Impact of Big Data in Healthcare Industry

In the era of using technology in each and every industry, big data made the sensation in the healthcare industry.

It was purely linked up with the digital world so the ethernet stood like a backbone to the big data. So, in short, the data will have the eye reach and everything that we are doing whether we are going to the doctor or if we had a connection with the big data. The big data services will store all the prescriptions, each and every medicine details and pre-define every medicine in the data type.

The structured and unstructured data collected in massive quantities from EHRs, EPRs and clinical decision support systems are referred to as Big Data. The information is gathered, managed and organized in such a way that the healthcare professionals can make maximum use of the data in order to make strategic business-related decisions, produce better outcomes and make cost reduction at the same time.

Big data solutions

There are a lot of solutions available for the big data and solutions are again layered in various types. Lot of them are programming language like Hadoop which can handle the codes to remember the same thing as we do but it gets converted to the machine language when recorded in computers.

Steps for big data solutions involve Data acquisition, Data integration, Data Warehouse, Data Modeling, Predictive Analytics, Data visualization and Reporting

Data acquisition

It is a process involved with 3 small processes called gathering, filtering and cleaning the data. This is done before the data is put into a data warehouse.

Data integration

In the data integration, the data will be integrated with the products that how much we sail to the customers all the things have come under these data integration.

Data Warehouse

The term warehouse in data warehouse means all the things that what we have taken in the above steps, will be made by using the data warehouse.

Data modelling

In this step, we are able to model the data. When the product will go to the next step, all the things will be developed in the data modelling.

Predictive analysis

In this step, all the reviews have to be taken by the customers either directly or indirectly so that here we able to predict the product that how the product is going to sell. All these things will be done under this stage.


With all the things of the above steps, we will make a report and it will be submitted to coordinates to know about the product strategy.

Health care application development

There are a lot of applications available in the online market and we can make an application by having the freelancers by our side. By using the application we will be able to know about the patient’s health care and all the things. It will intimidate the patient to have his or her tablets or to have a present diet to follow and all the things. It will predefine all the needs of a patient according to his or her disease.

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All these things will be saved in terms of code in the application to remind and to keep the patient aware of his/her timings. By using all these, we will be able to know about the health condition of patient without the presence and it will play a very major role in saving time also.

There are a lot of programming languages that are used to develop applications. The languages that are used for this purpose are Python, C+ +, and many other languages are used. Nowadays in Artificial intelligence, the languages that are mostly used include python and kotlin.

By using artificial intelligence, we will be able to tell the exact time we need to take the medicine and all the other things can also be known. By saying for the pulse rate itself we will be able to know how our health remains in different conditions. All the things will be recorded in the application and all the details will be forwarded to the concerned doctor who is doing our treatment.

All the body part checkups like that of heart, lungs and blood pressure and our sugar levels will be managed using this healthcare application development. We will be able to know about the patient’s geographical location and the appointments will be managed very easily. These are the benefits of having healthcare apps.

Health care application developers

There are a lot of application development companies across the globe. They hire healthcare application developers to develop their own healthcare applications. The companies with their innovative ideas get up with their own knowledge about what can be the new features that they can add in the app. There are a lot of applications that are built to solve health problems. Through the track of our pulse, they can alert us before we get an attack by any other disease. We will know about it beforehand. There are a lot of fit bands that are launched by some of the top companies across the world. They can warn us before we are likely to get an attack due to any severe diseases.

There are already various applications based on healthcare. Many more can be designed and they can have their own cloud storage to store the data from the patient and doctors side too. Hosting can be done with the help of developers and you can host all the things to know about the progress of patient’s health so that you will be able to know the patients’ conditions.

With the help of this, doctors will be able to monitor the patient's health condition from time to time. So, if any emergency case appears the doctor will be ready with all necessary tools that the patient needs which will save the doctors as well as his own time.