Top Web Development Trends for the Year 2019 That You Need to Know Now

Top Web Development Trends for the Year 2019 That You Need to Know Now

Web development is a constantly changing field, with new trends coming into picture every now and then.

If you don’t keep up with these frequent changes, you are likely to be left behind in the increasingly tough competition that decides who dominates the web world. As we begin the year 2019, businesses have to be mindful of the web development trends that are all set to rule this year.

They also have to make sure that they work with the best web development company that has all the know-how about implementing these latest trends. By becoming acquainted with these trends, businesses will be able to develop web applications that are in sync with the current market needs and user expectations.

Let’s find out what web development trends will be omnipresent in the year 2019 and will be top favorites of many a web programming company:

  • Progressive Web Applications

If we talk about modern web technologies that are acting as a force of change in web development, then progressive web applications is a name that deserves a special mention. Progressive web applications, or PWA, have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times, which is not surprising since they have such wonderful features to their credit. Loading similar to the conventional websites or web pages, PWA are built in such a way that allows them to provide much more improved web experience to the users.

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The features of PWA include instant loading, ability to work on any browser and hence for all users, push notifications, ability to work offline, responsive view, etc. Essentially, a progressive web application is able to provide an experience similar to that of native mobile application. This native-like quality of PWA is what’s allowing them to engage and impress users so well.

  • Enhanced and Attractive Landing Pages

Landing page of a web application is a critical point of interaction of the user with the web application. It is here where the users get answers to their basic questions and decide whether they want to continue interacting with the brand or not. Brands have to become more cautious of how they design and develop their landing pages in the year 2019.

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Working in collaboration with their web programming company, they have to devise simpler, unique, and captivating ways to provide important brand information to the users via the landing page. The need of the hour is to place more focus on attractive designs and less focus on text. Because the landing page is basically a gateway to the web application, businesses have to try and make this page for their web application as out-of-the-box as possible.

  • Use of JavaScript Frameworks

Being a lightweight scripting language, JavaScript is always likely to retain its charm for web development. The amazing range of libraries and frameworks available with JavaScript gives an excellent boost to the web development capabilities. Businesses should make it a point to consult with the best web development company about the scope of using JavaScript for their web development project.

Using JavaScript for web development results in applications that are more responsive, free from annoying bugs, and overall cleaner. Moreover, JavaScript has undergone a massive evolution in the years that have gone by. In 2019, it is certainly more ready than ever to be used for building unparalleled web applications.

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence

2019 is all about making the web applications more outstanding, and what better way than artificial intelligence to accomplish that. AI has already been touching various aspects of technology for a while now and it’s only natural for it to now make its impact on web development too. With the help of a custom software development company, it should become feasible for businesses to incorporate elements of AI within their web application in a way that befits their purpose.

Chatbots are a good and popular application of AI, that may be considered for web applications. The chatbots are powerful tools that businesses can use to streamline their customer service delivery. AI chatbots are always available to listen to the customers, ready to solve customers’ problems with proper responses and that too promptly. For businesses that are trying to establish an effective dialogue with their customers, chatbots can be quite helpful.


In addition to the trends described above, there are other noteworthy trends too that businesses must keep in mind when developing their web applications together with a custom software development company. Some of these trends are mobile-friendliness, blockchain technology, single-page web applications, smart use of videos and images, and more.

How should businesses decide their course of action amidst so many ways to go? They should take into account the business purpose and goals behind the web application, communicate the same to their web programming company, and then together explore the possibility of adopting one or more of these trends so that the bigger purpose and goals for the application are met.