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What new should be in Upcoming Android OS Version, Android Q

With the increasing growth in Android Applications, developers are looking into the new features that can be added to the upcoming versions of operating systems. The latest development in this is the Android Q.

Android Q is likely to come to with certain features that can aid top Developers in the process of Android Application Development.

  • Carrier control:Β Along with the innumerable application features Android Q also comes with SIM card features to control the carrier flow. Android App Development Companies can observe more rules for which kind of SIM is compatible with which device. This will allow the network carriers to control and limit the features of the first and second slot in case of dual SIM.
  • Access from Desktop:Β This is an interesting feature which allows the users to connect their phones with the desktop. One can access apps in bigger screen windows which are resizable. This is a step towards improving the experience of the users and programmers in Application Development. This can further encourage top Android App Developers to build better apps that will run at a good quality even on high resolution PCs.Β 
  • Notifications:Β Missing important notifications has been an age old problem in android phones. Latest features of notification settings are aimed to solve these issues. The notifications will not be dissolved without the permission of the user. Hence some notifications can be kept for future reference. Only the user can swipe it off the screen. Unless that is done the notification will be preserved and can be dealt with at a later time.Β 
  • Smart lock and security features:Β The security provided by Android App Development Companyhas often been questioned as compared to other contemporaries. Applications which have an access to the clients’ personal information are more likely to experience a threat to their security.

Top Developers can use these features to prevent any third party from introducing malicious content in any form. Two types of new smart locks have been made available. There are features for increasing the unlock time in a device when it is already unlocked. There are special locking features pertaining to a particular device to increase the security and integrity along with safe guarding the privacy of the user.

  • Dark mode:Β There is a dark mode which is a kind of power saving mode for the device. It helps to save the battery consumption due to LED and OLED screens. It enables a more comfortable screen light tone for the ease of the user.

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This enables a more productive and efficient screen time for the users. Unnecessary battery drainage can be avoided. This automatically reduces the chances of battery overcharging by conserving the battery and hence in turn ensure the sustenance of the device for a long term use.

  • Testing features:Β Android Q is adopting a kind of open source approach. The source code will be made available to the users and other top Android App Developers for the process of testing. This testing is likely to occur before the Q version is officially launched. This is an interesting approach since it involves collecting a firsthand feedback from the users. There is more room to understand any shortcomings or glitches that might have passed on. These can be rectified and made relevant in accordance with the needs of the users.
  • Multi resume feature:Β There is a multi resume feature which is basically an upgraded version of the split screen and PIP. This feature entails splitting screens with different applications which can actively run together, simultaneously. This is a multi-tasking feature where the user gets the benefit of using more than one app at the same time. This can save a lot of time to enhance productivity. It can also be extremely convenient in case of a multiple app requirement since they can now run on the same device.
  • Foldable phone compatibility:Β Android version Q is going to be compatible with foldable smart phones and other android devices with foldable screens. Thus, making it a feature that is compatible of various platforms so maximum people can benefit by such Application Development.


Hence, Android Q, with its wide ranging features, is focused at providing a streamlined approach of productivity for Android App Developers. By tackling all the common issues faced in the process of Android Application Development, it enhances the quality and efficiency of the application in order to provide a better experience for everyone.