How can artificial intelligence drive your business better?

How can artificial intelligence drive your business better?

Artificial Intelligence technology or better known as AI technology has been significantly growing across the globe.

Ten years back when AI was thought to be a futuristic technology, no marketer thought that it would influence the world at such a pace and find its place as one of the most important technology advancements within such a short span of time.

But, times have changed, AI-based solutions have come into the picture and are flourishing. Artificial Intelligence is no more a hypothetical concept or a thing of future, but it has become as popular as mobile app development and it is not just the businesses, but the end consumers are leveraging the perks of Artificial Intelligence technology.

AI has influenced almost all major sectors of the business world, this includes the retail sector, real estate industry, finance sector, automobile industry, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, fleet management, marketing and the IT sector. Artificial Intelligence as we know is a technology where smart systems can act as an artificial brain based on the smart machine learning algorithm that is integrated with it.

With the addition of technologies like Big Data and Cloud Computing the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence apps have increased and now owing to the structured data segregation through data science, better and more precise machine learning algorithms can be created. This has added to more prompt and reliable AI app solutions for businesses as well as end-users.

Be it the addition of predictive maintenance solutions and autonomous manufacturing solutions in the manufacturing department, addition of remote fleet management solutions in transportation sector, autonomous driving solutions and driver’s assistance in automobile sector, personalised user-based advertising in marketing sector, or introduction of voice assistants in the IT sector, AI-based solutions are surely transforming the business sector for better. And with the constant research going in the sector, AI technology will be adding more to the digital world. So, let us take a look at how Artificial Intelligence development solutions are transforming the business sector:

How AI is Influencing the IT Sector:

  • Voice Assistance Technology

Voice assistance technology has been one of the most popular developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The technology has not only modified the business sector but with the launch of products like Alexa and Google Home, end-users are able to leverage the voice search technology. The voice assistance devices are able to predict the mood of the user and react accordingly, with this the accuracy of these devices have been remarkable.

The voice assistance technology has also transformed the IT sector at a great level, it has changed the way users interact with technology and how marketers need to pitch to users. Whether it is optimising for voice search or changing your website design and content for voice-based queries, it has also transformed the digital landscape. Same is the case with social media, which is adapting the artificial intelligence technology at a rapid pace. Owing to the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence solutions, businesses are now looking for custom web development services that are well-optimised for voice search and assistance. 75% of the respondents refer to voice search as the Next Big Thing and AI will surely get a boom in the coming years.

  • The Growth of IoT

IoT or Internet of Things has been one of the greatest names in the field of futuristic technologies, the technology that involves a network of connected machines through sensors and actuators needs the assistance of AI-based solutions to grow in various sectors, and undoubtedly AI has been a great help.

The use of IoT applications in the field of analysis requires the use of AI and here is where machine learning algorithms play a great part in making the internet of things an efficient technology. IoT and AI-based application in the IT sector has been increasing considerably, the direct use of AI for IoT solutions was 15% in the year 2018 and it is about to grow up to 30% by the end of 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020.

How AI-based Solutions are Transforming The Marketing Sector:

  • Offering Impressive Customer Support

One of the main influences of AI technology is in the field of customer services. Today AI based solutions in coordination with the Big Data technology is working in making customer services more efficient and personalised. This is aimed towards increasing customer loyalty and giving rise to improved regular revenue for businesses.

Marketers today tyr to analyse the customer needs and their needs for services, one such sector is insurance where marketers can analyse customer data and AI can help predict when a customer might be looking for insurance service provider and the marketers can pitch them the best insurance at the right time. With improved customer services, customer loyalty is surely going to boost, thanks to Big Data and AI.

  • Developing Personalised Marketing Strategies

Unlike the traditional approach of marketing, where businesses used to pitch their services without having a thorough idea of customers needs, Artificial Intelligence development solutions have made personalised marketing possible. Today, with the chatbots and other lead capturing tools and cookie information capturing tools, businesses are able to get hold of important customer data and with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology, the buying habits of the customers can be analysed along with other essential information to get a better reach to the right audience.

This helps in pitching most relevant business offerings to a customer based on his interest and buying habits, thus making conversions possible. In coordination with data science, beacon, and location-based targeting, the AI technology has taken marketing to an all-new different level of expertise and it is further optimising for accuracy and real-time marketing goals. Automated marketing has already come into the picture and it is surely going to transform the future of marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Development Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry:

  • Predictive Maintenance

One of the most popular uses of AI technology in coordination with IoT and cloud computing in the manufacturing department in predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance technology has changed the way the maintenance part works in various big manufacturing units. With the use of IoT, sensor-based technology and artificial intelligence solutions, sensors are able to regularly check for the machine health and the status of various elements of the machine, based on this information they can predict if a machine requires maintenance early in time.

This has helped the manufacturing sector cut on the down-time of machines, improve their efficiency, and reduce the risk of collapse and health hazards. The technology of predictive maintenance is growing at a rapid pace and is set to redefine the future of manufacturing operations.

  • Autonomous Manufacturing

Autonomous manufacturing can be termed as a more efficient version of assisted manufacturing. Assisted manufacturing is the use of robots and machines to automate the process of manufacturing and it is assisted by humans. However, the newest technology that has come true as a result of AI based solutions is ‘autonomous manufacturing’.

This concept aims to reduce the use of human labour in operations that can now be assisted by AI-enabled machines. These AI-enabled machines can act as machine operators to automate the process of manufacturing and keep a check on the overall operations based on the AI or machine learning algorithm implemented in these machines. AI surely seems scary at this part, however it is referred to as the bright future of the manufacturing sector.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence In The Automobile Sector:

  • Autonomous Driving

Just as the rising use of IoT and cloud computing in the manufacturing sector, AI along with these technologies is bringing the concept of autonomous driving to life. The use of IoT on a large scale with the integration of sensors in vehicles, landmarks, and roads and artificial intelligence acting as the brain of a vehicle, autonomous driving is made possible.

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The concept of V2V (vehicle to vehicle) communications has now upgraded to V2X (vehicle to everything) and there soon will be a time in the future when science fiction movies will seem to be a dream come true. Autonomous driving will surely come to life in the future, and our future generations are going to leverage the concept.

  • Driver’s Assistance Technology

Be it voice assistance, steering assistance or screen display assistance, the concept of driving assistance has already come into the picture and end-users have started leveraging the technology. But Artificial Intelligence solutions are surely not going to stop here, with the use of IoT apps, driving assistance is building towards more efficient driving, fewer chances of accident, more informed systems, better infotainment system with better handling and altogether a smarter assistance program.

  • Remote Fleet Management

Going hand-in-hand with cloud computing technology and IoT, AI has made the concept of remote fleet management come true. Today fleet managers can use this technology to take a look at the location of their fleet, the condition of the vehicles, and the status of operations, all of it while sitting at their desk and using a smartphone. The concept of remote fleet management has surely optimised the field.

AI technology is sure to revolutionize the business world and if you are still not leveraging the perks of AI-based solutions you could not afford to be more delayed!