On-Demand Helicopter Services are Ready to Take Off: What will be the features and cost to develop

On-Demand Helicopter Services are Ready to Take Off: What will be the features and cost to develop

On-demand software and applications are in a boom nowadays.

People are working more and more in this field because of varied applications as well as its functionalities. As the name suggests, on-demand software is the kind of software delivery model that can be managed and operated on a third-party cloud computing infrastructure and can be used by various users with the help of the internet. By using on-demand software planning for several apps, the user can subscribe as well.

The number of vehicles all over the world is increasing at an exponential rate. People are facing many problems due to the same. Traffic jams, wastage of time, unnecessary exploitation of natural resources, pollution and various health problems such as asthma, anxiety, dry cough and other respiratory diseases. To slow down the effect of all these drawbacks of personal vehicles, cab/taxi services were introduced. This reduced the limitations up to a certain rate, but again, due to heavy population and many other factors, cabs services also became insufficient to carry large numbers of people in a given limited period of time.

Therefore, many companies are looking forward to starting on-demand helicopter services with exciting features and offers and an absolutely different level of experience for common people.


There are so many additional features that can be included in the on demand application development such as :

1. Location tracker

This facility in applications helps to track the location of the helicopter. Whether it is on its way or is resting in any of the helipad stations, the customer will be able to know the exact location which will prove very beneficial for both the service providers as well as the users.

In case of some problem that is caused by anything and the helicopter has to land in an emergency at some other place than its destination, then it will help the helicopter companies to track them and then help then accordingly. Air traffic can get into so many situations but the location tracking makes it somewhat easier for the companies as well as the customers of those services.

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2. Helicopter details

There may be a sense of confusion in what and how to use the services provided by these on-demand helicopters. To overcome this, helicopter details must be provided in the app only. Additionally, short tutorials and directional videos should be included in the app which may teach the customers how to travel when inside a helicopter and what safety measures are to be taken.

Not everyone is familiar with flying in a helicopter and may be unsure of so many things, so there may be a section which can teach them what are the things they need to do before they get into the helicopter for the first time, why they should not be scared, and that it is totally safe, what are the measures that they should follow in order to stay safe during their experience. Details of the helicopter should also be present so the customer knows their ride, maybe they will not understand all the technicalities but they will still get some knowledge.

3. Helipad stops

The helipads or various stops of the helicopters must be listed in the app according to the area it is covering. This will help the user to go to their nearest helipads and avail the service from there.

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Without this, the users will have to either call the services a lot to ask them for the nearest helipad or ask the locals and still, it will be not an easy task to find the nearest helipad, but when they have a list, they can just search the location and then move to that helipad, this will also help them for the purpose of landing, they will know where they can land too. This is a great feature to be added to keep things transparent.


4. Pilot details

Pilot details must be mentioned in the app. This will prove to be of great help in case of emergencies and other unavoidable circumstances. This will also be helpful in storage and record management for the on demand app development company. Not only for the purpose of information, but also for transparency, this is an important feature.

The users can share the details of the pilot with the people who might want to contact them in case of an emergency and they can know the pilot details and then connect to them when needed. The users should be aware of their pilot, who is he, how much he knows about his work, knowing the details about their pilot makes them a bit comfortable and feel safe.

5. Distance and fare calculator

Fares must be calculated according to the distance covered as well as the availability and time schedule of the helicopters. This will provide accountability to the users as well as the company itself. Knowing beforehand about the amount of money that they will have to incur on their helicopter ride is a big plus for the users, sometimes when they complete the ride and then get to know about their ride charges, they might not be satisfied as they may feel that it is too expensive, but if they know it without asking the riding company people just by visiting their app, they will only go for the ride if they are satisfied with the prices. This is a feature that will save a lot of time for both the users and the on-demand helicopter companies.

Cost to Develop

Also, developing and implementing the idea of on-demand helicopter service requires a great investment because it is mandatory to hire helicopters for the same. In addition to it, pilots are required to be well equipped with handsome salary and training programs. All these factors will result in huge capital investment along with time, effort and patience. There are chances that customers fail to reach in the first few trips because it may be difficult for them to get equipped with new technology but with time, this can prove to be a very beneficial and time-saving way of transport.