Types of Challenges and Solutions in Big data

01 Jun

The operations performed by the computer are done with the help of characters, quantities or symbols which are stored and transmitted through electric signals or magnetic recording medium is known as data. 

Big data is a bunch of data that is collectively huge and grows exponentially with time. Such complex data is difficult to store and handle by the regular traditional data management tools.

With the growing technology, big data is the next huge step in the information technology department. Nowadays, the big data analytics interest the huge enterprise companies to invest in. Big Data Services provides benefits to companies in the business market today. This is the prime reason people tend to spend time on such data analytics. According to a survey it is seen that a company can rise to $65 million by increasing 10% of their data.

Challenges and solutions of big data

There can be various obstacles that a company has to face to be successful with their data analytics. Therefore, it is essential to have complete knowledge before delving into Big Data Solutions. The companies face various challenges in big data. The challenges and solutions are summarized below.

  • Lack of understanding and acceptance of the data

There are many Custom website development companies that adopt big data for the sake of following the trend. With the lack of proper knowledge of how data work and benefits of the project for the company. This can lead to a total disaster to the company by adopting project risks and will eventually fail. The company will also lose unnecessary money on tools and data that it does not know how to use.

The employees can also resist against such a big adoption with insufficient knowledge of its benefits. The solution to such problems is simple. Before introducing big data to your company, it is essential to conduct meetings and training sessions to provide the employees with an insight into the benefits it can bring to the company.

  • The complexity of several big data technologies

There are numerous big data technologies available in the market. HBASE, HDFS, APACHE HIVE, APACHE STORM, CASSANDRA, and many others are the different big data technologies used widely for business by the IT companies. Each of these technologies is versatile and varies according to the requirements of the leading web development company.

Therefore, the choice of the right technology for your company can be tricky and turn disastrous. The best solution to such an issue is to hire a professional to do that for your company. If a company is new to the field of big data, it is better to hire vendors to do the work and be relieved.

  • Huge investment

The incorporation of Big Data Solutions projects can result in high expenses for any company. The implementation of the project on the premises can cost for the new hardware system, hiring new employees and administrators and the electricity. The development, configuration, setup and management of the new software can cost a fortune even if it has an open source platform. The need for hiring staff and payment of cloud services need huge investments.

The solution to such a challenge is variable for different companies. It entirely depends on the needs and the goal of the companies. However, two hybrid solutions are cost-effective for any type of company. Data lakes are a solution that helps with low-cost storage of the data and optimized algorithms reduce computing power consumption from by five to a hundred times.

  • Complications in quality data management

The most common problem that every company has to face with Big Data Services is data integration. This is because the data received by the company to analyze comes from different sources and in different formats. The e-commerce industries receive data from various sources like call centers, website logs, website scans, and social media. The matching of the data formats can be a huge problem.

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To complicate the situation, the data received are not 100% accurate. The company must not rely on the data as it can not only be wrong but can be a duplicate of contradictory data. The solution to such a complicated situation is to compare the data and conclude to a single truth. It is better to match records and merge the data if they belong to a similar entitlement. However, there is no way to have 100% data accuracy. The company needs to take care of such incidents.

  • Big data security holes

Security issues are a huge problem for companies with big data projects and analytics. The big data projects often decide to lay the security actions at the later stages. This can cause dangerous security issues in the Custom website development company. Many companies think that the security will be granted to the projects at the application level, the companies do not give any importance to the decision and the security is neglected. The best solution is to make security the priority. This can be done by developing the security system during the architecture of the company.


The companies that adopt big data projects can find various challenges other than the ones mentioned above. The process of transferring big data into valuable insights can be a big challenge that the leading web development company might face. Upscaling is also a major issue that companies face with big data. However, most of the challenges have proper solutions and can be resolved easily with a well organized and decent structure.