CIS Inaugurates Its New Grand Office and Celebrates 15th Business Anniversary

CIS has begun a new chapter in its remarkable story of success, and the evening of 20th April was a witness to the beginning of this golden chapter.

On 20th April, CIS officially inaugurated its new state-of-the-art office in Electronic Complex Area, Indore, and also celebrated its 15th business anniversary.

CIS Shifts from Old to New Office

The Old Address of Cyber Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. –

10-CIS Plex, Southukoganj, Near Nath Mandir

452001 Indore, India

The New Address of Cyber Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. –

142 – A, New IT Park, Electronic Complex

452010 Indore, India.

Inauguration of Ultra-Modern New Premises of CIS

Growing and developing at a fast pace, CIS has now moved to new premises. Spread over a total area of 1 lakh square feet and having a corporate area of 65000 square feet, the new office of CIS in Electronic Complex has a capacity to accommodate nearly 2000 employees. The office is equipped with several exciting facilities that make it a fantastic workplace for employees. There is a fitness, wellness, and recreation room where CISINLites can head to for a relaxing time. Space is equipped with exercise equipment like treadmill and multi-station gym as well as relaxing and gaming equipment like a massage chair, pool tables, foosball table, etc.

There are sleeping dormitories for CISINLites so that they can take rest when they feel the need to. There is also a kid-friendly play area where CISINLites can bring their little ones. The premises also has a huge parking space spread across two levels, providing sufficient space for CISINLites to park their two-wheelers and four-wheelers. A well-maintained garden and walking area surround the office, offering CISINLites the opportunity to take a peaceful stroll amidst nature.

In addition to these existing amenities, CIS plans to integrate even more amazing facilities in its new office to ensure maximum comfort for CISINLites. Among the planned facilities are the break out areas for rejuvenation and exclusive selfie areas.

Inauguration and Anniversary Celebration Party

To celebrate both its annual anniversary event “CIS SPARK” as well as the opening of its new office, CIS planned a grand party inviting CISINLites and their family members too. The venue of the party was the new office premises at CIS. This was an opportunity for CISINLites as well as their family members to explore the beautiful premises of the new office and feel proud of being a part of the incredible success journey of CIS. All the guests at the party had a great time, enjoying rocking song and dance performances, taking a complete tour of the new stunning office, and dancing to the awesome songs performed by the celebrity guest Aastha Gill.

Directors’ Speech to the Audience

On this special occasion, the three founders and directors of CIS, Mr. Abhishek Pareek (CEO), Mr. Amit Agrawal (COO), and Mr. Kuldeep Kundal (CMO), addressed the audience with motivating speeches. They talked about how CIS has built a powerful legacy over the years and established itself as a leading technology company in India. They also explained how CIS managed to achieve this feat, by offering technical excellence and ensuring top-notch client service. The directors encouraged CISINLites to keep working with the same dedication and diligence in the future too.

Outstanding Song and Dance Performances By CISINLites

The party featured dazzling and entertaining performances prepared by CISINLites. It was a moment for the talented performers in CIS to showcase their singing and dancing talent. Seizing this opportunity of letting their talent shine, CISINLites worked hard to prepare a fabulous song and dance performances for the audience.

Celebrity Live Performance by Aastha Gill

The highlight of the event was a live performance by the famous Bollywood singer Aastha Gill. Performing many popular hit songs, Aastha mesmerized the audience with her energetic concert. CISINLites, as well as their family members, let their hair down, singing along, dancing, and enjoying to the fullest. It was truly a memorable performance that made the evening all the more delightful for the guests.


With the inauguration of its new cutting-edge office and completion of 15 successful years in the technology industry, CIS is ready to accomplish many more milestones in the coming years.