List of things to be plan Before You Build a CRM from Scratch

List of things to be plan Before You Build a CRM from Scratch

Customer relation Management software refers to the model, which helps in managing the interaction of company with its current or prospective clients.

The literal meaning is however very concise in nature but in fact, the CRM has now become too vast and imbibes a range of capabilities for business. In addition, CRM organizes, automates and synchronizes the customer facing areas, from marketing to customer retention and post deal support. In the recent years, the CRM system has become the integral part of business, because it offers the ease to focus over other areas while assuring for the existing client satisfaction and response to new enquiries in best possible manner. 

Let's take a look why CRM is important for businesses:

  • All the information pertaining to client is stored in single enterprise mobility solution
  • The data is easy to fetch, update and works upon collaboratively with team.
  • Collaborative work is easier. The updates done by team member are available to all.
  • The transparency of data also saves from redundancy. Every member of the companies has the clear knowledge what and how was the nature of communication. 
  • Business metrics are easier to be delivered automatically. 
  • Future planning is easy with the reports. 
  • The complete history of clients' interaction is easily accessible. 
  • The events can easily be integrated and suggested timings can be set for reminders. 

Things to consider before implementing CRM:

CRM development company is now the essential requirement of businesses processing. Smaller businesses may need the less capable software, but the large enterprises require the CRM to be development in accordance with the existing system. In addition, it is crucial to implement the CRM application gradually, without taking any risk to lose the important data. The smooth shift is always recommendable department by department and may require 6 month to a year. In addition, the training is essential for optimum use, otherwise the CRM will be useless. 

  • Do you needs the every single feature of CRM be available through software development services? All features are not always required and not recommendable. The number of features in CRM depends over the particular need of business. Different systems come with different feature and make sure that the system offers, what exactly you need. 
  • Finding the perfect off the shelf CRM enterprise mobility solution is not always possible. In addition, most of the time, the customization is the first most option to go for. There are always infinite possibilities to upgrade the software, but the costs must be kept in mind while customization. 
  • Always set the budget in prior, and know the total cost of CRM. The total cost comprises upfront cost, cost of Working hours, and the business loss during implementation.
  • Do you want your CRM to work over mobile devices? It is an essential part and mobile access is essential for real-time updates, when the employee is not on desk. 
  • Development and implementation demands from scratch. Integrating the CRM system with the existing software demands the transition of existing data. CRM providers keep the information encrypted, which is often difficult to export in the absence of third party software. This is crucial factor in custom software development companies, because they work with more complicated IT tools. 
  • Check the hardware configuration. If you are existing hardware, comply with CRM system requirement? SaaS Development Company focuses over this factor first. 
  • Now the public facing and interaction channel is not limited to the email services such as outlook and hotmail. The prospective clients interacting through the social channels must be able to be included in CRM. 

An organisation needs the numbers of software in place to run; but this requires a lot more effort to manage by CRM development companies. It is essential to have the best technical support to ensure, that everything is running smooth. It is surveyed, that the investment on CRM development returns the nine times ROI. However, it is true only when the integrated system meets the criteria and requirement of business. In addition, it is surveyed that the 70 percent of the CRM implementation are either not successful or fail. The main cause behind the failure is the wrong approach chosen by the managers. Often, entrepreneur make a wrong choice with the readymade solution, due to the time required in development and cost saving. 

Disadvantage of ready-made solution: 

Insufficient Integration: Opting for the ready-made CRM development service entitle s you are for the future problems. The perfect integration is hard and therefore the superficial integration does not give desirable results. The basic difference between a readymade product and the customized one is the same as difference between ready-made costume and tailored dresses. 

Too many functions: The ready-made solutions are made to be fit for wide range of users and the range of business cases. The readymade solution is fueled with number of functions and built-in options. Most of these built-in features stay unused. The ready-made CRM solution can be compared with the smartphone, which is sold with the number of apps, hoping to be used by you in near future. The unused features not only add to clutter and confusion but also require the inessential resources to run. 

Additional fields: A large number of icons and fields covers the unnecessary space on UI and leads to the confusion. This is the main reason why the customized solutions are preferred. 

Improper Design: The readymade software is built for the mass and does not pertain to any particular choice. The development and design is done for the wide range of audience. Therefore, it is always possibility that the number of audience have to compromise. 

Impossible to stand out: All readymade CRM enterprise mobility solution is same and this is not beneficial from the marketing point of view. The original design increases the brand awareness, loyalty and customer engagement. 

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For such disadvantages, it is always recommended to develop CRM for scratch. Here are few things that you must know before developing CRM from scratch. 

List of things to plan for choosing type, role and platform: 

Choose the roles, type and platform 

Before you hire the agency for the CRM development, few questions need to be answered beforehand. Discussing few questions beforehand helps in deciding the scope of necessary functions in final product. 

Types of CRM software development service: 

Operational: The motive is to optimize, and automate the sales, customer service and marketing. This CRM type suitable for the business, which interacts with the customer through KPOs, websites, blogs, direct mails, communities and sales. 


  • Unified database for quick access and convenient transactions. The data for the past interaction with the clients can easily be retrieved. 
  • Integration with the large number of communication channel such as social network, phone calls, personal account and personal conversations.
  • Registration, execution and processing of the client requests. It saves the necessary data in billing system. 
  • Best for regular analysis of the customer interaction and report generation for solving the organizational problems such as segmentation of customer based on priority level.
  • Task distribution, separate interaction with potential customers and the application processing automation. 

Analytical CRM: 

This CRM is best to processing the data collected from multiple touch points. The main goal is to help the employer organize daily operational work with the clients and prepare the analytics for planning and developing customer interaction scenario. 


  • Useful for the analysis of customer enquiries and the customer attributes.
  • Allows the client segmentation into groups. There are various parameters you can follows such as geography, number of purchase, loyalty, amount spent, and involvement.
  • Helpful in forecasting the result of the client interaction such as reaction to the unique Offer/Share/ Sale scheme/ and Requests. 

Strategic CRM: 

It is useful for improving the communication and collaboration between the team. Custom Relation Management software unites sales, marketing and tech support departments of the company and achieve common goal through CRM development services. This enables the better use of accumulated data, quality of service, loyalty and new customers. 

The internal communication is essential and used by companies to integrate the expected functions and adding the functions. E.g., the online store calls center employees ringing up the customers asking about the quality of food and service. This gives a good customer survey, purchase of missing goods and integration of desirable features.

Combined CRM:

SaaS development company offer this combined CRM for cross-functional abilities. These are the operational CRM with the limited set of analytical tools such as client reports, sales analytics and performance and the direct communication between clients and colleagues. This communication with clients is done through integration of messenger, social networks and website.

Roles in CRM system: 

Roles are the essential part of CRM, which are used to allot and distribute the work. There are some general roles, which comes prebuilt with the ready-made CRM software such as seller, manager, administrator etc. Each role defines several responsibilities, which collectively perform the assigned tasks. 

Functions of manager roles: 

  • View and manage the activities. 
  • Management of contacts and viewing contact directory.
  • Event, request, document, transaction, and the areas of responsibility.
  • Completion of events and other issues. 

With the development of the CRM system, it is an important aspect to develop some templates along with the scope for customization. Ultimately, the roles depend over the business requirement and the level of access the business does. In addition, each role has some limitation and therefore it is always essential to create the template in prior. A senior manager can make the "manager" role, but he cannot make another owner and senior level role. 

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Supported Platforms: 

Always the choice of platform defines the cost of business. The platform depends over the existing equipment of the company, such as Operating system on which PC and laptop works. Today, there is a growing trend to put CRM onto mobile platform, which has its different benefits. 

Advantage of mobile app based CRM:

Data accuracy: The core purpose of CRM is the data management and streamlining along with minimizing the redundancy. With mobile CRM, the user can input information from anywhere. In addition, this saves from leaving the information unsorted. 

High efficiency: Whether you use mobile or laptop, the mobile based CRM helps in retrieving the status of the data. This way the right information is always in front of you. It also increases the efficiency and saves the time. 

Wide acceptance: The employees are more accustomed to the mobile devices and always like to have the constant access to the relevant information. Utilization this habit is very easy and lucrative for business and increases the rate of adoption. 

Better Service: Software development services on mobile can be rendered in better way and employee can perceive information easily. 

Function determination: 

Before CRM development service, you must decide the functions you want in it. The general functions are Contact management, tracking interactions, scheduling reminders, pipeline monitoring, sales automation. Centralizing database, email marketing, reporting, analytics preparation, lead generation and integration. The three top functions are contact management, which is part of routine function for 94 percent of the CRMs, while 88 percent of the CRM works for tracking the interaction with clients. In addition, the event scheduling, and scheduling reminders is advisable task for CRM. 

Private entrepreneur: Manage the customer database and tracking client interactions.

Small business: Sales automation, monitoring, and tracking the action. Improval of the performance of individual sales representative. 

Medium business: Sales and marketing automation. Prediction of business process and marketing strategies. 

Large business: Large business focus over everything from sales to strategy. The full-fledged CRM system is necessary. 

Budget Calculation:

The determination of budget is important. The calculation of budget depends over several factors such as: 

Number of function: The development of each function requires some effort and working hours, which increases the cost of work. 

Number of roles: Roles have their corresponding access rights and the individual capabilities. The implementation of each role requires a significant coding part. Also an important factor for cost. 

Platform: More the platforms more are the cost of final product/ Mobile CRM demands a lot of work and hence increase the 50 percent of overall cost. 

Other factors include Information processing method, event and tasks, sales funnel management, integration with other service and interaction reports.

Cost estimation:






Architecture planning, database creation and requirement documentation

30-35 hrs

1000-2000 USD

System core development

Roles and profile of potential clients, CRUD function and reporting

200-350 hrs


Standard feature development

Sale funnel, billing, event management and integration to other services

200-300 hrs

10000-15000 USD

Additional function development

Testing, social work integration and chatbots

150-200 hrs

7000-10000 USD

Wrapping it up:

CRM functioning is different for different businesses. Every business has its own uses for CRM and purchasing the readymade CRM is not advisable. The off the shelf CRM development services comprises of unnecessary features for your business. Therefore, while developing the CRM it is always advisable to know above factors in prior and decide the cost.