Follow These Strategies For A Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign?

03 Aug

From past decades, Facebook has established itself as the king of social networks with over 1 billion estimated visitors around the world. This is the reason, each small or big company don't want to lose this Facebook Advertising chance offered by Facebook.

Facebook delivers a wide selection of helpful features which is ideally suited to businesses looking for their new marketing like posting an ad campaign with a certain objective, targeting audience and setting your own budget it. When compared to some other social networking, Facebook supplies more economical and suitable platform to prepare an advertisement campaign. Moreover, you get an added advantage of performing experiments on various ad efforts without spending much money on it.

Recent progress in Facebook firm technology may efficiently monitor its visitor's behavior and internet habits and consequently shows them respective advertisements of their pursuits. Therefore, advertisers are showing more confidence on Facebook their advertising will be displayed only to specified targeted viewers and their money won't get wasted.

However, a major question nonetheless arise here, how you are going to get the absolute most out of a Facebook ad campaign?


Before beginning to make your Facebook advertising, seek out and establish your clear business goal with a goal. Better create another advertisement campaign aiming for a specific goal with your landing page and achieving a number of targets.

Here, we are describing some important parameters to Run A Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign:

A) Follow Facebook Ads Components

There are four important components that you must keep in mind to Run a Successful Facebook ads Campaign:

1. Picture Resolution

An image can transmit at least 90% of the information into the brain. Picture of your advertisements campaign needs to be eye-catching and appealing, regardless of what is your advertising objective.

So you need to keep following points in mind before picking your picture:

  • The picture ought to be clear and eye-catching.
  • Select a relevant image according to your service or product.
  • Use easy graphics with minimal text and little details.
  • Don't include over 20% text in Image.
  • Recommended pixels to get picture size is 1200 x 628 or even ratio 1.91:1.

During Facebook ad creation, it is possible to upload several pictures to generate three different advertisements. This can help you assess and compare which one show better performance.

2. Relevant Ads Target

  • Relevant ads can be crucial to deciding the success and failure of your Facebook campaign.
  • Showing immaterial and off the target advertisements are only a portion of your wealth and time. This won't result in any advertising success.
  • Much like Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising also can rate your advertisements campaign and offer the relevant score for this. Higher ads score depends upon how applicable is your ad picture text, and targeted webpage with respect to the audience.

3. Have Some Unique 'Punch Line'

  • A 'Punchline' could be the most essential part of your advertising campaign. It informs viewers about your service or product and how your deal is merely different from other people?
  • Use some attention-grabbing value proposition on your punchline' so that a viewer can not stop himself to click your ad and see your targeted Target connection.
  • A value proposal can be a supply on your merchandise or merchandise or an evidence for some of your product or support popular on social networking.

4. Always Render Call-to-Action

  • Even in the event you've created an appealing and relevant ad without a transparent call-to-action (CTA), your audience may get confused what to do next.
  • You'll be able to use an effective CTA such as'Buy now and save' or'Buy an Early Bird Give' to encourage viewers to understand your offer.

B) Set-up The Ads-Campaign

Additionally, there are two formats offered by Facebook Advertising i.e.

  • The right-hand column and
  • The News Feed.

Both formats differ in the position of the advertisement, writing size and recommended image dimensions.

Right-Hand Column

As the name implies, it shows to the ideal side of this Facebook news feed and is still the most conventional one. Due to its popularity, it is still used since the launch of Facebook marketing.

The News Feed

It shows directly at an audience's Facebook News Feed, like a native advertisement. These ads may be costlier than right-wing pillar ads and promise a greater engagement rate.

Based on your organization objective or budget you can choose any of the above formats to place your advertising campaign.

C) Pick Facebook Ad-post

After executing all the above components and formatting, eventually, select the right ad-post from a variety of post types offered by Facebook Advertising. You must always choose your applicable ad-post kind for a successful ad campaign. Variously offered ad-posts are clarified below:


Since the launching of Facebook, a wealthy media article of an image is easily the most popular among. Adjust News Feed image advertisements dimension to 1200×628 pixels to prevent picture to get cropped.


This ad showcases multiple products or services within a single ad. People are able to scroll and click on individual picture links for each product and service.

Local Business

You can just use this advertising should you own a physical location for your business to acquire

customers. Local advertisements may be the best match for those companies who fall into the class.


Using'Offer advertisements' you can promote your service or product using an attractive discount offer which may be redeemed. It normally helps to boost earnings by eliminating a single step in the purchasing procedure.


As the name tells itself, this ad can help to promote a particular event. Once an advertiser strategy to sponsor any event, then he can place an event ad where a targeted group of consumers is sent to a buy link using a CTA embedded onto it.


This article may be re-targeted to a complete or special collection of previously identified viewers. You have to have seen ads that follow you online after surfing a specific website. All these are re-targeted advertising types.

Boost Post

Facebook offers you to improve any natural Facebook post in your FB homepage that's performing better than simply by spending some money. Compared to all other advertising posts,'Boost article' is not established in the advertising manager.

Video Ads

Video ads are treated more favorably on Facebook deadline. Video advertisements promise more audiences engagement and conversion. Thus, you should certainly avail this chance by posting your business products or services video advertisements.

If you're 100% convinced that you have put your ad campaign depending on your strategy program and implemented all vital components according to the Facebook guideline, then it is possible to set your budget and scheduled time to Post your own ad.

Yeah. You Just Complete The Process

Now, Place your purchase and hope for your Very Best!

You will start getting reports about the very next moment.

D) Optimize Ads-performance

But if results are in your favor then you can even maximize your performance by looking after tricks:

Split Tests

As we've discussed above, an Image is easily the most important and appropriate section of an advertising campaign. Thus, you should always try it for a break test. Within the same ad, set produce new ads. Though the recently constructed ads will share the same targeted objective, here the major trick is you can use different creative strategies and attempt completely different images.

Produce new ad sets

As a bold move, you are able to explore things in greater depth. Create another advertisement set with a very different section. Here, you may see some tremendous benefits either with success or failure. Also, you can attempt to target both your own Facebook lover following or using a listing of your rival company's Facebook followers.

We hope with this whole discussion you will get some idea about various crucial components and factors to Run a Successful Facebook ads Campaign.

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