List Of Best Apps Of 2019, According To Apple Store

List Of Best Apps Of 2019, According To Apple Store

The app store is basically a platform or a digital platform that is after all developed or maintained by Apple. In the app store, there are plenty of apps that are most often analyzed and tested before it is introduced to the users for better user feedback.

These apps can be achieved for free, or even after you paid. The mobile app development company helps in mobile application development and also verifies each app before introducing them to their platform. These apps can be achieved for free, or even after you paid.

Some of the best apps in terms of features and functions of this year. Are also listed after the feedback of the users. Also, the most used apps with amazing experience of the users make it more unique and listed in the top rankings.

Best apps for 2019 as per apple store

Some of the best apps that are introduced by the apple are as follows:

1. Specter camera app

It is one of the most top-rated apps in the app store. It uses Artificial Intelligence to create amazing images with great exposure to the camera. It also can improve the image quality and also can make it more enhancing here. The iOS application development helps in developing and enhancing the features of the app.

To capture images with long exposure is something that you really require and this app provides you that. The amount of light required for the capture it configures them all before clicking the picture.

What else you can achieve here?

You can make the crowds disappear. Often you visit tourist places where you will be getting a large amount of crowd sitting the location. So you can set your camera here with this app in a long duration that can take a shot with the less amount of crowd. The custom iOS application development provides you the opportunity to just use the app as per your configurations.

Also, the stunning AI characteristics of the app helps it to achieve certain beautiful city pictures at night time by adjusting the light effects.

You can also achieve live images and videos

Here there is also a provision with its smart computational features. It just has a great shutter speed that often takes pictures within seconds with just hundreds of frames. Which can be later achieved as a live image or a video.

It is always made its effort it being the most stabilize app. It has really made its benchmark in terms of technology. Also, machine learning and stunning camera stability make it one of the best apps.


  • Metal graphics acceleration
  • Tripod detection
  • AI stabilization of the camera
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision

2. Flow by Moleskine app

It can achieve beautiful artworks like the simple drawing, also the complex work of arts and also some notes work making it more beautiful. This all can be achieved both in your iPad & iPhone.

The android app development company has just created a virtual space where we can just draw or note anything which we want to. Also, we can use the apple pencil in case of drawing and that will just give you the same experience when you just draw in a simple paper.

This app allows users to use their features and tools with great flexibility. The user can just access this app for various purposes like the sketches, lists, notebooks, handwritten notes, recipes, diagrams and so on.

Features that it provides

  • The flow here is really smooth and it can also allow you to create the large files and that too without any interruption in between.
  • User can also create the customize drawing tool
  • Also, you add up certain customize features to make it more easy and simple. Like for example if you double-tap then the apple pencil will show up.
  • It also provides you options where you can drag your documents into the calendar to create a page that you can refer to later.
  • This app is basically a multi-task app. Also, it allows you with a split view.

3. The Explorers app

It is a great app that provides you the opportunity to love nature. Also to explore the Earth’s wonders and get stunned by the beauty of it. They have launched an academy contest that allows you to contribute the best moments of your earth’s exploring events.

They allow all the photographers may be a professional one or an amateur one. Also students and their families and the citizens of that particular place. Only what you need to do is to upload the best photo or any video you have and then you can just go for an adventure trip to Peru with their team.

What do you get to achieve here?

  • You can just visit places in different locations
  • You will be able to know more if you keep following this app. Like they give several identifications to several new things that are interesting like of any discoveries, or stories and animals & plants species.
  • They have also given you access to have a direct chat with their team or the explorer through private messages
  • The picture can achieve every minute details even when it is zoomed
  • You can keep experiencing all this without any issue and that too free of advertisement

4. Tayasui sketches

This is an incredible app created by the mobile application development company that helps you in developing an excellent piece of art and drawings. The tools that are given here helps you to make the most possibilities to make the finest work of art.

It is one of the flexible and smooth running, very user-friendly apps for users. Also, you can store your work in the clouds that help you sync your files.

Features that it provides

  • You can just import photos here
  • It has several multiple tools for your car
  • The tools and the services that it provides like the painting brushes it is very realistic
  • Also consists of the color eyedropper

5. Noisy book

This app just makes your reading more fascinating. It just makes your reading very interesting. It is enabled with lovely sound effects also a very beautiful transcription.

This app is really cool during bedtimes because at that time our mind stays curious and also for the little kids who love to hear stories during their bedtime.

Because kids at their young age want to sleep with a fascinating story. In that case, if a story gets more interesting with those special features in this app.

Features provided here

  • It has multiple sound effects
  • This app just works and can be accessed using any books or story just of your own creation
  • Also, there are sounds that help in the virtual recognition of something that you want to address like an animal, whether or say vehicles
  • Also, the stories that you already prepared that can be accessed back anytime and anywhere
  • The machine learning technique that is used here.

6. Anchor app

This is really a great experience to use their services. It allows you to create podcasts. The custom iPhone application development helps in developing such a mobile app with quality features. This provides you a platform where you can create and also can host several multiple numbers of episodes. Also, you distribute your work everywhere and that too is really simple just by tapping your fingers twice.

Your work can be served anywhere like Spotify or the Apple podcasts. These are the platforms that people most frequently visit to listen to something. So yes your work will have a number of clicks. Also, it allows for preparing a very good analysis of your work with its cross-platform analytics.

How to prepare your podcasts?

  • Here you are able to record your podcasts and from anywhere.
  • You can join with your co-hosts and guests no matter how far is the distance you can make a collaboration still from distance here
  • Also, you can use background tracks from the already existing huge audio library that they acquire already
  • You can also trim your or edit your recordings as your choice and can use the tools here to perform such tasks very smoothly
  • Also, you can collect all the voice messages from all your listeners and then just put it into your episodes

7. Steller app

This app is a fascinating app that just tells you about different experienced stories all real by the visitors exploring many different places in their life. Whenever you just visit someplace it is obviously a thing to always remember.

But you also feel to share your experience with as many people as you want to. But to find such platforms where you just can write and also make it more desirable to view for the readers is all upon you. You just can write all your experience on your website provided to you.

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All the beautiful locations like the cities or the mountains or any riverside that you have visited. Also, the way you felt being present at that time at that location all that you can just write it down here. Using beautiful themes, layouts make your stories more alive.

Also, you can share all your stories with the steller community and also with your friends and relatives with the help of Instagram, twitter.

Features that you can achieve here

  • They have multiple stylish font sizes that can give you the scope to add more every month with their new additions.
  • Also, the amazing themes and templates make it look great.
  • Geo-tagging is also enabled here. With the help of this feature, you can just add your locations to your stories that you will be sharing.

8. Affinity publisher

This app is really cool and amazing build in by the mobile application development where it gives you access to develop a beautiful layout to post your pictures, text, and graphics.

The work of yours can be easily published anywhere like say magazine, books, brochures, posters, reports and also like all these other creations which are done by the Affinity publisher.

Here you will be achieving great graphics that enhance the quality of the images. Also, it helps you with non-destructive adjustments. Also, it helps you in developing tables and indexes very easily and also automatically. This app has full control over the character and other styles of adjustments during the workflow. Using this you can also integrate with other apps by the Affinity.

9. 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

This app is a lovely app that is really great to experience developed by iOS application development. Also, this app helps in collecting every moment from the user’s life and then they just prepare a movie through the collection of all those events.

Features that it provides

It helps in the storage of several different memories of your life and collects them as an event those precious moments that you will never lose again

You can manage the brightness and the exposure also can add music to make it more amazing

Now let us discuss some of the best gaming apps by the apple

10. Sky: Children of the light

It is one of the best games that is awarded for the best games in the app store. It is a social adventure gaming app that allows going to the world of hope and lights.

In this game, the player just enters into the dark and empty kingdom like a ray of hope and they bring certain hope to people living there.

The gameplay of this game

  • Here you can go through seven different worlds in the story mode that has mysteries revolving each mode
  • Also, we can play with other real players, connect with them and just start playing
  • The character or the avatar that you are playing with can be designed or prepared accordingly by your choice

  • You can go into the journey to reveal the treasures open the boxes with your fellow teammates
  • To make connection and relationships you can gift candles to build that trust in the environment
  • You need to spread peace and harmony in all the area of the kingdom
  • This game also allows you to play the seasonal events and also the expansion of the realms

11. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

This game consists of complete adventures and many different events to experience during the gameplay. The amazing soundtrack in the background and with that the appreciable animation content makes the game really interesting.

It is basically a game where you get cursed to form into some other animal or say a half-human or a half-lizard. Transforming back into the normal human being gets difficult and you need to find your way to get back to your normal life and also at the same time get free from the curse.

The avatar you are playing with is basically the Hu-Man and there is also a new addition to that field of an avatar. Where you can also switch your character to the Hu- Girl mode. Herewith every damage of the dragon makes the curse stronger.

So what you can do is that running is not just the solution you need to find out the salamander cross. This is a powerful item that can help you and also at the same time can get you free from all your curse and bring you back into your normal life.

12. Alien: Blackout

This is a game of survival. This is a game of survival. Mobile app development company develops such amazing apps with great adventurous gameplay. How you try to keep yourself safe and also the crew. The issue of keeping yourself safe from the terror of the alien is brought in the game just like real life.

A space station in the Weyland- Yutani. It is the place where you are stuck with your crew. The alien name Xenomorph is basically something that is tirelessly ready to hunt you down. You need to survive till the end of the game that is the main objective of the game.

Also, the terror that the game enhances every other level makes it really challenging to survive. You need to prevent your space station from the damage that can be induced by the alien.

There are seven levels of the terror attack that is introduced in the game. So at that point in time, Amanda Ripley’s crew needs the help of your assistance with the help of the remote guidance and the emergency stations.

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The main objective of the game is to survive or just die. With the use of limited resources and also the limited power supply this game gets more challenging on every level and makes our survival really difficult.

13. Minecraft Earth

This game allows you to give an all-new dimension where you can explore and craft all-new objects and tools to survive in the real world of the game. You can collaborate with other people in the game to gain resources and to get help and to build your place where you are living.

The game also allows you to join with other players where you can just join with them, and play mini-adventures. With the iPhone app development services you just can keep developing such apps with more reality thrill.

Features that you achieve here

  • You just can join with other people with them you can just build in with other builders and can create your space
  • Also, there are a lot of things that you can explore here. This also allows you to build your neighborhood and gives you access to view it evolving with time.
  • You can just discover certain unique things like the muddy pig and also the mono boom.


The iPhone app development services help in developing apps that can bring you the best-tested apps with great services. They maintained their store following certain guidelines and also the app that will be introduced in this platform must follow the guidelines that are given by the apple.