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What are the latest trends in 2020 for enterprise application development?

When it comes down to imagining the work of any enterprises without any sort of IT systems as well as applications is almost impossible as they allow them to manage all of the processes right from the production to the operations and even logistics with quite an effectiveness.

 Enterprise IT solutions have become an integral and essential part of the modern enterprise infrastructure. Essentially, it is the most vital way to optimize as well as control all of the business operations and processes. 

Also, enterprise application development and applications integration assist in simplification of work of the employees along with automation as well as speeding up of communication within the enterprises.

Enterprise mobility solutions are essentially divided into both internal as well as external ones. The internal mobile applications are utilized by the employees for remote access to the entire corporate systems. For instance, warehousing as well as logistic services. Enterprise mobile apps for mobile apps reduce the overall operating costs as well as downtime. It even synchronizes the work of the entire individual teams as well as work teams and even the field managers. Also, it even helps in controlling different work processes.

Moreover, when it comes down to enterprises which work in the particularly retail niche, the mobility term actually involves the development of the apps for the customers. Essentially the leaders of this particular process are generally banking organizations. Hence, let’s consider the best and essential enterprise application development trends that we will witness in the year 2020. Before that, let’s define what actually is Enterprise Software.

Enterprise Software

Most of the growing businesses that essentially excel in their particular industry actually rely on a given ERP system. A particular ERP system is essentially the brain of an organization. Also, enterprise application development allows organizations to streamline workflows easily, also increase their efficiency and simultaneously reduce costs.

It is an evident fact that the reasons for the development of enterprise apps is still the same. It includes eliminating human errors, automating mundane, boring and repetitive tasks, saving time as well as costs, increasing efficiency as well as generating actionable insights.

However, in order to achieve success in the development or modernization of the ERP, you have to consider a plethora of factors. Among them is a visualization of a clear picture of the latest trends in the app development and how they will essentially impact and even maximize the processes for much greater efficiency.

Now, let’s look at enterprise application development trends that will be the highlight of 2020.

1. Machine Learning 

As per recent studies, the ERP software industry will be the prime target of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence developers. Most of the industry leaders are currently exploring the utilization of these technologies for the purpose of ERP systems. And among them, the majority is looking into machine learning. 

As we know, enterprises are getting inherently intelligent. Hence, the driving factors towards it in the year 2020 will certainly be Machine Learning. At present, the enterprises own a huge volume of data. The power of predictive analysis, with the help of machine learning, can assist enterprises to understand the data much faster easily and even draw insights right from the data which they wouldn’t have been able to do so otherwise.

Whenever a particular system shuts down, generally it costs the enterprise time, productivity and money. Owing to machine learning, data can easily be churned to easily identify the potential issues way before time and easily raise red flags. Even, AI can assist in identifying processes that are inefficient and assist executives in making root cause analysis to easily help in making the entire process much more dynamic as well as curb costs.

2. Voice-Assisted Software

With the people getting highly dependent on voice-assistants like and reciting commands to Alexa, Siri, Okay Google, etc. we are witnessing that almost half of the searches will be done through voice by 2020. Also, voice commands aren’t simply limited to the four walls of the rooms anymore, but they can easily be utilized in the enterprises too. In the year 2020, we will witness a much larger acceptance of voice assistance in enterprises across different verticals.

Different voice assistants for enterprises can certainly increase the employees’ productivity by easily performing vital tasks such as scheduling meetings, tracking to-dos, providing reminders, sending out emails, making phone calls etc. 

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Also, it can help with customer interaction as well as retention by means of engaging customers in quite a natural conversation. Hence, then they can easily personalize the overall recommendations based on the actual input from the particular customers. It can easily be used for offshore customers where there is a particular language gap. Also, the chatbots can easily translate the languages in real-time and easily cease and close the communication gap.

3. Cloud-based ERP

In the year 2020, we will witness increasing traction of various cloud-based ERP systems, especially due to operational efficiencies that are offered by the cloud. It is suggested that the cloud-based ERP market will certainly increase by multi-fold. Enterprises that implement SaaS solutions have certainly increased by a significant margin. Most of the businesses are either planning on transferring or have moved to the cloud already.

The essential reasons for the migration of various enterprise applications to these cloud-based systems are:

  • Multiple-tenancy- There is a single instance of the software which is available to serve different customers. Hence, all of the users, as well as applications, share a particular common infrastructure as well as code base which is centrally maintained. Such multi-tenancy makes it quite easier to readily customize SaaS apps in accordance with the particular individual enterprise business needs.
  • Scalability- The SaaS apps allow you to easily choose your model with respect to the business needs and easily upscale as well as downscale it whenever the business requirement essentially changes.
  • Savings of Cost- Cloud-hosted ERP is certainly cheaper than any on-premise solution. Essentially SaaS is mostly subscription-based and doesn’t have any up-front license-fee. 

4. Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking or SD-WAN

Various multinational enterprises generally face the inherent challenge of deployment of branch office wide-area networking right through thousands of locations and simultaneously maintain exceptional users experience while keeping their security in mind. 

Moreover, the widespread adoption of SD-WAN offers greater bandwidth, along with increased network speed as well as end-to-end encryption which makes it the latest trend of enterprise app development of 2020.

It leverages a combination of the various public as well as private networks and hence making the entire network secure, as well as faster and hence reduce latency between both public cloud providers as well as private data centers.

5. Intelligent Applications

Most of the enterprise application, which is implemented by the service providers, will be included with Artificial Intelligence capabilities as per the recent study. Hence, the use of intelligent apps will certainly be largely observed in the different industries where customer behaviour insights can easily assist in identifying the transaction fraudulence and improving customer service. Virtual Personal Assistants, along with IoT and every other app will have some element of AI along with Augmented and Virtual Reality in it. Also, customers will demand a much more exciting mixed reality experience in 2020. Mobile app development services have to develop such enterprise apps that inculcate these technologies.

6. Accelerated Mobile Pages

With the increasing importance of mobile-friendly web apps, the accelerated mobile pages are becoming essential in the entire arena. Millions of AMP’s have already been published with more domains creating them. Essentially, they are HTML super lightweight pages that are designed for much faster loading. In the upcoming year, we will certainly see an increasing number of enterprise application development of these AMP’s as more enterprises shift their focus to them to get their web pages loaded in just a few milliseconds.

7. Wearable Devices

While there is an increasing demand for mobility solutions, the demand for wearables is becoming quite high. The sales of smartwatches, fitness bands, etc. have been through the roof according to recent reports. These insights from different sources have certainly given the market leaders a certain heads up in order to start their planning for their next set of innovative as well as unique wearable devices in 2020.

8. Progressive Web Applications

The web applications or websites which give the particular feeling of native web apps will certainly change the overall outlook of cross-platform app development in 2020. It will create a high demand for PWAs as more customers now demand enterprises to do more with much less. Similar to hybrid apps, these PWAs will certainly gain much more popularity in the entire enterprise application development in the upcoming years.

9. Security with Speed

As per the reports, web apps are plagued with various vulnerabilities which could lead to various sensitive data exposure and significant cross-site request forgery flaws. With security breaches becoming prevalent, the focus of the companies will be to hire app developers to create applications with higher-security features than better functionalities. Hence, enterprise IT Solutions will certainly include coding defensive code for the platforms as well as technologies utilized in the modern world.

10. Software Personalization

The entire structure of demand is completely changing together with the essential development of the enterprise mobility market. Even though previous solutions for the managers that allow to control the essential business processes easily were in huge demand, it is the time to meet the actual demand of the average employees finally.

Most of the people get easily used to using smartphones as well as tablets for different work purposes and wish to have particular access to different corporate access in different places as well as the employers are quite interested in the essential fact that the employees are certainly available outside the office always. Hence, mobile apps are changing the company's work radically.

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Moreover, mobile users require apps that connect them to different enterprise resources. It certainly improves productivity greatly and facilitates collaboration among the employees. Simultaneously, employees need to have unlimited online access to all of the information as well as applications.

Let's consider the mobile enterprise notions for the optimization of different transport processes as well as production registration, for instance. Different users of such apps are generally warehouse managers, storekeepers as well as the drivers. But, it certainly doesn’t actually apply to the entire personnel department. 

Hence, it is quite essential to consider to access different policies for separate departments as well as user groups, if they consist of few people even. 

In the case of external apps, personalization consists of the creation of the customer base as well as the ability to easily maintain the feedback with the different customers. Hence, it applies to different trade companies as well as service enterprises.

11. Usability of Enterprise Application

Similar to common mobile apps, enterprise software needs to be user-friendly as well as easier to use. Owing to this, companies are quite able to reduce the overall time as well as resources for training the staff.

Also, organizations require their employees to utilize a wide range of technological tools as well as work in various business domains. And this essentially means that the entire process of software usage needs to be convenient for extremely specialized experts.

Hence, if you wish to hire app developers and make an enterprise app, you need to take into account a particular principle that the entire application must not only simply carry out its tasks, but it needs to be easier to use. Also, it should easily allow collaboration along with information sharing as well as be quite simple to implement and even provide support.

Since mobile apps have great features and functionality, the enterprise app developers are quite tempted to implement full system features and functionality in the entire mobile app. But, you need to consistently monitor whether it is quite comfortable for the user to work with the app easily and it is quite possible to do something which is useful in quite a shorter period of time.

12. Improved Functionality of Enterprise Application 

​In previous cases, enterprise app development companies often saw the smartphones essentially as additional screens in order to access operation data, but not covering all they could actually get from the particular interface of these given devices. Different mobile apps have quite rich functionality, along with access to navigation as well as the camera of the mobile device, which results in a greater number of functions and features.

At present, there is an emerging trend towards the complete utilization of smartphone characteristics for the businesses. Hence, it is quite necessary to create a package of the entire software development tools for the complete solution of the given complex problem. It inculcates the collection of entire data from the different sensors of the smartphone, along with battery life optimization as well as ensuring data confidentiality and much more.

It will allow Android app development company to utilize a smartphone to its complete potential. The entire application functionality actually depends on the entire objectives of the given department or the particular company.

For instance, mobile apps easily interact with all of the integrated services such as GPS-navigation, social networks, notifications and much more. This particular tool is quite essential for enterprises whose businesses are in the given service industry niche.

13. Preservation of User Privacy

When it comes to high-quality mobile apps which are utilized by enterprises, they need to protect employees. Even though it may sound strange as the emphasis is generally placed on the overall prevention of unauthorized use of corporate data for the personalized requirements. However, it is also true that the entire personal information needs to remain personal.

The employees and partners need to remain calm, knowing that their company doesn’t actually control their entire personal data. Hence, it is good for the mobile app development services who don’t wish to have additional responsibility as well as expenses for the management of personal data.

At present, the entire mobile business environment needs an integrated approach to the entire security as well as management. Hence, it is vital when security problems are quite hidden from the actual user thanks to the present advanced technology of developing the apps shell which allows the entire corporate applications to run isolated from the particular individual applications easily. It provides employees with the opportunity to easily select a given device as well as a user-friendly interface. Hence, the company retains control over the entire enterprise applications as well as data.


Mentioned here are the most popular and essential trends in enterprise application development. Certain apps should be useful for the business along with being scalable, user-friendly, information-rich, clear as well as easy to use. These apps need to meet all of the customers’ requirements and even move their businesses to the next, higher and better level. Also, their essential and vital goal is to optimize the different business processes along with time and resources costs reduction, and due to this, as a consequence, the overall growth of the company’s profits.


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