UEM offers enterprises better mobile security and more cohesive user experiences

UEM offers enterprises better mobile security and more cohesive user experiences

Most of the enterprises now offer work devices to their employees that require managing those devices.

With more people opting to work remotely with multiple kinds of devices or different platforms like iOS, macOS, Windows, Android and tvOS the task of managing them all and keeping the security updated can be quite a challenging task.

To help any organization or IT managers to work seamlessly in keeping these devices and platforms up-to-date the UEM solution is used. Many enterprises are now looking for custom web development services that can offer UEM solutions. 

So what is UEM solution and how does it offer enterprises better mobile security and cohesive user experiences? 

What Is UEM?

UEM is the acronym for Unified Endpoint Management, a solution that enables an organization to control and securely manage cohesively various devices like desktops, smartphones, tablets and laptops from a single console. While UEM has still not taken off fully as a model yet but there has been a steady demand for the solution as part of enterprise mobility solutions

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Unlike Enterprise Mobility Management that can handle only the mobile devices of an enterprise, UEM can unite all the gadgets of an organization. Also, with most enterprises having to deal with multiple numbers of endpoints be it various vendors, operating systems, applications and different rights for different uses and users, UEM becomes the solution.

For the effective function of an organization, the IT department has to manage all these while securing them as well as maintaining compliance. UEM enables the IT department to provide the service of maintaining these devices for the employees while also ensuring cyber security solutions

To put it simply, UEM helps in consolidating all the enterprise management endpoints into a single solution and resource instead of managing the disparate system for each device, vendors, operating system and so on.

How UEM Offers Better Mobile Security and Cohesive User Experience?

According to the users of UEM, the solution offers quite a few benefits in relation to user experience as well as cybersecurity services. Here are some of the benefits of UEM for users:


In most cases, the job of managing the security and endpoints of device or service is left for the user, this often poses a significant risk to the security and compliance to the enterprise. For an IT expert, UEM gives visibility to every endpoint of the enterprise’ devices.

It also allows segmentation of reporting options, device subsets so analysis can be done easily. Hence the devices and the endpoints can be managed by the IT as per the enterprises’ compliance policies and security. This enterprise mobility solution helps in mitigating the security risks thus improving user experiences. 


UEM has the option of setting triggers for specific conditions, in which the IT manager or team will receive an alert if unusual behavior is detected on the devices. This ensures that the compliance is maintained and updated security system is in place.

Automation service offered in UEM ensures better cybersecurity solutions as updates can be automated too. Furthermore, automated updates will increase the efficiency and agility of the devices by reducing updates for individual devices. 


Often disparate systems in management result in inconsistency in the devices, procedures, and configuration. With well-programmed UEM solution from custom web development services will warrant a standardized configuration of devices, uploading of applications and tools throughout all the endpoints.

If required different tools, applications, and policies can be applied for different devices, user groups, and departments. This helps in providing all the employees with the tools and applications that they require to work efficiently while ensuring better user experience. 

Time and Cost-Effective

UEM service allows IT departments to implement structured, consistent and automated endpoint management of all devices on the platform. This allows all the devices to be configured and updated regularly and effectively thus reducing the strain on the IT department to service and configure each device separately. 

Security and Compliance

For enterprise assets, one of the main challenges that IT department faces is ensuring the security of the user-devices. This is even more exacerbated when disparate service and tool is required for ensuring security. UEM’s solution ensures better cyber security services by keeping all the devices are updated with the security software, passwords, access rights, and compliance procedures. 

Better User Experience

UEM solution improves the consistency and efficiency of devices and IT management’s task. This helps in providing better user experience irrespective of the device they are using. It is because with UEM every device on the platform regardless of its OS, security features, applications, access credentials, and other tools are updates along with users’ identities. This not only safeguards the device but also guarantees fewer usability issues while providing better user experience. 

Hence if you have the question ‘why you should use UEM solution for your enterprise?’ the answer is simple. It helps you to keep the device management simple, improves the work efficiency of your IT people and other employees because it offers a better user experience. Also, with IT people having time to focus on other critical issues than updating each device disparately you save money and time, thus UEM increases the overall productivity of your enterprise by providing enhanced mobile security.