracy around the world has been shaken to the core with elections getting rigged, people being manipulated through digital platforms and profiles being hacked and sold.

The lack of transparency in the election whether it is in the UK, the EU, the USA or India has become a major concern.

The failure of the security system in an election where the political parties are restoring to means that are unlawful with the help of wealthy investors and corporations is a worry for the general population.

With democracy under attack where Russia’s Vladimir Putin runs unopposed with state employees casting multiple votes to swell the statistics of voter turnout. Chain's Xi Jinping declares himself to be the president for life, Donald Trump wins the election with the lowest number of popular votes the list is endless. We are all looking towards pseudo-democracies in places like Poland, Hungary, Egypt, Turkey, Colombia, Venezuela, Philippines to name a few.

According to a report by Freedom House, 27 countries ended its democracy between 2000 and 2015, and the number is rising with 71 countries on the verge of ending their political freedom. As a result of these voters of the existing democratic countries are looking for ways and technologies that can enhance the effectiveness of the election procedure. Reduce the improper ways that political parties are deploying their tactics to stay in power.

Blockchain and Democracy

We are in the digital era and it would be foolish not to utilize it. So while Electronic Voting Machines were once a step towards using technology for the betterment of democracy now it is time to reconsider that technology again and replace with Blockchain development services.

Blockchain technology is the trending technologies in the market that is touted to be one of the safest. According to experts it will cut down on the election costs, fee up exchequer money that can be used for more critical purposes like healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

Despite blockchain being criticized recently for the soaring estimation of the digital forms of money, technologists, and blockchain pundits believe that the technology has the capacity to change the existing vulnerable state of democracy. Blockchain experts believe that with the help of blockchain app development company, they will be able to establish ‘liquid democracy’. The term means a way to bridge the gap that exists between the citizens and their representatives. With the use of blockchain technology, the representatives elected by the people will be made more responsible towards the voters by making the voting system more transparent hence accountable.

Elections around the world have been criticized for wrongdoings, and with the help of mobile app development services that work on the blockchain can create decentralized innovation that has the capacity to change the present as well as future of the political mechanisms.

Before we further into the details of how blockchain can be utilized by the political parties for election let’s have a brief overview of blockchain as a technology.

What Is Blockchain?

While blockchain is accessible to all and the blocks of information are stored in a distributed database instead of a single place so it cannot be controlled by a single entity. Since the blockchain technology has an ecosystem that is self-auditing and transparent, every transaction is incorruptible and reconciles at an interval of every ten minutes. Also, because there is no centralized version, it is impossible for a hacker to access and corrupt it.

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Why Use Blockchain Technology For Election?

Many companies in the finance sector it using Blockchain for its security features, so is the healthcare system. While for quite sometime blockchain was considered for election, West Virginia, USA became the first state to use the blockchain technology for its internet voting during the primary election.

Though the number of voters for this platform was small, the aim was to test the technology. However, there is no immediate plan to implement the technology on a larger scale. Once states decide to implement the technology the demand for blockchain app development companies will be on the rise.

For voting the idea of using blockchain should be considered seriously and soon by the political parties and not use it as an experiment anymore. With blockchain technology, mobile voting is safe and with the tested interface it will not only remove voter fraud but also increase the voting turnout. If and when political parties plan to use blockchain technology for election and use mobile for voting Android application development company that offers blockchain services.

Blockchain technology will also allow voters living aboard to cast their vote with mobile voting services, which will be more convenient. Furthermore, it will be helpful for the election commission too as since with the technology they will be able to maintain a transparent election process while streamlining the process of counting the votes. It will also ensure that all the votes are counted.

Blockchain development services that developed the application for West Virginia election the voter’s had to verify their identity by using biometric tools such as thumbprint scan on their mobile device before they were able to cast their vote. In blockchain technology, each of the votes is part of a chain of votes that is later a third party participant mathematically validates it. Also, while maintaining the anonymity of the voters the voting records and the election process is recorded in a publicly verifiable ledger that can be accessed instantly on request.

With the open-source blockchain process, the voting platform not only becomes transparent allowing any citizen or agency to audit it but also improves the security. It will also ensure foolproof election process.

A political party can ensure these three benefits to the voters with the blockchain technology:

  1. Voters can cast their vote from anywhere without having to wait in a long queue.
  2. Assurance that their votes are recorded properly.
  3. Ensure that their votes are not tampered with and the process is absolutely secure.

Blockchain is definitely the future of voting because of the array of benefits it offers. However, before it can become a viable option and mobile app development services queue up with quotations to develop the election app with blockchain technology it needs to be implemented and make it available around the world to people from every corner.

With many nations considering it now and already being used by few thankfully, the blockchain technology will save democracy from the downhill spiral that we are witnessing currently. Android application development companies can hopefully take the charge to develop election apps with blockchain technology.