4 Suggestions To Consider To Create A Credible LinkedIn Company Page

4 Suggestions To Consider To Create A Credible LinkedIn Company Page

The first action item is adding your company logo to eliminate that dull gray box by your work.

Your LinkedIn profile may be perfect, but does your company have a LinkedIn page, too? If not, it should. A LinkedIn page to your company is a chance to highlight your company and help clients and partners find it.

Not only that, but it helps your company appear legit. These facts matter. Just like you should not skip the cover letter when applying for jobs, then you should not forego the LinkedIn business page. Yet I discover that lots of small business owners and solo entrepreneurs -- from writers and lawyers to financial partners and more -- do not bother to make a page for their company. And it's so easy. Click here to"Create a Business Page" link in the drop-down menu below work near the summit of the LinkedIn, and let us begin.

Below are a few things you will need to do when establishing your small business page on LinkedIn.

1. Attach your company logo

Very first thing. You know how if you are taking a look at somebody's tasks on LinkedIn and there are grey boxes, instead of a great pretty logos next places they have worked? Yeah, two reasons for that. Either these businesses don't possess LinkedIn pages, or they do but the LinkedIn user did not pick them from the drop-down menu whenever they entered their jobs in their expertise section.

So, yes, your institution's page absolutely needs to have a logo. This is exactly what makes your business seem legit. All someone has to do is click your business logo from your LinkedIn webpage and they're taken to your business's LinkedIn profile. Sweet. I would wager that somebody is more likely to have another look with an accountant or financial planner that has a firm logo versus a standard grey box.

What to do if you do not have a symbol? Buy one. Don't have a graphic designer? Hire one. Get recommendations for an independent designer. Or, my friend and fellow small business owner Chris recommend Hatchwise.com, where you're able to send out for bids to your logo. He says to expect to pay between $200 and $500.

2. Attach a cover picture

Just like on your LinkedIn page, insert a cover picture or photograph. Maybe you have a branded banner-style picture that matches your emblem. That is excellent. If you don't, head to Unsplash.com or even Pixabay.com, where you are able to look for and download royalty free pictures. For my customers, I've found patterned or solid pictures in colors that suit their logo or photographs -- such as fruits and vegetables to get a nutrition company -- that convey what the essence of the company.

3. Get done with the overview

From the overview section, you are able to fill in some information in your company -- site URL, number of workers, business and speech. It's possible to compose a business description or paste in the copy by your institution's website. You can also add up to 20 specialties as well as three featured classes. For my firm's specialties, I recorded public relations, media relations, external communications, internal communications and more. For featured groups, I included networking and professional groups to which I belong.

4. Post content

Your company LinkedIn page is a wonderful place to post material, which you certainly do under"Updates." Here is where you place links to your own blog articles, business videos and stories in your industry, just like you are doing on your private page. Here is where you show people you know exactly what your referring to and share your organization's story.

Total disclosure: Come to think about it, I need to be much better about that. I devote a great deal of time on my LinkedIn page, but maybe not enough posting and cross-posting for my company page.

So just how you get to work creating your company LinkedIn page, while I start posting on mine -- deal?