How Do Eminent Entrepreneurs Deal With Constant Stress

20 Sep

While there is not any one-size-fits-all solution to eliminate anxiety, there are a couple of time-tested remedies.

Tension and entrepreneurship go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every entrepreneur I've ever met has had their fair share of sleepless nights and that I can surely link building two companies from the ground up.

A certain quantity of stress is healthy. It pushes us and helps get our creative juices flowing. Elevated levels of stress, on the flip side, can make a mess of your body and the brain. That is why it's imperative for each entrepreneur to understand how to remove as much pressure as possible from their daily lives.

There's no one-size-fits-all way to eliminate stress. But, you will find time-tested and proven techniques which work like gangbusters if applied consistently over time.

You Are What You Eat

In case you have seen the movie, Supersize Me, then you are going to be aware that a shift in diet can have a dramatic impact on your life. High-calorie foods may taste great, but they have low nutrient value making them poor choices for optimum productivity.

Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps had a rigorous diet to stick to ensure that he got the energy he needed to perform at an elite level. Entrepreneurs may not have to swim 300 laps, however, we need to be certain our body can go when we need it.

As my mentor once said,"Some people do not do well because they do not feel well." How true.

Want some ideas on a high-performance diet? Check out what Tony Robbins eats because the man is a living Energizer rabbit.

Downward Facing Dog

Most high-performers practice yoga to help set their minds at ease. I personally got into it when I heard celebrity Lebron James say"I really do Pilates and yoga to stay before the curve." As a time management expert, I try numerous distinct trends out to determine just what kind of impact they have on our productivity.

What I discovered is that yoga, like every kind of physical exercise, helps strengthen our muscles. Yoga may seem easy, but it is anything but. Balance, muscles, and breathing play their part. The very best thing about it is once you get some poses you are familiar with, you can perform them in front of the TV. If that is not a great productivity secret, I really don't know what's.

Share The Load

Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of becoming solopreneurs. That's not a good thing because that means you have to also carry all the stress on your shoulders. In the present world, though the smallest of companies can afford to spread the load.

Check out or even for virtual assistants (VA for short) and freelancers who can aid you with any variety of things in site design and logo creation to social media management and video editing. It is amazing just what you may see if you're looking.

Yosemite, Here I Come

Living in Japan for the last twenty years has taught me one thing - working hard is not the answer. There's a limit to just how effective we could be. Anything more than that and also our productivity suffers.

According to Scientific American,"Downtime replenishes the brain's shops of attention and motivation, promotes productivity and creativity." That precisely why a vacation is very important.

It does not have to be to some tropical location. A camping trip to Yosemite or a weekend at Disney World may be just what you will need to recharge your batteries. Spending some time with your loved ones away from the demands of the job can work wonders.

So as to get rid of stress, we need to figure out what's causing it. Is it a client? Maybe a family member? Maybe a particular area of the job? It is worthwhile simply taking a bit of paper and writing down every possible thing it could be. Then try to find a solution to each and each item in your list. Do not be scared to think outside the box.

Traffic may look like something that you can't change, however, a remedy to sitting in traffic may be leaving earlier. It could be as straightforward as declining offers to go out with specific men and women. When you have completed everything, all that's left is to apply. You'll be amazed how the elimination of just a couple of the items on your list is likely to make your life that much easier.

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