What If Microsoft Had Created Android, The Tech World Would Be Very Different Today?

What If Microsoft Had Created Android, The Tech World Would Be Very Different Today?

Microsoft has been one of the brilliant minds in the tech industry.

The smartphone market has been dominated by Android and iOS, the best in. So, the question arises, Microsoft being such a financially established company that has employed such brilliant minds was not able to make it to the smartphone market?

Well, In an event hosted by US venture capital firm, Bill Gates stated that his greatest mistake was his mismanagement that caused Microsoft not to be an android. Microsoft wanted to break into the smartphone industry, it tried it back then with its PDAs. But after iOS and Android app development services came into the smartphone industry, after years of struggle Microsoft was completely washed out.

So, before assuming what would the tech world be if Microsoft created Android, let us understand why Microsoft didn’t create something like Android?


There are many reasons due to which Microsoft never created something like Android.

One of the reasons is that Microsoft always saw smartphones as a dwarf version for desktops, it even has a brand name called ‘Pocket PC’. Microsoft was a desktop dedicated company, it was quite challenging for them to build something so small with an inbuilt ‘Touch Screen’ system.

While Microsoft had 18,000 apps for windows mobile, Apple just came into the market with 500 apps. Despite having far more applications Microsoft web development was unable to establish itself. It was because Apple developed its own app store for smartphones which made it easier for users to download and run applications. On the other hand, Microsoft was not so friendly with open source products and was slowly getting eliminated from the mobile industry. Android and iOS open nature allowed handset vendors to take and use the bits they like, which apparently attracted more people towards it.

The most important reason, Android users were free from high licensing fees with was charged by Microsoft for using their product. Making Android way cheaper for handset vendors to take risks and experiment on new products. Microsoft realized the demerit of their licensing charges when they started losing their market share to Android, Finally, they aborted the licensing fees but it was way too late to call for action. To recover themselves from the setback and to show how pervasive the concept had become Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 users.

The mobile market has only one room for a mass-market mobile operating system which was taken over by Android, and Apple, on the other hand, had its secure cover on the premium customer market. Microsoft was unable to groom itself in the mobile market as it was able to do in the Desktop market.


Android App Development Services has been advancing day by day with its growing demand.

Applications developed for android devices are written in Android System Development Kit also known as SDK kit. Android has a vast store of third-party applications which the users can install and update through the App Store. Google Play store is primarily the app store installed in the android devices which makes it way easier for users to install, update, and remove applications from their devices. Many Android App Development Company acts as a third-party for the Google Play store.

Microsoft never thought of launching an open-source software, while Android and iOS were gaining the advantage of it in the market. Microsoft Web Development provided users a complex way of downloading and installing apps in Microsoft devices. This was one of the most important reasons why Microsoft was unable to establish itself in the smartphone market.

We Should also take into account that Google's profit comes from the services it provides through Android like - Search, Maps, EMAIL which is why it stands in a condition to give away to mobile makers.

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Recently, Microsoft designed its Microsoft Launcher to replace Google as the default web browser on Android devices. Microsoft is trying to build its own services and office connectivity to the home screen. Although, Microsoft phones have been out of the market for 10 years, now its embracing Android as the mobile version of windows. Microsoft has been focusing on its strategy of making iOS and Android better at connecting to windows and with this, they won’t hold back on adding features to get available at iOS devices as well.

Microsoft is seeing their Windows 10 as a chance to establish its position in the market. Microsoft App Development is trying to provide users with something they haven’t seen on any Android or iOS devices.


It is always to be remembered that the status of race is inevitable. Could Microsoft develop something similar to the Android? Unfortunately, if it had provided an open-source software rather than a paid version and had predetermined that smartphones were not a dwarf version of desktops, till now it would have developed a rival for Android and iOS.

Well! As we have known that the status race is inevitable, Microsoft has still got enough resources to build something unique and establish itself back into the market. The new mobile push is a great example of developing something that will actually benefit Android, iPhone and Windows 10 users. We will soon be able to witness the change in tech by ourselves.