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Reasons For Developing Custom Apps For Oil And Gas Companies

The oil and gas industries are one of the largest industrial sectors that are accountable for the economic rate for any country. It is a huge industry with hundreds and thousands of workers working in this sector. It is basically the powerhouse for generating billions of money every year. It is effective that it also has a role in contributing a certain amount to the national GDP rate.

As you already have a clear picture of the natural resources how useful they are to us and how they could be exploited to meet the economic gain. These resources are like the gift of nature. Also, they really have a significant feature in everyone’s life on earth. Oil and gases are also a type of natural resources and they have a massive impact and influence on the economic rate of any country.

There are also certain different types of oil and gas sector

  • Upstream: This sector is based on the purpose of exploration. This field allows the workers to drill in the grounds like fields or crude oil fields that enable them to explore underground and also the underwater levels just for the search of some natural gas.
  • Midstream: This sector mainly looks after the transportation or the storage or the other use as the processing of the oil and gas. What happens is they look for the resources that may be underwater or underground. So the resources that you get are in a raw form which consists of certain particles that need a refining process. So for that purpose, they send the resources to the refinery to bring into its pure form.
  • Downstream: These are all types of petrochemicals that are been accumulated at the upstream process then later that raw form of the resources requires certain filtering or refining. This is necessary as before it is been used by the users is should be in its pure form. Many types of petrochemicals can be created with the help of these processes like gasoline, Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), asphalt, heating oil, kerosene, lubricants and so on.

The demand for the oil and gas sector in India

India is on the list of top refinery based country in Asia. It is second on the rankings of that list with a total of 21 refineries. The use of crude oil in India is large in amount and also the consumption is also increasing with every passing year.

The demand for this sector is never-ending and the petrochemicals used are almost everywhere. India is also third on the list of oil importers. As the population is large the use of these petrochemicals is also really in million tons of amount every year. For this purpose, these resources are been put in stock to meet the demand of these resources. So they keep importing from different places where they are gifted with oil and gas resources like the places like Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and also South Africa.

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The Indian government also invest a lot of time and money in order to build pipelines or say the export terminals that will help India to be one of the best countries that can easily go with the processes of oil exports to other foreign countries and also it will help in the direct distribution of the resources to the Indian consumers.

One of the best-renowned industries in India is the Reliance industry who are in this field for many years and they are really successful here. They have their hub as one of the largest refineries, which is located in the Jamnagar which is a place in Gujarat. To expand their business they have also shaken their hands with British Petroleum (BP). They knew that they have their capabilities to go for deepwater exploration which will also give them real benefits with their upstream purpose. This industry of Reliance has also collaborated with the Chevron, Pioneer Natural Resources and Carrizo Oil and Gas for the purpose to generate the shale gas resources in the US.

There is also another company that is doing really good business with these resources. Essar Oil is also a very renowned company in Raniganj which is a place in West Bengal and also in Gujarat, India and also they own around 1400 petrol pumps and that too all over the country.

Certain challenges that are often faced by these industries

As to be the largest platform to deal with resources and to maintain the demand of the people's needs. The industrial operations, in this case, is really complex all the upstream to downstream process is really sometimes not that easy to manage. Also, they need to follow certain rules and regulations.

Also, it depends and has a strong influence on certain external factors such as the weather and the prices of various commodities. They need to have an effective sales system throughout the season and also they need to make the operations planning. The workers and their working efficiency should also be observed as reliable work.

So then, for this reason, the oil and gas companies require an app for proper management of their industrial operations. Mobile app development services really make the task simple with better fieldwork and also sales and distribution process.

Why they are shifting to the mobile and the technological field?

The apps and the software are just easy access to the world of technology in a much simpler way. It is generally more efficient and reliable platform to live in and at the same time for better communication by the team in the company.

The information or the data can be easily accessed, studied and can be well measured daily to keep an eye on the workflow in the company. The technology here is just very simple and really easy to manage. It also saves a lot of time and stress and at the same time, it is a cost-effective process to go with. It helps in managing and monitoring both offshore and onshore operations for the company.

Electronic logbooks for keeping you updated

Your mobile is capable of a lot if you really know how to use it. As in a large industry like this, you need to manage and keep a record to certain important import or export data which is often done in the traditional way with the help of a worker manually.

But there was a major challenge, to do that all in a logbook, to record everything with a pen or just type it down in the Excel sheet of yours. So then, a stand-alone mobile logbook which is also known as electronic logbook is been introduced and then it has brought real changes in this industry. They can keep all the information like the voyage activity, daily vessel status. Also, you can share the file through e-mail or data synchronization with the backend office which makes the task so simpler.

Why design custom apps for oil and gas companies?

This is one of the most demanding industrial sectors of natural resources all over the globe. These companies require a good manageable app or software that can help them to keep all the records, to store their important data and also to make everything a lot simpler systematic. Now, it is necessary to just not to keep things manually anymore.

Handling such a massive industry often will not be that systematic and also it will give the employees an extra headache to just watch every different data and information manually. So to make things simpler, it is really necessary to develop certain apps. In this way, it can make things a lot easier in this field and also it is a great relief for the workers.

It is just not the website anymore, developing an app is a much better and efficient idea for these industries.

These apps will be really beneficial with their features like:

  • it allows you to manage all the daily information
  • Information can be shared if required
  • the company calendars which gives an update to the consumers of the regular client
  • bills payment
  • the worker wages etc, everything can be recorded and stored here with valid input of date and time.

Also, the user interface and the user experience must be well understood by the app developers before they begin their app development process.

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Developing an app must meet with the requirements and the demands that are actually required by the users. Also the services of the app and the appearance or say the texture it all depends on the user experience eventually. So it is always suggested to have proper feedbacks about the working of the app and they must always have these analyses to keep their app updated as the user wants it to be.

Reasons for developing custom apps for oil and gas companies

  • More Customers on improved design:  With certain knowledge in the IT sector and if you have an idea about the domain and all, then you can create an app or software easily. You can hire the best web development company that offers you the best web developers. They can design your app based on your suggestions and requirements. They also have different departments that can easily handle your app.
  • Improved efficiency: The customize your app and it will help your client to have a user good experience like the automated processes, better control of the app with improved decision-making abilities, enhancing the organization performance, increased efficiency and also with a reduction in overall expenses.
  • Less Complex: Now, all these features can reduce the stress that was before required to handle it manually and the complexity to manage that would eventually be a big mess to understand. You can also opt for a website that will help the users to view it on the wider screen of their desktop. The same enhanced and improved version of the web view can be also accessed by you on your mobile devices.
  • Better Storage Option:  They have also backup with the Cloud. You can just store your data there and also if anything happens to your important files then you can just access the cloud to get back your lost data. The android application development company just develops and creates these apps to meet the basic needs of the users and also the consumers. With these, they try to manage and analyze the daily workflow and at the same it also analyses the expenses that have been made.
  • Notification about all the information: You will be having like certain alerts or notifications just like the sensors that just detects certain specific object like the waves, the sound, the motion that a sensor detects. Similarly, in this case to any raw material excavation, materials or machines that are been used in this process, the amount of production and utilization it just gives you all the info and keeps you updated about the project.
  • Better connectivity for users: The android app development company, develops apps with certain specific features that result to be the best if it meets the user requirements and they have a good experience. So it is better to have a perfect analysis that actually has good user experience reviews later by the users.
  • Saves a lot of time:  Due to this extension to the technological field, this industry has been even more productive and can even save a lot of time. You just can share the information and data with all the employees and the workers and sign them their work all with the help of these apps. You just do not need to run in search of these employees and waste your time in giving the same information to all individuals.
  • Helps in monitoring the equipment: The machines or the equipment that is used in this technique have a major role that actually helps in the conversion of the raw material into a pure state of it. So it is often necessary to monitor all the equipment beforehand so that later it might not interrupt in between any process.

  • To know machinery parameters: It will just provide you with all the initial status of the machine and also the operators. It is to measure the parameters in a critical state and to take decisions wisely. It just gives you the perfect status of any machine downtime before the process and also the reason behind the downtime.
  • To maintain safety measures:  the people in the mines can be easily tracked. Their movements are easily shown here and they can be warned before any problem or just to use for safety purposes. The services here are really outstanding also the security is really high and strongly builds your data and any information is completely safe here.
  • Availability of calculated charts: They also have a calculated chart where you can keep track of your expenses and also you can schedule or reschedule here. Also, you will be able to receive a quotation for all your business in the industry like for any import or export purposes, the design of the quotation, quotation workflow approval, everything can be just been introduced to you so that you can have a clear picture at the initial stage itself.

What is necessary while developing an app for the oil and gas companies?

It is necessary that you always look for a better interface for your app that gives a smooth usage for the users. Also, it should be responsive i.e. it must be compatible with any screen whether the monitor with a wide viewing experience, a tablet or the screen of your mobile.

The interface should always be that smooth that even if your network is fluctuating and you can experience a glitch but still the app it runs quite well and smooth which is really a great experience for the users. These oil and gas app development is developed on the basis of standalone mobile app development that allows in the easiest and secured environment in terms of trading.

Here, on these apps, you can get to have the feature of content management systems (CMS), which allows you to publish or edit any specific content. It also gives you to stay in touch with the other workers in the company with the help of the Intranet and document sharing feature.

The energy industry website design is just not enough people have got really advanced and to meet the company requirements and the public demand you need to make use of the applications for better results.


In conclusion, every industry requires an environment where they can just fetch their information in just one single database and all the other sectors and branches can all get connected to the shared information. This way you will just be informing the entire company with just one click rather than going to all and sharing the same idea or data verbally.

Technology has really made life easier so why just to take stress when you can just complete it really easily and within a very short amount of time.