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How to Build a doctor appointment booking App Like ZocDoc

Making an appointment with doctors have been always one of the toughest jobs of all.

Development of “doctor appointment booking” apps can lead to huge reach of the audience, improve the quality of service provided and compete with the moving world as well as with fellow service providers. These kinds of apps promote interaction of patients with doctors and prevent havoc at times of emergency.

A doctor appointment booking app should be made an important part of private, public, government and pharmaceutical healthcare institutions to avoid confusion, long waiting time and doctors’ unavailability. Mobile app development services are now focussing on mobile healthcare software development and this is a branch of the same. A lot of important things should be kept in mind so that the app is interactive enough to reach more and more people.

To build a doctor appointment booking apps like popular booking app ZocDoc and other health IT solutions, there are a few features that must be kept in mind to fulfill its purpose. Some of them are as follows :

  • Doctor appointment booking facility

This is the sole reason for developing these kinds of applications. Users must be able to book any doctor’s appointment according to the date, time and convenience of both the doctor and patient. The timings of doctors and clinics must be made available for the ease of patients.

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  • Professional chat options

Facility of chatting with professionals, who are available 24*7, for any kind of confusion or external help. The apps may design a chatbot for the same which can deliver answers to common questions and pass the tougher one to the professionals for further assistance and providing solutions for problems.

  • Search bar for clinics and doctors

The home screen must comprise of a search bar which may be powered by Google or can be created individually to hold results for doctors and clinics from the patients’ all over the country. Many patients find it difficult to travel from one state to the other and then not finding the prescribed or suitable doctor because of the lack of timely appointment. This problem can also be solved by merely searching for them on the app.

  • Call a doctor or clinic

All contact information like phone number, contact email and clinic address must be made available in the application so that those patients can contact doctors or clinics who do not have any kind of reference with them. Contacting a doctor directly can help in saving time in case of emergencies.

  • Medical history for patients’ and doctors’ convenience

Patients can upload various prescriptions, X-Rays etc so that the burden of carrying files and documents with them will be reduced. Medical History can also be maintained by monitoring the appointment details and history of appointments taken with the help of the app. This will be convenient for both the patient and the doctor.

  • Family account

The functionality of adding a relative or child to the patient’s account may help the family in getting appointment easily and all the records will be saved in one device application only divided into various files which will make it easier to monitor and access. Family accounts may also help the clinic to provide an appointment for the same members of the family on the same day and at the same time interval to avoid inconvenience and wastage of time.

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  • Review system

Feedback and review are a must, whether it is about an individual’s service, a product or an application. A doctor booking appointment can do all these things under one roof. Reviews can be posted by registered patients, who have been treated, about clinics, doctors, medicines etc, which may help other patients to find a suitable doctor for them.

  • Variable payment services and payment gateways

There are plenty of payment services available nowadays and huge number of online payment options too such as internet banking, credit card, debit card, e-wallets, etc. The application must be compatible with all kinds of popular payment options and services available so that the patient may be able to do all the payment processes smoothly. The facility of paying the clinical services along with appointments may also be added so that patients can pay as per his/her comfort.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications for the availability of a searched doctor, change in timing, change in booked appointments, reminders about medicines or appointments etc can be added to provide additional comfort to the patients. So, that he/she can monitor health, finance and doctors’ status in a click. Various promotions, offers, news and new arrivals about things related to healthcare and medicines can also be provided to patients using push notifications.

  • Patient’s log

Patient’s log is a document which monitors the patient's vital and basic parameters such as blood pressure, diabetes level, pulse, blood glucose level, etc. The patient’s log can be made digital with the help of the app so that it can be used by doctors while checkups and medical examinations.

These are the few fundamental features that may be used by developers to build a successful doctor appointment booking app. There are many applications available created by iOS and android app development company, which already consist of most of these features. But, in order to stand out from the competition and become popular and successful among customers, the developer has to think about new and creative ideas.

Also, the interface made must be interactive, user-friendly and compatible with various devices. The app must be developed in such a way that it runs on both Android and iOS devices seamlessly. Also, monitoring and updating information is a must. The company must appoint a monitoring team to keep updating and providing information about doctors.

Also, a database of patients should be maintained to keep an account of registered patients and the percentage of people actually using the services of the app to define success rates. To make the app running for a longer time, a close monitoring is a must. The development of this app requires as many steps as other mobile app development services which are, planning, design, mobile app development, server development (backend programming), testing, publication in various platforms and lastly, marketing and advertising.

To provide quality health IT solutions, mobile healthcare software development companies are coming with new ideas and creations for the betterment and convenience of the health care industry.