Must have tools for app startups before and after app development

Must have tools for app startups before and after app development

Mobile applications are the top trend in the business world.

According to the mobile app development services, mobile applications are developed by various companies for the purpose of business. In the era of digitalization, mobile applications play a major role in the marketing and sales of a business. There are many companies that are taking application development as their startup business.

However, even with high skilled developers, it is necessary to have certain tools to manage the applications before and after the development of the applications. These tools help the developers to add features to the applications and maintain them for the best possible outcome. Since the startups have small budgets, the tools that are free or of minimal charges are best for the companies to handle the applications.

The top tools that any app startups must have before and after app development are listed below.

1. Buffer

As per the custom mobile app development companies, buffer helps to tackle and manage the social media platform. All the media troubles are handled by Buffer. It helps you to handle everything from one particular place and never miss a post on social media with proper scheduling. The tool also helps to analyze the performance of the application on the basis of each post. The owners can figure out the right audience and the contents that help to gather traffic. It also has an extension option that helps to save a post and update it later.

2. Typeform

There are many Android application development companies that use forms to interact with the users and engage them in various activities in the application. The Typeform helps the app developers to create forms for the users for fun sessions. These forms are basically used it get general feedback from the users. These forms help to create natural forms that run smoothly and these forms help to keep the users focused. The app developers often make customized forms to keep the people engaged and focused.

3. Appsee

This tool helps the developers to track the analytics of the application. It helps to analyze the user experience of each user and provide the developers of the PWA development company with the traffic information and user analytics. These tools also provide the users with heatmaps that point out the exact areas in the applications that the users spend the most time in. it also informs the developers if the users face any problem in that particular screen or area.

4. MailChimp

With the custom mobile app development, developers face a lot of automation issues in marketing. The MailChimp helps to solve such marketing automation issues. It helps to find the targeted audience, involve with them in interactive sessions and form the brand and popularize it. It helps to create creative emails for marketing campaigns and message the users about discounts and updates. The MailChimp helps to improve the email marketing skills and excel in it.

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5. Trello

An application is built with the help of a team of developers. Trello helps the mobile app development services to make cards, lists and boards to create and notify the tasks and list the top priority projects. With the list of cards and board of projects, the team members can check the list and prioritize their work.

6. Slack

Often, members of teamwork from distant offices. This tool helps the tea members to be in touch and help them to communicate about their projects and update on the work module.

7. Dropbox

As per the PWA development company, this tool is typically used for organizing the files and important documents of the company. Dropbox syncs the files and data safely in all the devices for easy access. It helps to communicate with the team members of the company.


The tools help the Android application development company in various ways and since most of them are free, it is the best thing to start with especially for the startups. These tools are easily available and are very helpful. Having these tools in the company system can help the startup to grow quickly and run smoothly.