Custom Web Development Trends in 2019

04 Dec

The entire web development industry is currently going great transformation. It is quite evident from various emerging technologies as well as methodologies that are disrupting this particular industry. The changes are certainly so frequent that one can’t actually assume what will come actually come next. In a few years, the web development industry has certainly witnessed different changes and various updated versions of JS, PHP, .NET and so on.

We now dig deeper into the custom web development trends that can certainly improve the development process, automate the operations and enhance productivity. Being an enthusiastic and opportunistic web development company, you can certainly explore the various possibilities of every inception, various drop holes of each code, and even flow along with the frequent changes in the technologies’ implementation. Let’s take a closer view of the wide range of changes in trends of custom web development and make yourself certainly flexible enough to adapt to various new versions with much ease.

1. Rise of Push Notifications

Over the years, we have viewed that push notifications appeared on various websites along with several news, articles and posts. This particular trend will make the enterprises even much more visible and even make the updated content much more appealing, and the users are getting a lot more attached to the different trending updates. You can also understand this as a particular subscription model version where a form asks the given user info to make them quite aware of the latest posts and articles, changes in the content and even the increase of user subscription.

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Also, push notifications even ask the different users to enable them to receive the most recent updates. Once the given user has enabled it, the user can easily get the updates even when he has closed his own browser or exited the browsing website. This particular functionality of the push notifications is actually inspired from the mobile application notifications that are considered to be among the best method to improvise user engagement. It even encourages the user to navigate easily and even reach out their own favourite content within a few moments. While it actually enhances the user movement, it even works quite well for re-engagement of the user. Web development services have to work on enabling this feature in web development solutions.

2. Growing Prominence of Automated Chatbots

If you are still dependent on different traditional support systems wherever the user is required to generate any ticket, then he receives a resolved solution within a certain period of time then you have to consider upgrading the system. In this current digital era, no users actually want to wait for any type of solution. Considering this highly competitive industry, it actually makes it quite complex for the enterprises as if they don’t want to answer the users’ queries quickly then will actually switch to different enterprises.

To make it quite user-oriented and futuristic, there are different automated chat solutions that are available. You have to implement the right one in the web development solutions and then operate it from anywhere. These various automated chatbots will be considered certainly like an Artificial Intelligence version that can easily provide an answer to the user questions, navigate the user towards the right direction and even provide a worthy solution. A web development company has to venture deeply into this particular technology.

3. Adoption of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps or PWA appeared a few years ago and had become among the main competitors to the mobile applications along with an emerging custom web development trend. They are a general website that has few functionalities that allow the users in order to access it offline and then the entire credit goes to the given service provider.

The PWSs data is stored in the system cache which assists them , and it works great in the offline mode. Also, the service providers, that are currently assisting these websites to run them in the offline mode that runs in the background such that the actual users will eventually see the recent cache on every visit. The users can easily face a shortcut of a PWA website on their device dashboard so that they can utilize the given website on a regular basis and also access it whenever they want to, similarly like an application.


Custom web development is undergoing a massive shift. The entire industry is facing major changes. The various custom web development trends will assist the enterprises to gain a lot of users and even get better impressions and also achieve a lot of conversions. All of these trends are currently transforming the entire custom web development industry with huge effects, and they are going to impact the way enterprises address different concerns, demands and expectations of the users. They provide new opportunities for custom software development services in order to meet the businesses’ requirements to provide intuitive and innovative solutions.

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