Should your organization choose SharePoint on-premises or implement Office 365 in the cloud?

Should your organization choose SharePoint on-premises or implement Office 365 in the cloud?

An organization works on certain guidelines.

Maintaining their data is the main priority for them because that is where the business of the complete work is linked to. These data can be anything because in an organisation there are several different sectors that are working for different aspects.

Now there are some portion in the company that is handling the revenue project and analyzing the expenses and the income coming in a month and annually also. There are also portions in the company which deals with the customer relationship. Now the customer relationship management (CRM), the team understands the needs or requirements of the user or the client and work accordingly on that list of needs. Even there are portions that maintain the important paper-work and documents and try to keep that safe and secured. The use of dot net development company helps in developing a framework to support the data and to design certain applications, videos.

Because these data are very vital when brought in use and can result in the growth of the company. Also if any data is lost or overwritten in the same way it can give big trouble later to find out the error because the sequence of this data is very lengthy and it is not so easy to rectify it.

How the organization can avoid all these circumstances?

It is necessary to keep updating your data and files. But to keep proper management in the use of data it is essential to have a follow-through and a safe where you can keep your data stored and lock it until you want to retrieve it.

As humans working in the organization, they already have a lot more to do other than managing the data. So it is necessary for anything that can help to manage the data without human interference and try to keep it safe and also can be easily accessed anytime from anywhere from the company.

This not only reduces the workload but also helps in gaining the work efficiency simultaneously saves a lot of time to do other work too. It is more helpful if the storage of the data is cloud-based and is handled by the cloud computing services. For example- Company like Amazon, it also uses AWS cloud infrastructure services to handle their data in a better way.

What is Share-point?

Now for these organisations to manage their huge amount of data share-point is there which helps in storing and sharing data. It also allows accessing the data from anywhere by anybody.

What happens is that it maintains a portal it is supported by Microsoft. Now the Microsoft app development helps in developing the app and with some further essential features and use. Now here the organization can store their data and also share their ideas and views in the same portal where all the employees and staff are connected together.

For example- If you want to share your thought or any idea on any topic you can share it here and it will be later analyzed and if found progressive can be moved forward with that perspective. Also if the organization wants to share any notice or changes in any type of plan then they also can share their orders or change of plan here and it can be accessed by all anytime and from anywhere. This is a basic example of the use of share-point.

Let us now understand the main purpose behind the use of the share-point. What happens is that the organization or an enterprise holds its business on the basis of data. Now the humans working it are not at all possible for them to keep an eye and also to manage on that huge amount of data. So for this purpose, the share-point comes for the rescue.

As there are multiple works in the company and for that multiple works there are also multiple workers. Now, these divided portions of the company are like an island. They are all in the same ocean but they cannot have terms with one another because they are nearby but this island boundary and the water keep them apart.

So with the use of share-point, the divided portions of the company and all the employees are merged together. The data they acquire on the different branches of the company can be accessed anywhere and at any time because everything is in the same portal. This helps the company to manage their data and avoid consequences like- losing some important data, overwritten of data. They actually provide servers for the storage of that huge amount of data.

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With the use of the share-point, the organization can do a specific search on the results of those who are working on a particular project. For example- If the owner requires a project on graphic designing then he can search for the graphic design expertise in the company, also he can search for the project team who is already working on a particular project.

Office 365

This is also supported by Microsoft. There is actually a subscription enables the plan. Where the users need to first subscribe and then make use of this. Now when the user takes subscription then it offers the user with – Microsoft Office productivity and also several services of applications that can be accessed from the internet.

These also provide several other services to the users. They provide a platform where the user can send e-mail, an internal communication platform, helps in developing audio and also video, web conferencing and also helps in sharing and storing the internal files on the cloud.

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Share-point is best in certain purposes

  • Merging different portions of the company together or in simple words collaborating purpose between the group of employees or systems that are in the same workplace or at different branches connected to the same link.
  • Configuring the data types
  • Management of the content needs a customized workflow
  • There are some vital and very significant data that needs to be kept in complete security and share-point provides the user with full secured data storing and sharing application

Office 365 is best in certain purposes

  • The storage, in this case, should be file-based ( we can use the office 365 One-Drive)
  • Personal file management is necessary across the devices
  • When the file or the document is too large in size it should be better e-mailed.
  • In this case, collaborations are not complicated and we must not involve a lot of content


In conclusion, both are beneficial when it comes to your needs and requirements. It is not easy to compare one among the other. The decision should be taken by the organization or an enterprise that will fit best to your needs and gives you the worthy outcome and helps in the progressive development of the organization.