Upcoming Web Design trend in 2019

18 Jan

As in the world of fashion, now also in web design it is crucial to keep up with the trends, what today seems modern and cutting edge in a few months could already be overcome.

In this digital noise, web designers must be able to perceive the news and understand the difference between a trend of transition and a solid trend that will lead to results.

Today it is no longer enough to create a beautiful and functional website, today the user wants more, wants to interact and be involved. In fact, the 2019 web design will be focused on the User Experience, focusing increasingly on interaction design, with the aim of exciting and above all impressing the public.

The elements at the center of the web experience of 2019 will be microinteractions, small details that respond to every action that the user takes on the site. In the use of mobile, The microinteractions have already surrounded us for some time considering that some apps are built entirely around them. People refer to these details as small animations, but in fact they are much more than this. Unlike other forms of animation that exist only to create an illusion of movement, microinteractions interact with the user, convincing him to take actions, while animated graphics are an accessory to make them even more persuasive and engaging.

In web design microinteractions completely change the user's approach to the site: no longer just informative pages with beautiful images, but specific points of interaction, a reaction to each action, guiding the user through the site and giving it at the same time perception of full control. You could use simple elements that change the usual boring data collection method, or an animated text editor or hover to zoom effect, or even more complex details like interactive infographics, a 3D effect on the font or image, or an animated scrolling of the menu and colors on the home page. Although called "micro" these are components that have a strong impact on the involvement of the audience, able to create a perfect call to action, because in fact we can not resist in front of an animated button or the small movements of the images while we navigate.

By focusing on the user experience, how do the layouts of the new 2019 sites change?

A few years ago, thanks to the growing use of mobile, centered on responsive and simple websites, Flat Design took root, it is an essential and minimalist style with clean graphics that still continues to remain in the top of web design trends. However, 2019 will also feature a line of contrast, namely Asymmetric Layouts or Broken Grid Design, making a leap from simplicity to an explosion of creativity in the use of shapes and images. This striking design allows you to draw attention to points of interest on the site, to engage and differentiate, avoiding the trap of standard sites.

One of these points of interest are the backgrounds, becoming even more interactive and attractive. The trend is playing with great images, colors and animations creating a strong visual effect, but above all using video, another trend already underway from previous years, which has taken hold with the growing use of social networks becoming today the point key to communication and a strong branding tool.

Finally, let's not forget colors and fonts. Colors have long been used in marketing to influence purchasing decisions and the emotional involvement of the final consumer, so even in web design colors can have a certain influence on user behavior and influence a certain action.

2019 will be the year of brilliant and bold colors, excellent for a persuasive call to action and to create an impact visual experience and communication. The goal is to ATTENTION ATTENTION. Designers begin to dare with strong color contrasts, and it can be noticed by the new trend to use palette that range from bright colors, such as the fluorescent of the '80s and' 90s, to the delicate, green and pink shades of pastels . A fashion that has lasted since 2016, begun with the renewal of the Instagram logo, is that of the Gradients or the so-called nuances. Finally, a different use of intense colors and contrasting shades is given by the Duotone effect that, applied to images and photos with powerful, almost fluorescent shades, manages to give character and style to the home page.

In short, the world of the web is no longer just Flat!

Not only colors but also with Fonts you can finally exaggerate, the trend of big letters that dominate the whole page will make the website more expressive and creative, perfect for the trend of Broken Grid. In 2019 we will use the boldest font, with illustrated and 3D models, characters manipulated with animated letters and typographic elements intertwined with other geometric shapes.

The text is a very important means of communication, perhaps the major. The trend of large letters helps to create captivating headlines, improve the User Experience and, above all, to get the message where, and to whom, we want. On the other hand, the font represents the voice and the tone of the page, so it is up to us to ask ourselves "How much do we want to make ourselves feel?".

The 2019 web design will focus on bold choices of fonts and colors, asymmetrical layouts and interactive and animated backgrounds that can impress, provoke and stimulate. But above all it will be the microinteractions that make the difference between an ordinary and an exceptional site, completely changing the way of navigation and putting the user at the center of the online experience. The goal of web designers for 2019 will therefore attract attention, provoke emotions, interact and leave no room for indifference.

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