What kind of compliance or standards to be adhered to or followed while building cloud-based SaaS application?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

This may be regarded as a new approach that can replace the purchase of a traditional software licenses. This is very much popular among the users as well as the software companies. It is the basic approach to the delivery and maintenance of software where developers do not play a part in selling their programs with a license which is a lifetime. They may wait for the new version that will be having new features and updates. With the help of the subscription model companies markets their software product as a service. There are many web development company in USA who provides with great qualified developers to build SaaS application that is cloud-based.

All of the services of the software led by the company are basically hosted in the cloud. There is an advantage of using this cloud feature as it lets the user use the application although it is not stored on the computer. There are many benefits of cloud computing that gives SaaS software development. They are given below-

  • Cost efficiency- This is an important factor that every owner dreams of that is saving money from any possible place. If a cloud system is used then there is no need of buying or maintaining hardware which might be expensive. So you will have to pay for the resources only that are used by your app.

  • Reliability- A cloud is nothing but a network of servers that plays a role in locating anywhere around the world. Even if a single server goes down, then you don’t have to panic as the app will be present online.

  • Scalibility- It is not possible to buy new structures every time when your requirement increases. The requirement can increase depending on the competition and so cloud-based system is the best as you can upgrade your plan very easily within just a few clicks. You can also downgrade if you think that you don’t need such high requirements.

  • Security- Now the main thing that will come in every business man’s mind is the term security. So here also the business owners don’t have to worry much as the cloud service provider pays great attention in case of security. That is the service provider will ensure that the storing of your data is taking place in a safe manner.

It doesn’t matter which device you are using, as you can access the web apps of the cloud from any kind of device. There is also accessibility of the user for any kind of latest version of the software that is cloud-based. So no need for downloading updates is essential. There are many advantages of SaaS applications over the application that are on-premises.

Advantages of SaaS

There are many advantages of the SaaS application but the important ones are given below which makes it a standalone one.

  • The revenue of the developers is regular as well as longer-lasting.

  • The up-front cost for the user is very low.

  • As the up-front cost is low, the developers play a major role in attracting a huge base of potential customers.

  • There is no need of purchasing any of the new versions as the user receives regular and instant updates which include new features.

  • A trial period is given to the user that helps the user to determine whether the service is matching the needs of the user or not.

With the help of a website, a customer is able to receive instant access to the application of SaaS that will be having all the latest features and updates. The high start-up cost is also neglected whether the payment is direct to the developers or up-gradation in hardware which is essential for running the software locally.

There are also advantages for the service provider as a considerable amount is gained by them with the help of subscription that the customer provides. Because of the subscription, the developers can easily carry on with regular development efforts which are responsible for keeping the user happy. The cloud projects always attract a new customers as the initial cost is very low.

What are the things that may affect the development of the SaaS application?

There are many custom software development companies in India as well as across the globe who provides perfect developers. But still, they have to rely on the vendors from outside because of the licensed software. They also have to rely on the updates as well as maintaining them in order to track accurately. There are three important barriers which can affect the SaaS application development which is given below-

  • Issues related to the security of data.

  • There may be a chance of breaches in security and so there can be a constant fear in this matter.

  • The applications may lack integration among themselves.

The cost involved in SaaS software development?

The cost of anything in this world is not fixed. The cost always depends on the quality of the product. So the case is similar to that of the SaaS application. The cost of the SaaS application may vary if the complexity f the application starts varying. The cost further depends on the integration with other services and also an extra feature that has been added to the application.

You must be wise enough to choose the development team depending on the country. The choosing process will play a role in defining the quality as well as the price of the application. American and Canadian agencies charge around $150 to $180 in every hour whereas the Asia companies or the companies from South America charge very less, that is they charge between $15 to $45 every single hour. However they are not so reliable as that of the American and Canadian companies.

A cheaper alternative is provided by European companies. However, the quality of their product is far better than that of the Asian and South American counterparts. Western Europe is very expensive and they charge around $90 to $120 every single hour whereas Eastern Europe charges lesser and the range is from $40 to $75 every single hour.

As per all the rates discussed above, a SaaS which is simple will cost around $15,000 to $35,000 if it is built by Eastern European companies. However, it is very important to keep in mind that the price of a fully developed SaaS app may reach an amount of $100,000 with the Eastern European companies.

Standards followed for building a cloud-based SaaS application?

It is very essential for the SaaS application to be built on the cloud. It is essential to assemble the software. Now to develop a cloud-based SaaS app, it is important to decide the software tools that are to be deployed, the programming language that is to be used, and also the language that can be used for building the application. Choosing the programming language is usually a tough work.

Programming language

Any programming language that is used to build a web application can be used to build a simple SaaS application. The popular programming languages that are preferred are Java, PHP, .net/C#, Python. Now some important points must be kept in mind that is-

  • Now the business, as well as the technical requirements of any business, can be considered as all the programming languages and frameworks that have been tailored for solving certain kinds of problems. The one that suits better and is closer will come under the first priority.

  • It is important to create a minimum viable product as there are many approaches for creating a SaaS application. Now if the client is satisfied with the MVP or the minimum viable product, then the idea can be further implemented for creating an application that is fully functional.

  • In the case of any kind of programming language, a developer must play an important role in looking for better alternatives. They must also not cloud their judgment if also they are comfortable with any of the specific programming languages.

  • A SaaS application will maintain its quality and will last longer only if the conservative programming language is used to build them. The conservative programming language is those languages that make proper use of frameworks in any kind of intermediate layer, environment which is integrated continuously, experienced team for testing, and framework for automated testing.

Managing database

To arrange documents and any other important kinds of stuff before any kind of work is important. Similarly, it is very important if you keep the document-oriented database in an organized way. There is no dependency of a single instance to any other instance in case of the database which is document-oriented. Moreover, similar thing happens with the database which receives their information type from the data itself. This technique basically plays a role in reducing the size of the database substantially. So you will be receiving a program experience which is richer.

System of Queuing

The asynchronous communication protocol is always used by any of the normal SaaS applications. In the case of this kind of protocol, there is no need for the sender and the receiver to communicate at a similar time. Web applications basically communicate with third-party asynchronously and they are also run at different times.

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EC2 and AWS

AWS stands for Amazon web Services. Amazon web services play a major role in the web page execution. They also help in assisting the performance for batch jobs whose speed is very high. Moreover, the point must be noted that with the installation of EC2 there is an easy inclusion of resources as well as new servers.

S3 Web storage

This plays a major role in making the storage which is available to become highly scalable. The system is very easy for the user to use and is also very simple. Web storage S3 makes the job of storing as well as retrieving of data very easy.

Content delivery network

The content delivery network is nothing but the arrangement of servers that are distributed. The arrangements are basically simple. It plays an important role in serving content to the user. The serving of the content takes place by accessing content from the various locations with high availability and performance.

Integration of SaaS and WordPress

Users basically require Single site solutions which are composed of everything that can be expanded to SaaS very easily with the help of different capabilities, roles, and also payment plans based on subscription. More granular control is received y each and every user of the application. Each and every user will also receive separation of concern which is having greater security.

Some basic tips if you are building a SaaS application

If you are hiring cloud computing services to build your cloud-based SaaS application then you must keep 5 basic tips in your mind. They are given below-

  • The model which you are building must offer the customers with solid as well as consistent service. In the case of a large user base the cloud base approach is the best.

  • You must make a market research before building your application and then define your competitors. You will not only look at the right things of your competitors but will also look at the wrong things they are doing so that you don’t repeat it and you can satisfy the customer easily.

  • Selecting a technology stack is very important.

  • Choosing a pricing strategy is also very important.

  • Finding the perfect SaaS developers is also very essential. It is not very easy to build a cloud-based SaaS application in today’s world which is changing rapidly. A Cloud integration solution can also guide in choosing the best developer for your required app.


Developing a cloud app is similar to that of developing a normal web application or a mobile application. The structure, design, and testing of the application must be done properly. Cloud-based SaaS application helps in reducing the needs of hardware and so the cost is also reduced. So be wise enough to choose the best developer for your company as per your requirement.