CIS and Partner Up for a Better Future of Technology

CIS and Partner Up for a Better Future of Technology

It’s a mixture of delight and honor for CIS to announce its official partnership agreement with Credits, a leading autonomous blockchain and smart contracts based platform that supports the development and implementation of cutting-edge decentralized applications and services.

This ready-to-use public platform can be leveraged for building a wide range of solutions catering to just as wide range of industry domains.

Among many other notable benefits of the platform, its incredibly high speed is certainly one of the most impressive ones. The platform, during its first stage of load testing, was able to reach a processing speed of 1.3 million transactions per second.

Here are some other interesting features and uses of the Credits platform:

  • Provides autonomous or automatically executing smart contracts.
  • Enables storage of information, issuing of financial assets, and even IoT implementation.
  • Has an internal cryptocurrency.
  • Successfully serves industries like banking, lending, insurance, logistics, consumer goods, industrial goods, etc.
  • Various types of solutions to help with sophisticated application development.

CIS is excited for its partnership with Credits, hoping that through this partnership we’ll be able to together build applications that will revolutionize the way industries operate.

About Cyber Infrastructure (CIS)

Founded in 2003, CIS is a CMMI Level 3 certified technology solutions and services company that has an impressive presence across the globe, with offices in India, USA, UK, Singapore, and South Africa. Catering to its worldwide clients with excellent IT services, CIS believes in empowering businesses with the right technology solutions for their needs.