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Top 4 Important SEO Strategies to Consider in 2019

The goal with SEO is to increase the reputation and visibility of your brand organically.

You want your business to rank higher in search engine rankings and you want more traffic to visit you. This, in turn, can support steady revenue growth. Just like with everything else, 2019 is a year to rethink and recreate your SEO campaign too. This year we’re going to witness some new SEO trends and strategies in action. It’s a must for you to make some space for these in your own SEO campaign so that your campaign is in sync with what are the demands and needs of this current year. Let’s go over the top 4 strategies that will be important in 2019 and that you should take into consideration for your own campaign:

1. Creation of Meaningful Content That Helps User in Some Way

How important the creation of meaningful content is, has been heavily emphasized over and over again in the last few years. So what makes it necessary to go over this strategy once again in the new year 2019? It is so because people are never going to stop looking for new answers and solutions. Users will always have a problem that will need to be solved and a question that will need to be answered. So, as a business, one of the most crucial things that you can do at the moment is consistently creating new content like blogs and articles which give the users what they are looking for.

How do you go about doing this then? Make a comprehensive list of all the topics and subjects that are relevant to your business offerings. The list should include every possible question that your customers might have and every possible theme that warrants a discussion. When you have the list ready, get started with the process of creating suitable content answering the outlined questions and discussing the outlined topics. Don’t restrict yourself to text-based content only. Make the content more interesting using videos and images.

2. Voice Search is Not as Important as You Might Think

Now is not the best time to devote a lot of your time and energy to optimizing your website for voice search. Yes, voice search is growing in importance but we still don’t have any proper standard reporting methods that clearly indicate the outcomes for the efforts that have been put. Until we have a concrete reporting process available to us, we can’t really evaluate whether what we’re doing for voice search optimization is actually helping or not. So as cool as voice search does sound, it’s not something that currently needs too much of your attention as far as your SEO campaign goes. Because even if you do work on this, you wouldn’t be able to tell if you are doing it well enough. Wait and watch how this style of searching evolves in the coming times before you concentrate too much of your efforts into it.

3. Start Optimizing for Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

You’re probably already familiar with what a search engine results page is. It’s this very page where you’re trying to rank as high as possible through your SEO efforts. Higher ranking increases the probability of a user clicking on your website link to find an answer to whatever query they have been trying to resolve. But now with Google providing answers on SERP itself, the purpose of the search for the user is solved without them even clicking on a website link and visiting it.

So now it’s not only vital that your website ranks high on SERP but it’s also vital that your website related content that appears on the SERP is powerful enough to impress and attract the users. In addition to meta titles and descriptions, we now have featured snippets too in which Google extracts content from the website for showcasing in the SERP page itself right at the top. Taking up huge space on the SERP and that too at the top position featured snippets are a desirable spot and it’s one of the best ways you can mark your website’s presence on the SERP. The bottom line here is that you need to think about ensuring that your website content appears on the search engine results page in an effective way. So that even if the user doesn’t end up visiting your website, they’d still remember you from your content that they read on the SERP.

4. Make Sure Your Website Performs in the Smoothest Way Possible

Users can’t be impressed with good content alone. They also want to have the smoothest experience possible when they’re visiting a website. This means how a website performs in the technical areas like page loading speed is of great significance too. Improving the performance of your website has to become a part of your SEO campaign. Website performance improvement would require you to pay attention to technicalities like checking how quickly the website pages load, ensuring that there are no duplicate content issues, making sure that search engines can crawl your website easily, and so on.


So these were the top 4 important strategies for SEO that you need to think about in the year 2019. Take note of these strategies and design your SEO campaign accordingly to enjoy best results this year.

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