Here are the website development trends you need to keep an eye out in 2020 -2021

Here are the website development trends you need to keep an eye out in 2020 -2021

In the last few years, there have been a lot of advancements in web development.

The quality and productivity of website designing services are nurturing with time. So when it hovers around to maintain a strong brand identity, the quality of websites matter.

The designers have to ensure that every new development in website development must not be negated. It sounds important to integrate every new change or improvisation. Designs always keep on evolving with the latest developments, so it is mandatory to fetch it to excel in the productivity and expectations of the clients. In last few years, responsive web design services have transformed the web user experience.

Last year, typography came with heavy integration into user experience and layout. Moreover, Adobe fonts and Google Fonts have also been offering larger catalogs of fonts on the web. In 2019, we have seen great development in website animations and micro-interactions. It is expected that both trends would continue into 2020 in developing websites by every web development service provider.

Recent advancements in technology and its quick adoption by every custom software development company have voiced more proactively to consider consistent changes every year. In between saturated markets, the need for extensive and innovative experiences grows the need for the specific changes in everything from customer experiences t website layouts. So, Lets dive in for some other website development trends to keep an eye out in 2020-21.

Effective use of Asymmetrical Web Layouts:

The most important factor for the website is its traction, and it becomes possible with the eye-catching layout. It is the first thing that makes a good first impression on the visitor. The capability of the website to fetch the attention of the visitors comes through asymmetrical layouts.

In the last few months, the use of asymmetrical layouts has been mounting effective results for the websites. The trend of using these layouts is on the rise. The nice looking websites make it possible to fetch end-users attention for you, and it results in the productive effort that converts the users into your clients. As more enterprises heavily relying on SaaS Software Development, the importance of quality websites has soared up.

This kind of website layouts makes the perfect balance between text and images. The fundamental focus of the website visitors automatically shifts from the large illustrations to the integrated more intricate details.

Intensive Integration of designers

A few years back, the creative team often set aside or worked supplementary to other available operational teams within organizations.

This might be a possible result of sudden changes in web development or user expectations but could get its credit and potential. As a result of this, there had been a mismatch between understanding the objectives of different teams.

But now the web development service provider is becoming complementary to every web development project. The experience has shown that the businesses are now more willing to integrate their designers into the operational side as primarily as possible. It further reduces the conflict and allows greater collaboration for the ultimate goal of the pristine website.

A joint, leveraged and organization wide understanding of UX cuts given time and efforts and makes it possible to reap rewards for the web development team.

Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain technology made its firs official appearance in 2009. Since then it is widely being used in crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin etc. as well as for other non financial purposes like Interplanetary File System using blockchain for linking files together to decentralize their file storage.

From its initial days, the blockchain has witnessed a remarkable transformation and development will be continuing in coming years.

With the leveraged functioning of blockchain through available social media, one thing can be vehemently ensured that published data will not be duplicated. The users will be able to store their data more securely, by this they can protect their ownership. Therefore, It will result in solving scandals, data control problems and privacy violations.

Furthermore, the users can use public and private blockchain solutions by a Hybrid Blockchain. The blockchain members are equipped with the opportunity for choosing an individuals’ participation in the blockchain.

CTA buttons Above-The-Fold

In between highly competitive market, the ultimate objective for the business organizations is t convert their website visitors as soon as possible. It means placing CTA (call to action) buttons at the top of the fold a or above the fold of the websites.

The value of time and unwanted distractions cant be ignored. So to reduce bounce rates and short attention spans, the best place for CTA buttons is the top of the fold of your website.

It is the reason that most of the proactive marketing tactics used by website development services include the appropriate placing of the CTA buttons with headlines and sub headers. With quite appealing iconography and an appropriate image or banner and CTA, the design trick ensures more conversions.

So, according to the recent trends, the developers will be more proactive in using effectual placing of CTA buttons on their websites.

Visible Design Grids

As its name suggests, design grids are nothing just a organized series of vertical and horizontal lines intersecting each other multiple times. It serves as a structure rather than a free space for the web development service provider to work.

Currently, a trend that consistently being found in website designing is actually showing grids even after you finished your design. Whether these are dominant grid lines or softer gridlines, working to make them visible creates a structured and clean website design which yields a professional design for your websites.


The PWA ( Progressive web applications) are web apps that uses advanced features for delivering a similar experience to app for their users. Therefore, users get all benefits without downloading an application. These are best for the organization and businesses that don’t have sufficient financial resources to develop a mobile application. Since the IT revolution, the integration of every new advancements by custom software development company cannot be undervalued.

Here are the 5 reasons that acknowledge the importance of PWA for the business in 2020.

1. Offline Mode: PWA enables the users to browse even without no internet connection. It wipes out the need to leave the platform just to support relevant search for the user

2. Security: Progressive web applications use the HTTPS protocol and it prevents hackers from getting the users’ confidential information from their browser.

3. Speed: Due to faster loading time, PWA efficiently reduces server pressure. As a result, the web app does not crash during intensive traffic.

4. Updates: PWA can be easily fixed or updated with no link to the app store. It also promised regular updates for your system.

5. User Engagement: In case of PWA, due to availability of user-generated data, you possess the possibility of observing customer behaviors or particular trends of the market.

Video Elements:

Undoubtedly, every website development has to be concerned about placing perfect titles and headers. It counts to the efforts to make them catchy to grab attention of the visitor. Furthermore, relevant images also grab a perfect attention for the visitors and these are more productive and effective.

But Video elements can’t be easily undervalued when it comes to the supremacy in multimedia for higher engagement of the visitors. The videos aim to human emotions and influence the overall conversion rate.

So, still videos elements would be a consistent trend in 2020-21. It’s better to add high quality engaging videos on your websites. In year 2020 it is the most effective factor of marketing strategy for website development services companies.

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Minimalist or User centric design:

Though catchy taglines and multimedia fetches users’ attentions, it always important to let some space for the users for processing the content easily. Today it’s not enough to bombard your websites with multiple images for the viewers. It has become a conventional tactics and now users act prudently.

So, according to the current developments, customers have to be offered spacious layouts with relevant multimedia and to the point text. Having a minimalistic website layout saves the development time and also provides a simple and soothing interface to the viewers.

No doubt, the users’ actual experience about the website layouts has changes a lot in few years through Responsive web design services. Your website page may be looking minimal, slick and modern but that does not mean its effective, efficient or concise.

Now the companies are using it dedicatedly and it has taken a new shape in recent years. Here, the role of best, experienced and efficient web development company comes into picture.

Attractive Presentation

While developing websites it’s quite common to know that “Content is the king “. It is really an important fact that needs to be taken seriously. But on the other hand no matter how appropriate your content is the presentation of the website plays a complementary part to the content. The importance of Responsive web design services can’t be easily substituted.

You need to use some eye catching animations, functions and mouse over features that ensure the attention of the viewers to your website. It’s a fundamental methodology that high engagement of the users roves the high quality of the websites. So, a good presentation enhances the interactivity and engagement of the content, and it results in increases ROI and conversion rates.

Voice Search for queries:

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. are some popular voice assistants helping out the people in their daily routine. Today, the number of people is using the voice assistants and it’s becoming actual need of the time. Here, while website development in the 2020; voice search would be highly preferred choice for the developers. The consistent change in the people choice and lifestyle has also ratcheted the use of voice assistants in their daily life. The colossal research and advancements in technologies with adroit web development service provider makes it necessary to integrate voice search feature in your websites.

The voice capable interface would be the most appropriate option for the developers to expand the website’s user base.

Personalization is the primary advantage of using voice assistants. They offer more personalized results than regular text to the users. In today’s scenarios, people may find typing a little inconvenient, and would like to route for a better personalized option. So in this case, a website equipped with highly personalized smart voice search technology is a better option. Recent trend suggest the importance custom software development company in consolidating every new developments in technology.

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Users Care and attention

Undoubtedly, the users’ care and attention needs an effective and dedicated effort either you are service or product provider. Even the fact also applies in the case website development projects. The current trend suggests that the quality and adaptability of the websites eventually hovers around users’ responsiveness to the websites. Today, most website development services come with a refined purpose of offering proper user experience research and development. It results in perfect integration of every factor that either enhances or maintains the users’ attention and care.

This year, there would be many more enterprise will likely be arriving to create a well designed but minimal websites. There will be more effect on UX design and as a result, a better digital experience will produce more adaptability of the websites for the users. It becomes possible through experienced responsive web design services.

Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Most probably Machine learning n Artificial intelligence seems just hyped buzzwords. But the fact that astonishes, they have not become a preferred option yet. The world is now shifting to a quite more organized and smart way of living. Here, the role of AI and ML can’t be negated. They both help in gathering user insights and customer behavior. It results in determining the users’ activity that plays an important role for their pre determined goal.

So, the websites suing artificial intelligence and Machine learning will remain a consistent approach for the companies providing SaaS Software Development as well.

Virtual Experience

Technological advancements come with multi dimensional effect either directly or indirectly over people life. Today people are heavily spending over stuffs online but unable to have a direct look and experience of the product. But with the help o the virtual reality websites can easily offer insights that nearly provides the users the rich experience of buying at store.

Soon, it will become quite mandatory to scale user base for the business organization through their websites. There are potential reasons that the Virtual a reality will be more affordable soon. So it is good to use AR and VR to outcast the competitors and way to enrich users’ experience.


Today, the important aspect of every business strategy is an impeccable design of their websites. You need to access a highly experienced and qualified team of best web development company to create websites. They are updated with every new development and changes in trends so as to make your websites more vocal to the potential customers.

The need is to accelerate your efforts to enrich customer experience. So, it’s better to adapt these trends soon to pile up advantages.