Latest Trends To Follow For On-page SEO in 2019

Latest Trends To Follow For On-page SEO in 2019

Wow! So finally we’re in a new year now, don’t you feel like evaluating your on-page SEO tasks of past year and re-built the strategies from scratch for 2019. So, if you’re considering to frame some on-page SEO practices for your website, make sure you add latest trends discussed in this blog.

I've divided this blog into three different sections:

  1. How does a Googlebot or crawlers crawl your website and all your website pages?
  2. How is the user experience for your on-page content?
  3. What's the value in the content of one's content material?

So let us list out some lates trends of on-page SEO, shall we?

1. Crawler/Bot-Accessible

  • Meta robots tag lets crawling

Ensuring your meta robots tag lets crawling is important. If Googlebot is being blocked from crawling, there are high chances that your page won't ever come in the search results.

  • Schema markup

Moreover, you must also add any relevant schema markup that you can. It’s basically a task of spoon feeding the search engines about what your website is all about.

  • Robots.txt does not disallow crawling

You should ensure that on the site you're focussing on to get ranked on search engines is not disallowed your robots.txt.

  • URL must be included in the sitemap

Similarly, you want to be certain that the URL is on your sitemap.

  • Internal links pointing into an own page with normal anchor text

For insatnce, assume I am trying to link Javascript Development. Any web-page or blog dealing with Website/Application Development can come handy for such internal linking. This is done so that I can show Google that this is indeed an internally linked page and it's really essential and we would like to give it some weight.


Google takes it into consideration and thereofre, you must emsure that is secure.

2. Experience Of Users

  • Clear CTA

There should be one clear call for action. It is critical to have a clear CTA.

  • Multimedia: Analyze SERP and add the required media

Are there video and images along with different forms of articles onto your page? You must add them to your site if relevant!

  • Utilize CDNs, compresses pictures and reliable hosting for boosting page speed

Analyze your page speed. Are you currently using CDNs? Have you been compressing your images? You intend to look at most of that.

  • Follow Online Content Accessibility Guidelines

Does your website meet the guidelines for Web Content Accessibility? You must look into it..

  • Responsive mobile website design

Is your website responsive for a cell phone? It’s significant with the mobile-first indexing.

  • Integrate societal sharing programs

It's the easiest thing. Ensure that visitors can share the data and information on your website.

3. Content And Its Relevancy

This is where it becomes really fun and tactical too.

  • Unique, high-quality content

Have you been currently providing supreme quality articles? There are n number of results that might pop up while you search for ‘Javascript’ on Google. Is your content unique! Ifnot, focus on it, because that must be your objective.

  • Analyze SERP and PPC

If you wish to optimize your website design. So you would like to examine that SERPs. While examining the SERP report, if you notice that many pages contain images and videos, then you must also ensure to develop your webpages accordingly. Because the result show that visitors are searching for videos and images in that category. Additionally, you must also evaluate PPC.

  • Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

Even today, title tags and meta description are so much significant. This is the first belief to many of your customers in Google. Are you trying to tempt your visitor for a click? Are you currently making that an alluring call to actions to your website?

  • Header tags

H 1, H2, and H3 header tags continue to be super crucial. You mus ensure that the name of your page is the H1 and so forth. Checking on each one of the header tags would be a nice effort towards betterment.

  • Take Optimization into consideration

Graphics and textimages are hiughly responsible for the bloatness of on-page site speed. Therefore you must compress and optimize the images, textimages, and videos that you put or upload to your website.

  • Inspection for freshness

You need to test for freshness. We would like to be certain this is up-to-date content. Chek for any old content on your website and review it. Be persisitent with it and constantly update contents on your website. Trust me, it would give great results on long run.

  • Include FAQs

It's such an easy thing to accomplish, however, it's commonly overlooked. Mentioning FAQs helps you to target featured snippets. Yes, incorporating FAQs not only help you gain extra traffic but also increases your chances of being rewarde with a featured snippets, which is terrific, isn’t it?

  • Add summaries

Summaries are hidden jewels. In my experience, Google is on a constant search of summaries for articles, and when it founds it, it may give you some bonus points on search engine. Search engine of google renders summaries of few articles in featured snippets to sort out data for users. So if it is possible to certainly do so, not only are you going to make your articles more easily scannable, however, you are also making it more accessible for search, that will be terrific.

  • Flesch-Kincaid Readability Exam

Readability of your website content is another small yet significant factor you must take into account. The simpler it would be to learn the better, however, you just wish to keep a watch out for that in general.


I hope this helps. Try some of these trends and tips this year on your on-page SEO. And in case if you have any doubt or queries, you can mail me your questions or opinions at

Have a great year ahead.