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How to manage Time well to became Sales Pros!

21 Jan

Time management is one of the most major factor to become master in sales. Saying “time is money.” is especially true for salespeople. Managing time well to one prospect over another could be the difference between closing a million-dollar deal and having the door closed on you. Sometimes it may feel like stuck between the mountain, when the hours in your workweek are always the same! Some simple changes in daily routine became dramatically benefit to our productivity.

Keep the track of your time:

Each day gives us 24 hours so the first step is to figure it out where it goes. Because, within these 24 hours we have to take care of our body, work, sleep, look after our families, pursue our hobbies etc. If you manage it properly it gives you the highest returns. Getting quick and easy tasks out of the way immediately can benefit your productivity tremendously. If anything requiring less than 2 minutes of attention should not wait until schedule administrative blocks, just do it!

Group similar Tasks –

Main fact behind greater productivity and efficiency is to grouping similar tasks together.

  • Return calls at the same time everyday rather than checking your voicemail all day.
  • Replace a cancelled meeting/Phone calls by another similar meeting/Phone calls. Thus, you stick to a similar type of task in your mind. This process also saves a lot of times.
  • Decide an hour each day for following up all the prospective.
  • Schedule a special amount of time for cold calling.
  • Make a list of time spent on daily activities. Review the list every week to figure it out where you are spending/wasting your time.
  • Make a to-do list in the morning and revise it in the evening.
  • Pull out all unproductive activities.

Scheduling activities improve your productivity because when you complete one task at a time, you became more efficient and accurate.

Don’t be

Dilatory –

Activities which are not completed at its time are the biggest time lifter. Complete things as and when scheduled. Pick up the tricky jobs first. It’s being so good to see how fast they get done. Then you will have ample amount of time for simple tasks.

Avoid Complications –

Negative people and negative thoughts abound in the office, distracting your attention from your goals. Staying away from the distractions is a huge time saver. Some interruptions are sneakier than others. Social Media is very important component of the sales process, minutes, can easily transform in hours when we are checking updates and funny videos.

  • Don’t scheduled enough time for unnecessary activities like Phone calls, lots of paperwork, reading material, reports.
  • Learn to say “NO” if demands.
  • Hurrying up is always the best way to do finish task earlier.
  • Lack of self-discipline is one of the most common time waster.
  • Make a list of top priority tasks and try to not fail to do top priority task first.
  • Constantly switching priority is also a great and most common time consuming problem.
  • Finish task and then move to another one. Leaving tasks partly done and jumping on another creates a lot of problems.
  • Be organized, don’t forget or misplace things.

Plan your Day well –

Main keyword for time management is –

PAY – Priorities your Activities by Yield

  • Anticipate your Long term goals.
  • Always major the percentage of opportunities that can convert.
  • Make a list of all task and try to complete your planning at the same day.
  • Don’t bind your full day of activities. Develop flexible process.
  • Adapt to sudden changes! People always complaint about clients cancels a meeting just before the appointment. So It is more efficient to contact other potential clients in that time and try to arrange a new meeting.

Continue the winning streak! –

Don’t stop when you are working right or when you are on a roll after a sense of achievement to rest on one’s laurels. Call the next lead just after you closed a very big deal or any deal because the best period for the next step is after experiencing success. Success is more challenging and you put even more effort into your job.

Group Appointments –

Multitasking plays a major role whenever we have meeting outside the office. We can make a list of clients who else we could meet in the area. Meet up with current prospects as well as current clients this becomes productive as per sales prospective. We can also make phone calls to our prospects while waiting at traffic lights, while waiting to get food served etc. These small times enhances our sales productivity.

The study additionally sets up that high deals entertainers invest less energy in managerial work - 30% not exactly the low entertainers. Authoritative work ought to be designated to regulatory staff, the secretary, or ought to be kept to a base. The best salesmen do all non-related deals exercises between 6-8am and 6-8pm. 8am-5pm is characterized as prime pitching time to get "midsection to-stomach" with a chief.

Give yourself a brake –

  • Taking a brake always improves your focus and always increase your productivity.
  • 10 Minutes brake in a daily schedule will help to clear our mind and improves a lot of concentration.
  • Be relaxed and live a little.
  • Take up a new hobby. Read latest books.
  • Learn how to organize your personal and business activities well.

Time is Treasure -

In deals timing is everything - at what time to make a business call, at what time to make an introduction, when to talk, when to tune in, and when to bring a deal to a close. It may not require the exactness of a Scientist, but rather in any case it requires an appropriate feeling of timing. A super sales rep realizes that there is a suitable time to meet the CEO of an organization when the individual in question would be in a loose and open state of mind. Likewise, there is a fitting time to bring a deal to a close without enabling it to wait.

There is a period for everything. There is an opportunity to work and an opportunity to rest as there is an opportunity to talk and an opportunity to stay quiet. Shrewd salesperson know this and know this well.

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