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Sales Advice – For Easy Closings

11 Dec

As we, all know some sales people achieve their sales goals, while other just struggle hard to achieve even thresholds.

When you make sale, your hit comes down to: how often you do it and what you do.

Its been also realized that sometimes sales people do same kind of activity while the output comes at different level each time, that is just because some of the tactics work and some not.

Sales Advice #1: Be yourself

Stop being like others. Many people often do not know what to speak with customer when it comes to taking calls.

They get either too excited or too nervous on client calls, they act more like saying a pre written scripts rather than presenting actual benefits and features which they can offer to clients.

Some people do not give chance to prospect to speak.

They are neither creating nor showing value to customers due to which client may ask them to wait on his decision and disappear.

So you have to stop being like those sales guys. You need to focus on effective approach upfront that makes you different from you coworkers or competitors.

Sales Advice #2: Take Risks

If you want to be different from others, you need to start taking risks. The only effective approach to get sale is high-risk approach. Only sales people can take this to another level, as several human beings are not risk takers. Biggest rewards are only achieved by taking biggest risks.

You need to take calculative risks based on your sales system.

Sales Advice #3: keep them interacting

During discovery conversation, prospects speaks more, the more they talk, and the higher are chances of sales closure. So we should let our prospects speak. Get them talking and open up to let you know their business related concerns. More they talk, more we can figure out what they have in their mind and can pitch accordingly.

Sales Advice #4: STOP Talking

The more we let our prospect speak the higher are chances of conversion. The less sales people speak its good to listen and convert lead, because if you speak more in excitement the chances too loose customer may be high.

Avoid this at all costs. Less we talk, more effective we are.

Sales Advice #5: Prospects don’t care about your company

It has also been observed that when salespeople talk about their company for longer it have negative impact on prospect.

They already research and know the company establishment, about its CEO’s and awards they have and contact after this research, all they want to know on call if this salesperson can solve the challenges prospect have.

So focus should be on Key challenges, what is prospect looking to achieve, when you as sales person focus on it, you’ll build real value with prospect and prospect of closure becomes high.

Sales Advice #6: STOP Pitching

Pitching had been there in sales forever, which had been in practice since 1887, which is long time ago.

That time there was no modern technology, so pitching worked that time.

The approach worked effectively as prospects did not had access to other information.

But this simply doesn’t work anymore these days.

Sales Advice #7: Focus more on challenges

We need to understand the challenges prospects are facing which are preventing them to getting where they want to go. They may do not have effective marketing strategy and that is where we need to dig more.

What did they do so far and what is going on with them? so whatever you sell to them should be better in anyways.

The more we focus on challenges , we will understand what’s going on and where we can create value and present them right solutions, so ultimately we can wim them.

Sales Advice #8: Removal of Non-fits

We need to focus on closing sales with people who are right fit, the only way we can do that is by disqualifying prospects who are non-fits.

What separates the top performers from everyone else is that they are spending the majority of their time in front of well-qualified prospects.

With these types of sales, the real value sales, we need to get rid of non-fits as quickly as possible.

Sales Advice #9: Figure out the budget

So many intermediates and bottom performing salespeople starts talking about prices at very early stage, while top performers discover and get on call for 45-60 mins to have initial discovery about budget.

These 2 approaches are day and night in terms of effectiveness and likelihood of closing sales as its not about price but about the prospect.

Sales Advice #10: know-how of prospects process

So its often found that clients have issues that sales guys do not give attention to understand complete buying process.

With big companies that’s the key thing in order to close the deal.

Who is decision maker? How does the process work at prospects side? What approach they have in mind in order to make decision on this deal.

Understanding this whole process gives more insight and help, you to ensure that prospect feel like we really care for things.

More we get complete insight on buying process, more successful we get to hit that lead.

Sales Advice #11: Brief Presentation

The shorter we keep the presentation the more we can focus on discovery part.

Just keep talking on key points based on challenges discussed in the discovery.

Our offerings must show how we going to solve the challenges.

Sales Advice #12: 60 Second Rule

During the presentation, top performers never talk for more than about 70 seconds without re-engaging the prospect back into the conversation.

If you don’t follow this rule, they’ll start to lose interest because they’re not engaged in the conversation. A presentation should be a dialogue, not a monologue.

So follow that 60-second rule to start closing sales.

Sales Advice #13: Feedback Loops

To re-engage prospects in the conversation is to use feedback loops. A feedback loop makes sure we have prospect’s attention. 

We can ask them often in conversation if what we said made sense or will it work for them, so we can engage them in conversation.

Use the loops constantly they are powerful feedback loops. This will ensure each time that you and customer are on same page.

Sales Advice #14: Instead of closing Discover

Discovery process should be strong; closing technique does not matter more.

During presenting yourself, you gave them offering on how you solve their challenges, so here closing would come naturally.

Using hard-core sales techniques sometimes makes prospect uncomfortable.

Sales Advice #15: Next steps should be clear and scheduled

Its hard to get closings in one time call in today’s world.

Many salespeople know this that they cannot close in prospect right then and there. Sometimes it just happens, but many times, we require multiple steps in closing deals.

Therefore, each communication with prospect should end at clear next steps.

Make sure for next conversation a scheduled invite has to be there, so always send calendar invite to ensure you both have marked your time for next conversation.

Sales Advice #16: Some will and some won’t

This thing is there forever, and we keep hearing about it many times.

Some will and some wont, so what, its not big deal.

Sometimes even after giving our best shots, we are not able to covert deal and keep thinking what we did wrong on our part, or sometimes get angry on prospects, you know what?

Take a deep breath!! Move On…

At end of the day, closings is not about numbers, but about behaviors, its about doing right things at right time with right frequency.

Hope you find these advices useful.

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