Seven influential Web Development Trends reshaping 2019

Seven influential Web Development Trends reshaping 2019

Artificial Intelligence, Accelerated Mobile pages, capable IOT integration and a lot more! With all these, the almighty internet has gathered the ever-awakening crowd of more than 8 billion global internet users.

The figures are rising every single second and the user engagement is constantly pushing for bigger opportunities.

The technology has evolved at the Panasonic speed, so are the technical prowess of experts. What is the core trait of a good web programming company? To integrate the latest updates, complying with the promising technologies and reshaping the market in the new proforma of IT. Going along 2019, are the trends that have grown from infant to toddler in 2019. Here are few best outcomes of Web development trends 2018, which are supposed to grow higher in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence: An elder brother of Web development services

Be it the hectic development process, or the cumbersome web designing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) have gone stronger in terms of relation. It has built its strong roots with making the web development process easier, cost-effective and efficient than ever. The role of AI in development is growing and the businesses are trying to leverage the fullest potential of technology while boosting the ROI.

The most concurrent examples are continuous interaction tools such as Chatbot development. A chatbot is an advanced tool that takes care of the visitor's choice and its preferences. The significant interaction with machine learning, a more efficient system is built which also results in the most suitable option for the buyer. In fact, all the rat race is for incorporating human's mind into a machine. Let's see what the huge market of web development services USA brings next to influence the trends.

Accelerated Mobile Pages can grow higher with expectations:

What has been sponsored by Google for three years is now the essential part of apps in 2019. The huge segment, 60 percent of internet users accounts for mobile usage. This is the reason why AMP has banged so hard in the mobile app segment. AMP reduces the page loading time and makes websites mobile-friendly, resulting in the seamless user experience.

A journey from native to hybrid apps:

It has been the history now when developers were worried about making the websites mobile friendly. What AMP accomplished, was augmented by the introduction of the hybrid app. The need for running an app over both prominent platforms, Android and iOS, has given the rise to progressive web apps. Widely known as, PWA, these apps are made to run over mobile browser while rendering a similar level of experience as native app renders. The PWAs are made compatible with all heavily used platforms and given almost all functionalities of a healthy app.

The PWA apps are added to the mobile home screen.
400 percent user engagement and a 100 percent conversion rate.
The PWA apps require very less internet and can be loaded even with 2G network.

The Service provider web development company, USA is one of the most thriving places for PWAs. Either outsource or hire an experienced developer from the pool of best talent, but if you are a mobile development company, you cannot miss out PWA.

White spaces:

A website is what a prospective user looks at first while looking to deal with you. The plenty of white space in web design makes it easier for the user to navigate through the content. This way, a user can put more focus over the important elements on web pages. The name "White space" is just a nomenclature, where the color could be anything. The strong conversion rate is fostered by every best website designing company if followed wisely.

The speed of development:

An enticing website is just a failure seeking web page if and only if, it is not loading properly and within the timeframe. A user tends to choose the website, which loads quickly and looks engaging with the clutter-free design. Alongside, Google also gives strong preference to a website that loads quickly.

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Illustrations with the merge of creativity:

A web programming company, which is stuck to the traditional design, is almost unable to get the bang of bucks involved in the website development. A quick-loading video background can highly increase the SEO of the web page while a tricky arrangement of Illustrations and design can make a website appealing.

Single page app:

A profound trend in Web development services the USA is the Single page app. The multiple pages push the user to reload the content over every single click, which not only consumes time but also seems irritating while low network connectivity. The JavaScript has enabled this powerful influencer to reign over the web app trends in 2019. SPAs make it easier to navigate through all section of websites in a single crawl. A good developer work can stay away from this trend.


Tech-market keeps changing every single day. The user expectation is the epicenter where trends revolve around. The trends come and go. It is essential for the best web design company, to find out what works best for them. One part of the world cannot predict the trends over others and there is no generalization in terms of trends. Keep on experimenting, because technology, itself is the whole world and there is a lot to explore.