Most-awaited and interesting top Google Play Store Statistics 2019

Most-awaited and interesting top Google Play Store Statistics 2019

Google, the search engine we used to know which provides information related to anything literally anything provides us at just a matter of seconds.

This single line can tell how this funky name will become an important source for every single person. So without further ado, we all know it’s history, it’s origin, it’s uses, isn’t it? Moving on, with it’s so much gained importance they collaborated with android (where it serves as software on all smartphones) to perform all its basic features performed by Google itself.

Like presenting a remarkable platform for Android app development company where all apps can be avail for android for installation named as Google Play Store act as Digital Distribution Service. So, a real question arises as daily we are having technology innovations from any single part of the day, which applications would be now good for keeping it up with these peaks of the environment nowadays?

What started from the first invention of the Wheel, has today comes so far that everything we wish to do or to have is now a click or tap away. As there is never a dull moment when it comes to technology. An immense number of Engineers introduced Mobile App development, which changed the world as we know it. All represented in Google Play Store which ranges from 10MB to 4GB. As moving further here we discuss below mobile application development which can be most dominating in 2019.

1.) The era of (A)ugmented (R)eality and (V)irtual (R)eality

As now would be starting with really trending with users especially this year, as in the previous year it was introduced so some portion of users got the idea of its usage and its applications. As the saying things really take time for progress now every single person would be familiar with this concept.

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Why it gain good sounding popularity likewise artificial intelligence, this makes the experience more interactive even when you're at your home but using this you may be flying with jets right now. And really majority of companies comes to the investment into “beyond the screen” technology. According to the estimation of Statista indicating that this market will be making $209 billion in 2022.

2.) (A)rtificial (I)ntelligence and machine learning

This thing was introduced way many years ago, but honestly, we all come to know from Sci-fi movies, then Apple took this AI concept to the lead as Siri. If Apple took this lead then Google wasn’t backed down as well as they really go into this concept which it appears as machine learning in their search engine first then slowly they introduce for android users a Google Assistant.

From this introduction of assistants, we can really conclude that this app development would be at highest times in the near future. Whereas now we don’t as new phenomenon nowadays, this little example is enough to talk about how it’s all developed now and looking more ways for their more advanced progress. From the effective data analysis engine (Statica) it’s been analyzed that this augment will be at $40 billion by the year 2020.

Main Discussion

As different apps have been playing a good role for promoting the app development, but now we’ll be talking about where Google Play Store holds their position in best web development company as it competes against only one competitor Apple Corp. ‘s own AppStore as how much in numbers they come up with downloads.

A.) Google Play against AppStore (in downloads)

Against Apple, Google’s popularity is really a huge noticeable in comparison, as it witnessed a hike of 16.% from 2016 to 2018. Which leads us that in the first half of 2019, the number of total number of downloads reached 41.9 billion which shows increased downloads from yesteryear as it made 36 billion. This bar graph will show in comparison with Apple

Worldwide App Downloads 2018-19

As these hikes were occurred due to hike in downloads of Facebook, Whatsapp and Messenger are the topmost apps with combined downloads of 880.4 million. Meanwhile, TikTok beats Instagram on repeat.

B.) Total Numbers of downloads of apps daily

In these years downloading of apps is now normal and very repeated thing of each and every app. Why Google Play Store again stands tall against the AppStore as because first due to it’s monetary values of their smartphones whereas, androids favours the pocket of rational consumer as compared iOS and second of all not because of low sales of iOS but also the software development services they provide as in the case of Apple they provide new software after a couple of days and sometimes their new updates may find to be inadequate where Android gives new soft wares with agreeableness gaps and performs even much better rather than hanging up.

C.) Numbers of Apps with/without ratings

Before installing the app we all wanted to see it’s feedback from existing users so they would not waste their data in totally useless apps we all do. IT’s just like checking the things properly before buying it from the store. So Users would find it helpful if they have the idea.

Calculations say that the apps which have the ratings are 2,156,187 in number and those without ratings are 8,58,200 in number. To finish this misunderstanding as being created by app developers Google facilitates the users to give ratings on their own as they how they feel about it while using it if they have poor ratings, developers will come along to improvise it a method to achieve ( Play Store Optimization).


Not just the only popularity of Google itself but there some certain apps which makes it, even more, it services reliable and safe which leads to making it’s more activeness in the app providing service. As going from above these limited statistics of Google Play Store, you will really see the rising splend or of not just Google but with apps as well.

As it is being immersed in the lives of people with its services and market with its business model and innovative ideas. But one we all cannot deny this fact as well that it might seem in some cases Apple is considered to being higher among the universal mobile app development as it has it’s own configures and not collaborated with any other and providing its own services. But on the other hand n mater, what it would be higher or not the main fact is that Google is now ruling the IT industry and market as its user base increases per day, globally.