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How iBeacon useful in driving huge sales for retailers

You walking through a store full of shoes and suddenly attracted to those stunning red wedges. As soon as you were about to make a sale, a notification popped up that helps you claim 20% off on same wedges online. It is a clear choice of what you are going to opt for. This will change your shopping priorities and options to a great extent. There are many Retail E-commerce Solutions that are used but Beacon is something that is famous. This has managed to enhance the overall user experience with a different yet advanced form of growth.

Remittance Technology

The beacon has added up Blockchain Development Company amazingly well in the overall system. Blockchain and cyber currency bitcoins have taken over wide space in high-tech advances. The modern opportunities are changing the manner in which the amount is transferred across borders. However, every country has a different manner to showcase its structure in the remittance industry. This major change is due to different trends that are overtaking the remittance industry.

1) Rise of mobile

Digital money transfer is modified with the involvement of mobile technology. With advancement, the overall structure of remittance is taking a new turn in several locations. The number of users of mobile phone has increased around the world. However, mobile technology has made the work in remittance more secure, affordable and convenient.

2) Digitalization of money

With profound transformation running its course, money is converted into digital form. This has given new ways to customers to invest their money as per their requirements. Even in Nigeria, the advancement in such mode has increased over time. This has become an easier and efficient mode of money transfer in a secure environment.

The cross-border money transfer has helped not only on the personal level but professional as well. Companies like custom software development company are adopting remittance mode to gain security and efficiency while transferring money across borders.

Beacon Technology

The best thing about Beacon technology is that many companies are embracing it with open arms. The location proximity goes in synchronization with smartphones notifications. However, in order to get beacon alerts, it is essential to open up application over the phone. This can be about an upcoming event, promotions, discounts, reminders, etc. to get an insight to customers. The web development services work with Beacon to enhance several things such as:

1) Movement of customers in a store

When it comes to in-store and cohesive online experience then beacon is an ideal solution. It tracks the actions of customers to deliver the essential information that can allow them to make a sale. This will help in obtaining conversation rates to grab customers attention. It is a great way to work on customers attention to ensure that Retail E-commerce Solutions can have maximum sales. The customers can boost off the brand image with the persuading of purchase.

2) Discounts to customers

This mainly works up if the discounts are targeted. For instance, sports fans will love some discount on sports shoes, jerseys, and even food. A fashionista will love makeup, clothes, etc. discounts. Now, image, you are sitting at a café and ordered a cappuccino. Then you received a notification that the café down the street is giving out free snacks with a cup of coffee. Yes, beacon technology is all about it. The Blockchain Development Company is also trying to get into such technology to make it easy to pay up.

3) In-store events

Are you organizing an event or discount sales? Well, then it is time to send out invites to customers to make a purchase. The invite can be difficult but with time it is easy to adapt to things. A gift-wrapping present and even a tutorial for makeup show off a great impact. The retailer can easily work up with in-store events to alert customers to gain the best possible audience. The custom software development company works on such things to get real-time notifications to customers about any new sale or event. It is a great way to grab their attention and ensure that customers are making a sale.

4) Loyalty program

While running a business – online or offline – customer loyalty is something that can’t be achieved easily. Let us tell you a thing, while on shopping spear, a customer that are above 35 years old doesn’t give much time to their smartphones. But when it comes to youngsters then it is a whole new demographics. So, target those customers and ensure that they are updated with discounts and send out promotional activities. Just focus on the content that is generated for customers are per the activities of their products. Using hashtags are a whole new game for such users to ensure that features are all covered.


The fact is that beacon technology is something that is a great workflow for social media. It gives a steady flow to approach its advancement with customers that invest time on social media sites. The web development services work in the strategic form to get the best possible solution for the customer experience and boosting brand ambassador. So, while trying to implement a beacon language, it is best to get customer attention.